KnowBe4 is better than we could have hoped for.
Updated August 04, 2023

KnowBe4 is better than we could have hoped for.

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Overall Satisfaction with KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

KnowBe4 has been a great asset to us. We started using it when we realized our users didn't know enough about the threats that were out there. I set up a fake email address and sent it to a few people in our organization, and an alarming number failed to tell it was fake. Now after training, our users are amazing at either spotting or reporting phishing and fake emails. We went from a nearly 30 percent failure rate to less than 2 percent now. I can't recommend KnowBe4 enough. Everyone I talk to that even mentions phishing, I tell them about our success. The ongoing training videos keep us all up to date, and the simulated phishing emails work wonders to make our users stay on their toes about security. It also goes past just email, their videos have helped our users spot fake websites and be much more cautious when traveling and getting on WIFI.
  • Amazing customer service. Our rep constantly monitors our campaigns and helps keep us up to date.
  • Prenominal content. They constantly keep their content for training and simulated phishing emails up to date.
  • Easy to use. The portal is a breeze to get training and other campaigns up and running.
  • I honestly can't find anything wrong with KnowBe4.
  • We went from over 30% Phish-Prone to under 2% in 2 months. That's worth every penny and minute we didn't have to spend fixing an issue from phishing.
We looked at PhishMe, but it just didn't have the same feature set as KnowBe4. So far to us, this has been the best product we can find. There are some others that have made up ground and have some of the same features, but overall, KnowBe4 is still the best in our minds.

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The fresh content has kept us using Knowbe4 much more than I would have thought. When we originally got on the product I thought we might stay with them a year and go on from there. After that year, I couldn't wait to renew. We find new videos and simulated phishing emails to use all the time. With Covid-19 going on, they pushed out new emails related to it to be sure people weren't more worried about Covid info than security. We found out they were and started to work with our people on that.
The user management is really simple. We use the AD integration, so new users are added to the portal automatically and removed when they are gone from AD. It's really easy to pick up and get started using. The staff contacts us often to make sure we are getting the most out of the product as well.
We love getting the reports from our simulated phishing campaigns. We have them set to go every few weeks and find out who in our organization needs extra training, and who is really on top of things. Before this, we really had no idea who was cautious and who would just click anything.
If you are worried about your people needing training about how to spot phishing, this is for you. I recommend it to all the other John Deere and Freightliner dealers I talk to, and they almost all end up as customers as well. I'm not sure of a scenario it's not well suited for. The only downfall is you have to pay for it, but it's pretty well priced for all that it does, and they have multiple levels to choose from.

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training New Features

The active directory integration makes things seamless. We don't have to worry about adding or removing users at all. We even have it setup to add new users into a beginner training course as soon as they are setup in AD. This all makes using KnowBe4 even better. I just wish more of our products were this intuitive.
The new AI-driven emails have really stepped up our training. We use them to simulate much more realistic phishing campaigns. I think our users had really gotten to where they could easily spot a phishing email, but not they have to try a lot harder. With the real threats getting better and better, the AI phishing has been a real help.
I can't think of one bad thing about KnowBe4. The dashboard you work with is very simple to pick up and use, adding users couldn't be easier once you setup the AD integration, and we have representatives that call us all the time asking if we need help. We get more out of this product than just about anything else we pay for.
We don't use the PhishER, we have considered adding it to our package, but haven't done it yet. The PhishFlip looks really good. It allows you to take a real phishing email, defang it, and deploy it back out to your users for testing. You literally can't do much better than this. You can only simulate so much, but now you can do even more by simulating the real thing.

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training Support

The support we get from KnowBe4 is amazing. Our rep reaches out to us about things before they are a problem we are even aware of. They have walked us through every step of the product and now we're able to do everything on our own, but they still reach out to be sure we are good all the time.

Using KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • The entire site is easy to navigate to setup training or complete it.
  • Logging in is very simple for our users when we switched to passwordless logins. Now they get an email like to login instead of having to remember yet another password.
  • Everything is really simple.
Yes - The mobile interface gives yet another easy way for our users to train. They can now do it from their phones when they have extra time or want to get away from others.