Cisco Webex Meetings the best video conferencing and online meetings.
October 09, 2020

Cisco Webex Meetings the best video conferencing and online meetings.

Oswaldo Tirado Diaz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Webex Meetings

The company currently uses Cisco Webex Meetings in different areas from the sales area where we maintain contact with our clients, internal use for work team meetings and technical support for our end clients. During these times, Cisco Webex Meetings has allowed us to maintain close contact both with the different departments and with our clients, with which the dynamism of the company and the department where work has not been affected by distance, increasing our productivity.
  • Personal meeting rooms available at all times.
  • Ability to record sessions in the Cisco cloud.
  • Take control of another user's computer and perform actions or annotations on a certain program or document.
  • Ability to organize sessions of up to 250 people with video included.
  • The use of virtual funds when uploading video consumes a large amount of PC resources, which sometimes makes it difficult to use the funds.
  • If the user is sharing an application from his desktop, he must stop sharing to show another application which makes the process somewhat cumbersome.
  • The customization of the interface since until the current version it does not support changing the colors or appearance of the application.
  • Reduce or avoid personnel transfer costs.
  • Capture business efficiencies leading to reduced cycle times and process improvement.
  • Strategic by creating a competitive advantage in the use of collaborative spaces.
All are solutions that allow generating spaces for calls or video calls between users, where they present similar functions, desktop sharing, audio and video, however, Cisco Webex Meetings for its management of recordings in the cloud of sessions, integration with google calendar or Microsoft Outlook, the integration of Active Directory and the security and high availability of resources in the Cisco cloud, we are inclined towards this platform.
In 4 years using the application, I have never encountered a problem of crashing the Cisco cloud to enter a session, I have not had any problems making recordings, the limitations are usually presented with the different bandwidths of each user. Therefore it is a highly reliable solution in my opinion.
It is a fully scalable product that can be implemented in all users who require it, as well as in common space devices that are enabled. Only the number of users that will have access must be registered and all are registered from the only administration platform, so the deployment is the same for 100 or 500 users.
In my opinion the response times of the application both to set up the sessions or virtual rooms are quite acceptable, when entering the personal profile the reports are downloaded quickly and the saved sessions can be downloaded quickly. When integrating with applications, it is generally quite good performance and support development through programmability.
Cisco Webex Meetings is appropriate for meetings that concentrate collaborative work teams, make presentations to both internal teams and external clients, scenarios where massive events of up to 1000 people are required.

In case you want to have total control of the equipment, another user connected to Webex, the use of Cisco Webex Meetings is not the most recommended, for that it would be recommended to use the version of Webex Support.

Webex Meetings Feature Ratings

High quality audio
High quality video
Low bandwidth requirements
Mobile support
Desktop sharing
Calendar integration
Meeting initiation
Record meetings / events
Live chat
Audience polling
User authentication
Participant roles & permissions

Cisco Webex Experience

Company users have benefited from having an effective improvement of their time in meetings since they are shorter and more efficient, the decision-making time is faster, the percentage of collaboration in the teams has increased and a better collaboration with the team.

By last the green button and video everywhere. We've made simple meetings and the usage is really taking off, which is very important for a global company separated by distance. We are building a tighter family.
We usually used a Cisco Webex Board.
Effectively Cisco Webex Meetings is adapted to the needs of the company and our collaborative work environment. In the case of the security of each of the spaces, the different parameters are configurable from a centralized platform called Control Hub, which not only makes it a robust collaboration solution but also easy administration.