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Updated September 12, 2022

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Overall Satisfaction with Hibob

We use Hibob as our HRIS where it stores all data for all employees that ever worked here at this company. We use it as our source of truth because we are trying to shift away from our old system of relying on google sheets to store data. With every Hibob update, it's getting better and better. Now employees know where to go if they want to submit a change (in info), book PTO, gather documents, etc. We don't have an intranet which is why Hibob is essential for the successful operations of our company, through the HR perspective. Thanks to the integrations with Hibob, a lot of our processes have been automated as well.


  • E-sign (letter generation) - I loved this feature when it first came out because it significantly decreased the amount of time spent generating a letter. Previously, the letter generation process would take roughly 5 minutes manually, and it would require someone else's review before it could be sent out for signing (to confirm the details). Now with the employee fields that pull info from the employee's bob profile, all I have to do is click a couple of buttons, input 1-2 fields manually, and the rest of the letter is generated with accurate info.
  • Time off policies - It is an ideal way to keep track of PTO usage across the company. Thanks to the way the page is set up, it makes it easy for employees to understand what their total balance is, how much PTO they accrued per policy, and all their past and. future requests. Recently their new update now allows for PTO accrual for either working days or calendar days PER POLICY. Back then, it was all or nothing so I was happy to see this feature working now.
  • Tasks - I really love this feature since I rely on it for our internal processes, for both myself and for others. I love how there is an auto-scheduled task list setting, which basically means if you set up an anchor date for an event, once that event occurs, it will trigger the task list that you set up. This isn't limited to just bob tasks, but can be attached to the employee lifecycle form completion for example. It can also generate an email sent via hibob to the relevant people. My favourite page of the tasks is the "People tasks" because you can use that area as proof that a reminder (for example) was sent, when it was sent, and to whom.


  • Tasks - For something like onboarding, I wish there was a way to set up the tasks so that the person setting up the employee profile would be the only person to get the assigned tasks. It's hard to describe but for example, if there are multiple on-boarders on the team, is there a way to set up the tasks so that technically every on-boarder would be assigned to the task, but the person setting up the profile is the one that triggers the task for themselves.
  • Reports - I find pulling reports a bit complicated, especially if I am asked to pull data that involves info being located in different areas of an employee profile. For example, for a couple of months, I thought it was impossible to pull a variable pay report along with the base salary (in one report rather than pull two separate reports) only to find out that you can do that via the Total Compensation report. Also when I have to pull data for headcount since a certain day, I wish you can make the settings so that data can appear after a certain day, rather than sorting it manually via Excel/Google sheets.
  • Timesheet - I love the functionality of the timesheet that hibob provided, but I also wish they included an option where people can set up predicted work schedules for future dates. Currently, the timesheets are ideals for scenarios where employees time in and out of work.
  • Data collection and consolidation.
  • Pulling reports.
  • Time off policies and requests.
  • I believe there should be a positive ROI mainly because of the time efficiencies. Since the organization has been shifting away from spreadsheets, we save more time from looking for multiple timesheets.

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Hibob makes it easy to import and store data. If you want to remove data, you can either do it manually or connect with customer support. They track all kinds of data, ranging from general employee details, results from surveys and forms, KPIs, PTO, etc. My favourite feature is the Bob calendar, which can be found in requests. It allows you (and employees) to see how many people take PTO on certain days, which can be useful in encouraging people to take PTO. Hibob seems to encourage goal setting which was a small feature that I wish more aspects of my company would implement. I personally use it for myself but I also see other people from other departments use it as well. It keeps employees on track with professional development. It personally gave me a sense of ease knowing that my goals can be found here rather than through a random Google Doc or MS OneNote. However, I find that I use Hibob every day but for the majority of employees, they would only go on Hibob if they never need something (ex. booking PTO), so they tend to miss out on Hibob's new updates unless they get a newsletter.

HiBob Feature Ratings

Employee demographic data
Employment history
Job profiles and administration
Workflow for transfers, promotions, pay raises, etc.
Organizational charting
Organization and location management
Update personal information
View job history
View company policy documentation
Employee recognition
Report builder
Pre-built reports


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