Cisco Meraki MX Still At The Top!
Updated October 06, 2022

Cisco Meraki MX Still At The Top!

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Modules Used

  • MX100

Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Meraki MX

Cisco Meraki MX is the dashboarding UI that comes with Cisco network appliances and we use it as an interface for our current router, MX 100 which handles the organization and processing of network traffic in our environment. With the Cisco Meraki, we are able to see all of the network traffic that flows through our environment and notice any issues with connectivity within our local and external sites.


  • Meraki MX does a very good job of laying out all the important functions and information diagrams needed when monitoring a network.
  • Meraki makes it very easy for new users who are learning IT networking to work with and manage enterprise-grade appliances.
  • Meraki makes it very easy to configure and back up network appliances. Also if we need to restore from those configurations are easily do so through the Meraki console.


  • Cisco Meraki can do better with its VPN settings. Out of the box, it comes with a VPN service that can be a little hard to configure and troubleshoot.
  • Error logging and reporting is another area where Meraki can improve. When troubleshooting network failures it would be helpful if they provided more detailed logs.
  • Setting up Meraki with the Radius server for authentication was a bit cumbersome as there were parts of the configuration which were not compatible with the Meraki itself.

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  • Cisco Meraki was a great upgrade from old networking equipment that delivered a lot more features at a roughly cheaper cost.
  • With the ability to manage network configurations anywhere we are able to remotely diagnose and fix issues with our Cisco appliances without having to physically be at a data center saving time and money on travel.
  • We can carry out disaster recovery protocols much easier as we can upload backed-up configurations for our switches and firewalls allowing us less downtime by not having to configure switches.
Meraki's ease of deployment was exceptional. Out of the box, all of the Cisco appliances contain the Meraki dashboard tool so once it's set up once, they make it very easy for other appliances to join your already existing, Meraki environment. From there, the device adoption is pretty much automated as Meraki allows you to push down configurations easily and your new devices are up and running quickly. We are also easily able to manage users who have access to Meraki making the portal very easy to get set up.
By switching all of our network appliances to the Cisco with Meraki, we are able to push down network configurations to all network appliances making it very easy to set up and distribute across our network. When doing so, such as the Wifi, we are certain that the Cisco Access Points will be compatible and not disrupt service in our network.
I believe Meraki deserves a 10 in this category because the Meraki system is easily able to handle as many devices you want to enroll within your environment all in one place. It makes it very easy to scale up your network or scale down and it also allows you to branch off into separate sites at the drop of a hat. Configurations can be easily copied over to new sites without any issues.
We felt the Cisco Meraki MX was superior to Ubiquiti when we were doing our initial evaluations. We felt that Meraki was far beyond enterprise-grade than UniFi and we felt that we were getting a lot more features and scalability opportunities for the value. We also noticed that the Meraki support was far better than any of its competitors.
Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Box, Slack
Cisco Meraki is very well suited for our environment because it provides very detailed information on all things about networked that need to be monitored by our network team. In the event of any issues where the business notifies us that the internet is slow or acting poorly, we are able to look in our Meraki and tell what the culprit is. Also, we are able to manage all of our appliances in one dashboard making it very easy to access and read information.

Cisco Meraki MX Feature Ratings

Identification Technologies
Visualization Tools
Content Inspection
Policy-based Controls
Active Directory and LDAP
Firewall Management Console
Reporting and Logging
High Availability
Stateful Inspection
Proxy Server

Cisco Hybrid Work

  • Cisco Meraki MX
  • Cisco Umbrella
  • Working from anywhere (e.g., coffee shop, airport)
Currently, after the onset of COVID 19, we are fully committed in a fully hybrid work environment where our employees have the ability to log on anywhere in the world and carry on about their work day or come into the office as needed. With our completed implementation of fully hybrid work environment, we utilized Cisco Meraki VPN to ensure that our employees can access any network related resources at all times in the day and its been quite successful in being available and secure.
The main challenges we faced when transitioning from in office to hybrid is figuring out how employees could access file shares and other network resources, even printers. Thankfully after setting up Cisco Meraki VPN, it was a seamless transition and it allowed our users to have access to everything they needed anywhere in the world. We also had security in mind and we are pleasantly surprised with the security features baked in Meraki.
With Cisco's hybrid work solutions, we can give everyone the peace of mind that they dont have to physically be in office to get their job done. Also, with Cisco's hybrid work solutions we can cultivate and foster an environment where we can easily manage our remote work force and grow that work force knowing that it is stable and scalable. We are now able to hire talent all around the country while allowing them to have all the access they need as if they were in on of our offices.
In our hyrbid work model, the main thing we have noticed is the flexibility everyone now feels about work. For many this has been a huge blessing as its allowed them to be more productive to work in an environment thats comfortable to them. Also, this has only fortified our trust in our workforce even more as being in hybrid work environment shows that our teams can be just as productive or even more productive working in an environment of their choosing.
The main reason we chose Cisco to support our hybrid work environment is because we currently use Cisco in our network stack. Cisco is the backbone of our network from switches, routers, to even phones. Any other products, would have to spend more time to integrate with Cisco which is why we chose to stay within Cisco because of the compatibility.


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