CF - Easy to use from setup of environment to development then production
December 07, 2020

CF - Easy to use from setup of environment to development then production

Alabi Temitope | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with IBM Cloud Foundry

At my work place, most of the in house web solutions and client projects we built is being hosted on IBM Cloud Foundry. Its being used majorly by Engineering team which I co-managed for the firm, and I also assist in tutoring new developer on how to make use of IBM Cloud foundry and other IBM Paas or resources that will make use by the Engineering team. It provide us flexibility in hosting, which there is option for continuous delivery which can be make use when you setup continuous delivery toolchain, which I have make use when I am given role to set up the environment for a new project and a starter content for the project. Secondly, make use of terminal command to push project to IBM Cloud foundry, which I can configure the custom domain which I want to assign to particular project through my terminal. Thirdly, I can allocate max memory which my application should make use of especially when we implement Proof of Concept to pitch our idea, so i reduce it from the default 256mb to 64mb which helps to save cost and waste of cloud resources, which other applications can make use of. Fourthly, there is provision for secure and non secure subdomain url for hosted application which is very good startup at-least when sharing our POC link, investor won't be worried since we would be providing with secure url to access our ideas which in return make them trust us and give us audience.
  • Hassle free linking of custom domain to hosted application on IBM Cloud Foundry
  • Flexibility in hosting application on IBM Cloud with easy terminal command availability for all settings which is required to set up IBM Cloud Foundry instance for that project
  • Well detailed explainable log errors to guide the user on what is really wrong , why the application was not push to cloud or not live
  • Properly index error in search engine which often list IBM forums url within the top 5 when you search with keywords from the terminal log errors you copied
  • Availability of IBM Cloud Foundry SDK on major languages with sample implementation code for the selected language
  • Major improvement I think is currently needed is sponsor more seminars in tech related field because I could search and see more content on youtube compare to other IBM resources which I have to rely solely on the IBM documentation to implement it
  • Properly index documentation on search engine optimization on how to point Cloud Foundry Application to a host on another platform
  • Partner with Massive Open Online Courses like udacity to create video content on software development track with free tiers to host on the resources during learning
  • Have issues when the domain doesn't come with ssl certificates and I upload generate Lets encrypt ssl to the custom domain interface after I install it, the domain won't be secure . I will want you to investigate this issue
  • Positive impact, it helps to prevent memory resources where by I can adjust default memory allocated for an application instance which I know that the memory usage won't grow significantly.
  • Provide trust opportunity for developers with their clients without charging the IBM Cloud Foundry users when they make use secure test domain.
  • It help to increase profit margin which the cost of hosting on this platform is market affordable with what other competitor offers which they don't even give free ssl for test domain.
Why I prefer IBM Cloud Foundry platform over AWS Elastic Beanstalk or Heroku Platform is the automation of development process and pushing of projects to cloud with clear step by step instructions - which is available on the documentation. I can say categorically, the terminal mode of interaction with IBM Cloud Foundry, which I can use to customise settings for my project - which is not limited to setting of custom route - selecting region which the application will be serve from. Availability of enough terminal commands, well written documentation with affordable price packages.
Based on the application I have hosted on the IBM Cloud Foundry Platform as a Service, since I have being using it. It best use case for hosting is NodeJS applications, single page applications for professionals like MERN stack Developer, MEAN Stack Developer, JAMStack Developer, PERN Stack Developer. I am learning Flask Framework now, I will write review on that when I host it on IBM Cloud Foundry.

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