JMP, visually appealing to users
March 29, 2014

JMP, visually appealing to users

Michael Morris | TrustRadius Reviewer
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I use JMP in my current position very sparingly. The main usage for JMP is plotting longitude and latitude coordinates and using them to display bubble charts of sales by state. During my education however we utilized JMP in more extensive roles including clustering, regression, neural networks, and other more advanced analysis techniques. In my current position I am the only user of JMP. I have also slightly used JMP for survival analysis, but switched to R during my analysis.
  • Bubble charts and plotting longitude and latitude coordinates.
  • I like the graphics it is capable of producing more than other analysis software.
  • The point and click environment can be very useful and helpful for some analysts.
  • With JMP being a SAS product, I would like to see an ability to do programming in JMP. While the point and click environment can be nice for some items, being able to code analysis can be much more efficient and timely for some users.
  • When outputting bubble maps that have been displayed on a geographical map the labels do not lineup on the outputted graphic.
  • The output for certain analysis such as regression and neural networks can be difficult to understand at times. The layout and design for displaying model statistics makes finding certain key items difficult.
  • None, we mainly utilize R for our advanced analysis.
  • I guess we do now have some pretty graphics to display to the board. Graphics are always nice when presenting data.
  • r,sas
I much prefer the ability to code my programs which is the main method used in both SAS and R. These software choices allow for quicker, more efficient, and more advanced analysis techniques. The one area that JMP is above these is in graphics and visual displays of data. JMP has much better visual capabilities. Output from JMP is much more difficult to read/understand.
As I have mentioned before, I utilize R for most of my analysis in my current position. This is because R is free and we currently are not looking to invest in a OTC analysis software. We have discussed the possibility of investing and if we were to, SAS would be our go-to options.
JMP, like other point and click analysis environments, are very useful to users with little or no programming experience. A typical analyst who has experience in data analysis would much prefer to code their analysis programs than using a point and click environment. However for users without a strong analysis background who are using JMP for simple purposes, the point and click environment can be very user friendly for them. But as I mentioned, the inability to code can deter more advanced users.