Teams is excellent for personal or team organization, file sharing, and audio/video conferencing.
June 22, 2019

Teams is excellent for personal or team organization, file sharing, and audio/video conferencing.

John Uibel | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has been an important communication tool for our various departments. It helps bridge the gap between our Creative department and our Design team located 300 miles away. We also recently had our corporate communications group join Teams, which has been very helpful when utilizing their input in projects. It took them a few months to make the jump from Skype to Teams, and I think they've been pleasantly surprised with the ease of use. Teams is full of great features that allow you to customize various folders, and the nice thing about that is that you can make folders light and easy to use, or you can go more in-depth by creating folders within folders. We use various channels (or folders/tabs) to build an information system for processes, including a Wiki.
  • Easy to use layout, both in the mobile version as well as the desktop version.
  • The fact that they have a Teams app helps you continue your conversations wherever you are and even share files.
  • Teams is very customizable, allowing you to create intricate organizational systems, or you can keep it simple.
  • Dark mode is a nice feature, especially when you're on your computer for long hours.
  • Too much organization of multiple folders can lead to confusion and not knowing where things are.
  • Replying to comments doesn't work like other chat services. You have to respond to the specific post and not the general conversation, kind of like replying to a specific persons comment in the comments section of a facebook post instead of just replying like you would in Facebook Messenger. This is really annoying and quite confusing at first. I still don't like it.
  • When you want to chat someone that you haven't chatted in a few weeks, instead of just scrolling down to find their name, Teams removes your chat with them from the "Recent" tab and you have to type in their name to locate them again. Your last conversation with that person is still there but the whole thing is really annoying. Maybe there's a setting to change that that I haven't seen yet.
  • The mobile app helps immensely when on the go and you need to collaborate with team members
  • We no longer have to mess with Skype which saves us time
  • The program has sped up our general operations by its ease of use
Both Skype TeamViewer are constantly changing, and although they have come a long way, the constant change gets troublesome to those who just need to make a quick video conference call. Sharing contacts in Teams is very easy, especially for a big organization with many people. I have found that Microsoft Teams is just a better overall program for keeping files organized, and sharing files and folders with teammates.
Microsoft Teams has been fantastic for video conference calls. The video is always nice and clear, and you have a video and audio button that you can toggle on or off whenever you need to during a video call. Another great feature is that you can also share what's on your screen/ desktop, or if you have multiple monitors, as we do, you can switch between the two.
Nothing about the program shouts excitement, but there are some very handy tools at your disposal. File/text/ information organization can be simplified very easily if you need it to be. The text editor is also built well, and easy to use.
As far as things this program needs or could be improved upon, nothing really comes to mind other than my cons list. For the most part, everything is pretty solid.