LogicMonitor - The new era in Enhanced IT Monitoring
January 19, 2021

LogicMonitor - The new era in Enhanced IT Monitoring

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Overall Satisfaction with LogicMonitor

We use LogicMonitor as a monitoring tool to support all our customers environments. We have 130+ customers associated and we are monitoring their environments using LogicMonitor. Mainly for Servers, Databases, Websites and other Application checks. It makes our work a little easier as once we add a device (server) to LogicMonitor, it discovers all its parameters and loads it on the console so that we can pick whatever we need to make monitoring live. Also, we have an option for using custom scripts for any new type of monitor based on customer request. Tuning of alerts and notifications to customers and other support team is very easy, clear with this tool.
  • When we add a device, all of its components/parameters will be discovered automatically and it makes our job easier to pick which parameters that we need to monitor.
  • As it is agentless, with a single collector we can monitor 100+ devices and possibility of customization depending on requirement.
  • Excellent alert tuning and alert routing functionality has been configured.
  • Integration is at its best as we can integrate with third party ticketing tool, mails and we can even send text messages and also voice calls for alerts.
  • It can improve more on collection method time for certain Logic modules and identifying issue using troubleshooter.
  • Need more customization to deploy shell scripts to monitor our Oracle application environments.
  • Always can improve in adding more new type of additional monitoring type to improve of the scope.
  • Cost effective tool.
  • Helped in faster deployment of monitoring for environments which helped completing targets before target time and get billing done effectively.
  • Compared to previously used monitoring tools, LogicMonitor saved half of the price which we used to spend and helps in effective monitoring.
I have worked above 4 mentioned monitoring tools SiteScope, Apps Manager, Nagios and DB monitoring tool eMite. LogicMonitor is the best one when compared to other in different aspects. Even though SiteScope is user friendly, it is more costly. Application Manager monitoring is not user friendly and needs more manual work for every simple thing which consumes most of our time. Nagios and eMite, agent-based monitoring tools which most of customers won't agree to install on their environments.

By comparing all these, I would say LogicMonitor is best and provides all the requirements at a low cost.
So far this is the perfect monitoring tool that I have used with this cost range and which monitoring all of our customer environments with out any issues. Whenever we need any help with issues, LM support team always are ready in chat, email, phone availability and helps to make our job more effective.
We have monitoring deployed for devices in multiple environments. Most of devices are in Azure Cloud, OCI (Oracle Cloud), on-prem for few customers and physical locations of few customers where devices are in their data centers. We have websites availability checks needed for multiple geographical locations and there are many other types which we have implemented the monitoring of our customers.
Yes as it provided more automated deployment, we haven't had much maintenance other than while updating the collector. We used the collector which will install on a server to get the data being collected for multiple environments for the allowed network and all the data is sent back to LogicMonitor through an encrypted connection. I have implemented the monitoring for many customers and it is best as it is and helped to make my job a lot easier.
LogicMonitor's automation feature helped our business to retire our old monitoring tools such as SiteScope, Nagios, Apps Manager and eMite and keep a unique monitoring tool for all customers. It provides more visibility with its enhanced monitoring capability and provides extra features which other tools haven't provided. The integration with our ticketing tool and CMDB tool made it more convenient for us of onboarding new customer process.
With the current monitoring tool which we have, for every server we need to add multiple monitors which consumes lot of time and the environments where there are multiple devices, apps, switches, databases that needs to be monitored. LogicMonitor comes into the picture and will help to deploy monitoring of different environments within a short amount of time.
Best alert routing and alert tuning tool which we used so far and has helped in identifying a lot of critical issues.