Interactive Marketing Flub.
January 24, 2014

Interactive Marketing Flub.

Jacob Pniewski | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction

Our technology team uses ExactTarget IMH to manage multiple areas of our Email and Interactive Marketing offerings. We use it to build custom programs for clients, host assets, host and broadcast emails and do reporting. It is a good way to keep everything in one place and is laid out a lot better than it's predecessor.
  • IMH has a look and feel that any marketer can feel comfortable in. You can tell they put the effort in to making it presentable.
  • IMH allows you to easily toggle through sub-accounts to make transitions easy for the user.
  • IMH lets you view your reporting metrics in a clean environment. All the graphs and overlays are easy to read and understand.
  • The load times of IMH are definitely an area where I would like to see improvement. Sometimes I feel like I am balding because of the load times actually!
  • There are a LOT of pop-up reminders. You completed this, you still need to do that. This is how you use this ....even though you have used it 100 times...
  • I wish I could dig deeper in to the analytics. It only tracks so much, I wish there was a broader set of numbers!
  • Don't even bother with trying to do mobile yet...just don't...
  • I feel a little redundant, but having everything in one place allows us to easily transition from account to account and cuts some of our admin time down.
  • As a developer setting up the emails is super easy. Making updates and changes are super easy.
  • It is laid out in a way that marketers who don't know code can use it. Win for developers everywhere!
  • Eloqua
Oh man, even though i can get irritated at the Interactive Marketing Hub once in a while, it is still the best product out there for what it does. ExactTarget is constantly trying to innovate and keep things fresh. I think that is why sometimes things may not go smoothly the first time you are using a new product or feature. But if your client has the need and the budget, definitely the product to go with.
I do not know if there is anything more to touch on. We will renew because we are comfortable inside of the Interactive Marketing Hub and it does just about everything we need it to do. There really is not another service that can put all of that in one place.
I would say that if we were to recommend the Interactive Marketing Hub to a client it would need to be a specific case where they had a huge list and wanted to be able to have everything in one place. They would have to give up a little bit of the detail in order to be able to have everything in one product.