Perdoo—solid and robust tool for OKR management
July 14, 2021

Perdoo—solid and robust tool for OKR management

Jay Gardner | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Perdoo

We rolled out Perdoo a few months ago, initially with our leadership team to get company and team OKRs in place, and now have rolled out access for everyone across the org. We're still learning how to work with it properly, and how to get the most out of it. Perdoo enables team leads to see how their team OKRs (and team successes!) push the company forward on critical annual and long-term objectives that will make or break the company. As people are starting to get more familiar with it, employees at any level in the org can see clearly how their day to day work directly impacts the overall success or failure of the company, which keeps employees engaged and motivated.
  • OKR roadmap: I like how clearly this lays out the connections between the different levels of OKRs (team, company, long term etc)
  • OKR Webinar: they have a great OKR 101 type webinar that we made all our leaders go through, even those who had worked with OKRs before, to ensure that we were all on the same page. Perdoo is very intentional and thoughtful about the terms they use.
  • Initiatives: I really like that Perdoo goes down to the initial level, not just OKR. Initiatives are the projects/tasks that roll up under each KR to actually get to the result.
  • slack updates: I like seeing the notifications come through when colleagues update something in Perdoo. fun to see progress!
  • The check-in process (updating your OKRs weekly) is clunky. It's difficult to read longer OKRs and you have to click into them if you don't remember the entire thing. Sometimes my KRs seem to appear below Objectives they aren't actually tied to.
  • the slack integration wasn't working for a while. I think it's been fixed but the check-in process is even harder over slack.
  • the roadmap is key so that everyone can see clearly where we are trying to go
  • the transparency across the board for team members
  • ability to track KPIs that connect with OKRs
  • still relatively new so hard to measure actual ROI, but I'd say greater alignment in terms of what is most important and needs to get done
  • forces us to quantify and set clear targets so that if we miss we can evaluate and potentially take a new approach
I've used Lattice and I liked their OKR UI a lot, it was simple and easy to use but (at least when I used it) lacked some of the functionality that we found in Perdoo. My team got a bit frustrated with Lattice

Ally was robust and had a lot of good features, we just ended up going with Perdoo because they were comparable and we loved the OKR webinar.

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Perdoo seems to be a good fit for us. We're about 60 employees, we'll see how well it scales with us but I don't see why it wouldn't. Perdoo is a good tool especially for orgs that haven't done OKRs or goal setting, and need solid structure and support (like the webinar) to get people engaged. A tool only works if people use it!