In My Opinion: Broadvoice Quite a Few Cons Compared to the Pros
June 29, 2022

In My Opinion: Broadvoice Quite a Few Cons Compared to the Pros

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Overall Satisfaction with Broadvoice

The Broadvoice phone system is used daily in our organization for internal contact between all departments as well as our standard external incoming phone calls. Being that all of our sites are in different locations, we wanted a way to be able to contact anyone in the organization quickly. Broadvoice's ability to input simple 3-digit extensions helped to relieve the need to reach other sites by dialing a separate phone number and waiting to be transferred to whoever we were trying to reach. Another "issue" the product addresses would be missed calls while away. Broadvoice's beehive app and ability to have calls transferred to a different phone after so many rings are helpful as there are many instances in the work day where many of our employees are away from their desk or working from different locations but still are in need of taking important phone calls.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • I have the ability to take calls on the go.
  • It does make communicating (for the most part) within a large organization easier as you can quickly reach someone without having to dial a full phone number.
  • In my experience, customer service is not always knowledgeable or able to solve issues in a timely manner. In my opinion, its customer service would benefit from getting its employee's all on the same page. There have been times when I have phoned in and spoke to one representative only to call in again and speak with someone else for the same reason and I feel like this new person either has no knowledge or understanding of what the last person was talking about or will tell me something totally different.
  • I believe all functions should be compatible with all other phones that are capable of having Broadvoice Service. The most recent issue we have faced with this is realizing that two cordless phones in two of our different departments that are all with Broadvoice Service are incompatible with the ability of the other phones (polyphones) that we have to send/receive a page to all phones at the same time. During my experience, it was suggested that we purchase polyphones for these departments in an effort to resolve the issue. However, this is not possible because one of these areas is exterior to the main building and does not have the connection for a polyphone. This information was not mentioned at all when we had initially set up our system with them. I feel like this has now left us trying to figure out how we are able to make it so this exterior area can receive a page as this is a feature that we had hoped would be utilized in an emergency situation.
  • I think switching between greetings should be less complex and should automatically revert back to the original greeting instead of having to manually go in and make it so.
  • The ability to be able to page all extensions is very important for my organization.
  • I like being able to accept calls while away from my desk.
  • Another important aspect are the voicemail features.
  • It has made our work from home ability more convenient.
  • It has made communication easier in certain aspects.

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As mentioned previously, Broadvoice has its pros, but it also, however, unfortunately, has its flaws and areas that could use improvement, too. Another frustration during my experience that I haven't mentioned earlier was when a feature on the phone wasn't working as it should, and the process to get the issue resolved was timely and, in my opinion, seemed to be made more difficult than what it needed to be. We had an issue where a phone feature that was supposed to be a one-way communication ended up being programmed as a 2-way communication. The issue with this was when paging a specific extension, the phone would not notify the recipient that someone was trying to page in, which could be a huge privacy breach if someone decided to page into an office, not say anything, and then proceed to listen in to someone's private conversation. Though the issue was finally resolved, I feel like it took a good long while to get the issue resolved and I believe it was, at first, difficult to get the representative on the phone to understand exactly what the issue was.