Marketo vs Eloqua
October 22, 2021

Marketo vs Eloqua

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Marketo Engage

Adobe Marketo Engage is being used by the SMB/C side of the business. It is essential to be able to generate leads. The automation that Adobe Marketo Engage provides is absolutely invaluable, and the business simply could not function without it.
  • Speed to Lead with Adobe Marketo Engage is unparalleled.
  • The ability to audit [a] person['s] history in great detail allows for proper CSI and the ability to get an actual answer to "where did this Lead come from?" and other key questions.
  • The ability to create automation based on [the] field value changes both current and in the past allows for automation not possible with other vendors.
  • Integration is able to carry changes to and from SFDC in under 5 minutes and automatically at that (*provided there is no large backlog).
  • Adobe Marketo Engage struggles with large volumes of data and especially integration. Expect ~40,000 records per hour maximum. Adobe Marketo Engage is not suitable for large enterprises as a result. A slow trickle works fantastic, but any spikes in volumes bring production to a halt and create business risk.
  • Eloqua can process complex RegEx against 500,000 records in under 5 minutes. Adobe Marketo Engage can't do RegEx and even with simple operations, it struggles to process more than ~40,000 records per hour.
  • Adobe Marketo Engage processing and integration is sequential and not parallel. This means that when something is running, nothing else can happen until the backlog clears. There is no ability to set priorities.
  • There is zero reporting on form submission history, and as such C-level people cannot get a report of survey form questions and answers in list form.
  • Form fields need to be actual person record fields, not possible to have custom form fields that aren't mapped to person (record) fields.
  • Unable to delete person fields once created.
  • Unable to rename the API names of fields once created.
  • Unable to configure integration mapping with SFDC, must go through support to merge two fields together so [the] result is one field mapped to the Lead and Contact object simultaneously.
  • Running custom reports on basic things is cumbersome at best and better done by making Smart Lists. This is bad enough to the point where we don't run any reports from Adobe Marketo Engage outside of email-related reports.
  • Product Launches
  • Upsell
  • Cross-Sell
  • Lead Management
  • Prospecting / New Business
The SMB/C business uses Adobe Marketo Engage to generate new Leads and then track the sources of their activity to then create ROI attribution to those sources. There is automation to retry integration, and we have a "faults" field that is automated to output an error message into the field when an error condition is present (e.g., "missing company name"). This helps reduce [the] countless number of hours spent by humans diagnosing records - just observing the value in the faults field instantly tells the user what's wrong with the record. This information is used to fix the root cause of the bad data (e.g., form not validating data or user [forget] to include data in list load).
Pardot is the closest equivalent to Adobe Marketo Engage. However, Eloqua is the industry benchmark. Eloqua does not allow duplicate email address records; Adobe Marketo Engage does - that's fundamentally the biggest difference, the rest is to do with capabilities of integration, operators allowed for data manipulation operations, working with custom objects, the concept of forms as objects, and the ability to process in parallel and at volumes in orders of magnitude more than Adobe Marketo Engage. The iPhone vs. Android analogy is not correct for Eloqua vs. Marketo. This [is] more equivalent of a Mercedes vs. a tuk-tuk. Adobe Marketo Engage's overly aggressive sales team will pitch ideas to C-level people and try to convince them that Adobe Marketo Engage can do what Eloqua can do, but in reality, this is simply not true. The few areas that Adobe Marketo Engage is better vs. Eloqua cannot possibly make up for the deficiencies in all other areas and is simply not capable anywhere near to the degree that Eloqua is. Marketo isn't better because it's simpler - it's simpler because there's less that it can do and therefore [fewer] buttons and controls and therefore (much) less ability. High-level and basic users will not understand the differences. It's only when you try to do something meaningful and/or complex - that's when you realize the chasm that exists in the capability difference of Eloqua vs. Marketo.

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Adobe Marketo Engage is great for small to medium businesses that don't have the need for heavy data processing or complex reporting. For large enterprises that want to do things like GDPR natively from within the Marketing Automation tool (e.g., compare two date fields together), need to use many-to-one relationships (via custom object records) and perform data processing and integration on that, run complex custom reports, experience large volumes of integration data, etc., Eloqua is the better tool there.

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