Influitive's AdvocateHub - A whole new way to mobilize your fans
Updated November 26, 2014

Influitive's AdvocateHub - A whole new way to mobilize your fans

Liz Richardson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with AdvocateHub

  • Before Influitive, finding the right contact for a speaking opportunity, case study, guest post or reference call had to be conducted by sending one-off e-mails, waiting for a response and moving on to the next potential fan who was stored in our mental database of folks who loved our product. With Influitive, we put for what we are looking for to a large group of folks who have already designated themselves as huge fans. They get to raise their hand and tell us they WANT to participate. And they get to choose how they are rewarded for it as well! We are no longer worried about over-using the same brand advocate over and over.
  • The AdvocateHub makes it enjoyable and down right fun to interact with your brand. It's a great way to not only benefit from your happy customers, but to give back to them as well and build rapport and relationship.
  • This is an excellent way to mine the feedback and opinion of your users - to find out how they are interacting with your product, what they like and dislike about it, what their relationship with your brand is like. They get rewarded for their feedback and know that you are listening.
  • This is an amazing platform to use to drive customer referrals. Within just a few months, we have gathered a very large amount of peer referrals. We never had this level of volume with our traditional customer referral program.
  • With all new innovations, there are bugs you discover along the way.
  • As Influitive's customers think of new ways to use their product, it begins to grow and transform it. I have submitted a large amount of feature requests. So far, the team at Influitive has been extremely open to my ideas and have even put some into place very quickly.
  • I have been asked if the bugs were minor or major. For the most part the bugs have been minor and the response rate is incredibly speedy. Some irritating little bugs have to wait till release dates, but so far releases have been fairly regular as well. Two times I can remember the system being down and then coming up after about 5 minutes. Overall, I'm very happy with the support, with the trajectory of the product and the overall solution. So far it's been well worth any little bugs.
  • As stated before, using the AdvocateHub has significantly reduced the amount of time needed to find the right customer voice at the right time. This goes all the way from a conference speaker to a prospect reference call to someone sharing their love of our product on a third-party forum. The engagement is real-time and the customer is able to gather a token of our appreciation immediately.
  • In the past, we have had a hard time finding case study opportunities. It's often hard to know who is using your product in a way that you would like to share with other or who is using your product to the full extent of its potential. Your front line folks who hear such stories, such as Sales and Support, may not always ask for those valuable quotes or stories. With AdvocateHub, we have dozens of customers asking to do case studies with us and hundreds of customers offering public quotes regarding our product.
  • We are still in the early stages of using this product, but we hope that with the flood of customer referrals we've been able to capture with this platform will soon translate into dollars which is our ultimate goal.
So far, we are very pleased with the product and excited about how we can make use of it going forward. The only reason we wouldn't renew is if, over time, we could not assign actual revenue to the product down the road. Apart from revenue there would still be an incredible amount of value tied to brand loyalty, customer generated content, product feedback, brand awareness and so forth. But in the end, we have to be able to tie dollars to this product as well.
It's often hard to find ways for B2B companies to get their customers interacting with them on the same level as B2C customers. This product and the kind of customer advocacy it encourages is a huge win in that direction, creating enthusiasm, fun and excitement about being vocal fans for your product. Our customers have had only good things to say about it and are impressed with the innovation of it. If they are fans, we are fans.