Articulate 360 - An eLearning Solution to Slay Meetings and Win Hearts
Ryan Parish | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 18, 2017

Articulate 360 - An eLearning Solution to Slay Meetings and Win Hearts

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Overall Satisfaction with Articulate 360

I am the only person at the company who is actively using Articulate 360. (I've used Articulate products for 4.5 years now in corporate and freelance contexts).

Our organization purchased a content package from an LMS provider a few years ago, so my job for the next two years is to develop in-house content to replace some of the highest-priority courses in our learning plan.

Articulate 360 solves a number of problems, but none is clearer than the problem we used to have gathering feedback on courses in an efficient manner. With prior versions of the product, the only real way to submit comments on a course was to print it out in Word format and send it back to the developer. With Articulate Review (part of the 360 platform), learners can make comments directly from within the course, and they will track to the slide and layer level. Developers will receive email notifications every time a new comment is posted, and they can comment back. To top it off, you can even view prior versions of the course with a single click of a button!
  • Articulate Review is the single greatest addition to the Articulate set of tools in the 4.5 years I've been using the product. It makes course review a cinch, and eliminates all of the headaches that come from reviewing courses on an LMS or via a hacked together Google Drive/Dropbox solution.
  • Rise is an incredibly quick, easy way to build quick, beautiful, content driven courses that are mobile friendly and responsive. It's drag and drop, which makes it fun to use, and web-based, which allows developers to build content on the go without needing access to their primary machine.
  • Peek (the screen recorder tool) is a big improvement over Articulate Replay from a simplicity perspective. It records the screen as a discreet taskbar icon, rather than a full program, and then allows you to edit and use that content in your software package of choice. I love it.
  • I occasionally have issues with the launcher in 360, and can't get the program to open. It seems to be an intermittent bug on my computer that has to do with being enterprise-locked. The first time this happened, I reached to Articulate's world-class support, who helped me get up and running again. I've been able to fix the issue subsequently by following the instructions provided by the Articulate folks, so I'm happy with that!
  • I would like to see further integration with TinCan API (xAPI) in the platform. Right now, I believe that TinCan is only supported in Storyline, and that the statements it is capable of sending to an LRS system are limited to 6 canned verbs. While that is fine, there is no native support for sending variables directly to an LRS without doing some XML tweaking behind the scenes. I'd like to see Articulate lead the industry in xAPI use cases and support, since I hope that's the direction that the industry is headed.
  • I say this every time I have an opportunity, but I'd love to see Articulate develop a native version for the Mac. I've had some success running Storyline 360 on my Mac with Parallels and VMWare Fusion, but I'd like to free up my system resources to edit video AND develop courses, which is difficult to do when you're running a virtual machine.
  • I spend less time developing courses, and more time engaging learners with Articulate 360. Not only has our development timeline shortened because of Articulate Review and Rise, but we are also putting out better, more engaging content.
  • The subscription model of Articulate 360 paid for itself almost immediately by providing access to some awesome stock content in the Content Library. We used to spend hundreds of dollars buying content that is now included in our membership to a tool we were already paying for.
  • The greatest return on our investment has come in the form of time. Stakeholders love Articulate Review. It's easy to check the progress of the course creation, see what issues have been addressed by the development team, and provide feedback-- cutting back on everyone's least favorite thing: MEETINGS.
If you are looking for a suite of tools to support every type of eLearning development that you could imagine, look no further. Articulate 360 supports PowerPoint native course creation in Studio 360, Rapid eLearning Development with robust configuration and interactivity options in Storyline 360, a responsive drag-and-drop creation tool in Rise, and a time-saving godsend of a review tool in Articulate Review. The mere fact that Articulate throws a huge content library on top of that is incredible icing on the cake.