While there's always room for improvement, I'm a fan of Chorus.ai
March 31, 2021

While there's always room for improvement, I'm a fan of Chorus.ai

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Overall Satisfaction with Chorus.ai

  • Call Review
  • Coaching & Skill Development
  • Process Improvements & Change Management
  • Handoffs & Collaboration / Knowledge Sharing
  • Voice of Customer & Disseminating Success Stories
In my previous role, I managed a team of 8 account managers. I used Chorus.ai to review calls and coach my team. In my current role, I use Chorus.ai primarily to review customer calls for process improvements, call notes, and sharing knowledge with my peers.
  • Control speed - I like that Chorus.ai allows you to speed or slow down calls when reviewing.
  • Word search - I appreciate that Chorus.ai has the word-search feature. It is very helpful to find certain phrases or jump to a specific part of a call. It's unfortunate when the call is not transcribed at all.
  • Call sharing - I appreciate that Chorus.ai allows users to share all or part of a call with non-registered users. It's very helpful for training purposes and knowledge sharing.
  • Transcription - Chorus.ai often misattributes words to one speaker versus another.
  • Transcription - further, Chorus.ai does not always transcribe words or phrases correctly.
  • Helps us improve our interactions with customers. By reviewing our calls, we learn how tor improve our pitches and the processes we use to train customers-- what pitches gain more reception, what methods resonate more?
  • Great way to review information that can improve our software: often on calls, customers share feedback that will be incredibly helpful to either product or engineering. It's helpful to share these snippets internally amongst the team.
Chorus.ai fits nicely into our process. We use Zoom; it integrates and records most calls without me needing to "invite Chorus" (consistent attendance by Chorus.ai would be another feature to improve). Overall, I like Chorus.ai.
A feature I hadn't anticipated using was the share-snippet feature. This has been helpful to bolster communications with customers. If there is anything Chorus.ai can do to "jazz up" the appearance of a call link-- perhaps embed a video preview within the message -- that would be great. Views on shared snippets is limited.

Chorus.ai's feature of enabling our team to review calls and transcripts is the key reason I appreciate and value the product.
Other than our kickoff call, I have not interacted with Chorus.ai's support team. I was not aware that there is a knowledge base or free training resources. To date, I have not searched for these as I haven't had any questions. With that said, I may be missing out on features and will check out Chorus.ai after submitting this survey.
8 or 9. Because Chorus.ai does not always transcribe calls accurately (or at all), I would encourage colleagues to check out all services available for call recordings. With that said, I've been mostly happy with Chorus.ai and promote Chorus.ai to friends or colleagues when they've shared that they are looking for a service to record and review calls.