A great tool for minimal budget and hours tracking, very little to no collaboration - Recommend for large companies!
Updated August 13, 2019

A great tool for minimal budget and hours tracking, very little to no collaboration - Recommend for large companies!

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Overall Satisfaction with 10000ft

We use 10000ft across all departments of Brand Design within a much larger company. Brand Design functions as an internal agency for our company, consulting on global designs across all brands both 2D and 3D. We use 10000ft to monitor and track all projects across the board, to track hours for freelance resources and update timelines and milestones.
  • Tracks freelance resource hours.
  • Tracks multiple small projects and milestones within the projects.
  • Tracks budget information and scope creep.
  • It's often confusing to use and find things, I sometimes find it to be a little counterintuitive as to where functions are (e.g. for tracking budgets and pulling reports).
  • When pulling a budget I always struggled to comb through the large amounts of data and time inputted. When I select a filter the page often wouldn't refresh or i'd forget to de-select a filter as it wasn't in an obvious place, which sometimes left me with pulling an incorrect budget.
  • The data is only as good as the people entering the time. Often with so many small tasks people would enter time incorrectly, in the wrong milestone or project. It lists all of your projects on one page, so it's not easy to enter it and there's a lot of room for error.
  • Positive - We were able to track multiple projects at the same time and record accurate hours.
  • Positive - Able to pull budget and excel reports which can the be analyzed further and relatively simply.
  • Negative - There were a lot of times when hours were entered inaccurately which left us in a bind with budget and freelance billing.
Although an interesting tool, compared to Basecamp or Workfront, 10000ft really struggles on the collaboration aspect of the tool. It's great for the bare minimum, recording hours and pulling a budget, but we also relied on email for collaboration and face to face meetings - which is no bad thing! Although for big companies and small projects it's nice to have everything all in one tool so there's less jumping and room for error. That would be my recommendation for any company evaluating it!
I think 10000ft is good for bare minimum project monitoring, we used it a large company because we didn't need to have exact numbers - it was just a rough idea to see where freelance resources were over burning. If, however you work a much smaller company and really need to know detailed information it's not as effective, there are many other software options that really allow for much closer and precise tracking.

I would recommend 10000ft for companies that just need to monitor large freelance teams, track hours and higher level projects that are also monitored on other project management tools. It's a tool I would only use in conjunction with something else.

10000ft Feature Ratings

Task Management
Resource Management
Gantt Charts
Workflow Automation
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Support for Agile Methodology
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Support for Waterfall Methodology
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Document Management
Email integration
Mobile Access
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Timesheet Tracking
Change request and Case Management
Budget and Expense Management
Project & financial reporting

Using 10000ft

150 - All marketing, branding and design. Our 2D and 3D design teams use the tools, as well as video production team, proofreaders, copywriters, upper management, project management and coordinators in the department. We don't use it outside of our department, it's more of an internal tool to be used between different sub-departments.
10 - The project managers (PMs) and coordinators for each department have Admin licenses to manage and monitor projects within those departments. PMs need basic training within the tool to work on and manage projects across the board, but an admin should have project management qualities and be interested in tracking budget and timeline.
  • Tracking budget and pulling reports
  • Tracking timelines
  • Logging freelance hours
  • Freelance billing - This was interesting but freelancers would enter their time for this and would be paid out based on their hours inputed
  • Team members - There is a tab to view all team members in the department, you could list if you were working remote or offline (including last active) which was helpful when trying to track someone down for a project.
  • Organizing hours data - There were various filters to organize budget/hours reports which you could then export. It enabled us to see hours by date, deliverable etc.
  • If they could build out the collaboration aspect, that would be helpful for future use. The design teams could work less in silos and start to share their work.
  • Logging individual project milestones within a project, so we can more closely track where we are
I think there's limited uses for the tool and much more comprehensive options out there for multiple tools in one. With more people working remotely, it's hard to just use email and face to face, in some ways you need to have a tool that's a fall back and a record of where you are + where you're going.