Why we switched to Pure
Trey Pautsch | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated September 27, 2019

Why we switched to Pure

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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashArray

We are a managed service provider, we use FlashArrays for shared storage for our private cloud customers and as dedicated storage for several of our larger customers. We have been steadily replacing all older spinning disk storage systems with FlashArrays. This has allowed us to greatly increase storage efficiencies and provide outstanding storage performance to all our customers. FlashArrays have solved varying issues for different customers, from database performance to storage efficiency of VDI applications.
  • Ease of management - both the local administration and PureOne dashboard allow us to monitor systems as well as provide life-cycle management.
  • Storage efficiency - the de-dupe and compression ratios are fantastic. We can provide our customers better cost to usage ratios.
  • Service and support - online upgrades for both software and hardware means no downtime for the customers.
  • Evergreen controllers - upgrades to the latest hardware as part of the service contract means we don't have any more data lifts when upgrading to the new system.
  • Ease of configuration and integration with our hypervisor providers - just another way not to spend all our time managing storage.
  • Cost is still a little high, increasing storage is pricey but things are getting better. Aside from cost though, the new features released and the fact there are no extra costs for any of these features can make up for the overall price.
  • Return on investment has been great, lowering management costs and providing greater storage efficiencies.
  • System reliability is awesome. We have several FlashArrays and very few hardware failures; something like 4 drives in 4 years, and no controller issues.
  • No negative impacts with these systems for us at all.
Initially, we needed features that weren't available. discussions with Pure on those features went straight to the right people. Within six months, those features were available and we purchased the second and third units. Always discuss your use cases with them, they are open and flexible if it makes sense, they will help make it possible.
Storage admins now are systems admins with wider set of responsibilities. So much less time spent maintaining and monitoring systems and performance issues. Everyone involved is happier, customers and administrators.
The simplicity of Purity is amazing, getting a system up and running takes an hour not a day like the previous vendor. The Evergreen program allows us to stay ahead of the curve technology wise without the forklift upgrades of old. And Pure's service organization is responsive and alert with no major incidents in 5 years.
The FlashArray has solved several customer's database performance issues by speed alone. One customer, running large PostgreSQL databases, was able to take hour long queries and reports down to 5 to 10 minute runs. This alone made several of their customers happy. We have solved many customers reliability storage problems (high latency, long write times etc...) by moving them to the Pure FlashArray.
We have benefited greatly, we solve customer problems by moving their data onto FlashArrays. We spend less time maintaining storage systems and investigating performance issues. We don't need storage engineers spend time troubleshooting day to day issues, the admins can handle all the issues that now appear and most of those are file restores and minor system config issues. Engineers can now help customers with more innovative ways of handling their data and moving more customers to our private clouds.
Buy a FlashArray now and start retiring your old SAN and NAS systems.
They know of our issues before we do, the people are personable and helpful. They have worked with us on everything from drive replacements to architecture to multi-vendor configuration issues. They are always the easiest to get a hold of and always the most flexible of our vendor's support teams.
At first, they most of our selection criteria but were missing some key components. We could use them for specialized deployments but not shared systems. They worked with us and added the components we required and we now are moving all storage needs to Pure Storage systems. Their service team is way ahead of the others we evaluated and have done nothing but improve since we moved to Pure.
We have only one scenario where Pure is not the answer; backups and archives. For all other scenarios, we have been very happy with the FlashArrays. We are investigating FlashBlades for a couple of specialized deployments, where they may be better suited but we will stay with Pure for all solutions not involving backups.

Pure Storage FlashArray Feature Ratings

Flash Array Performance
Flash Array Integration
Data Compression
Non-Intrusive Upgrades
Power Savings

Using Pure Storage FlashArray

50 - All of our internal business functions and all are client's environments (minus one) run on the Pure FlashArrays. We have replaced all but one array (it uses a specialized function only that manufacturer provides) for us and our clients. We will use nothing else in the future.
2 - The Pure FlashArrays have been so low maintenance all the administrators have had their duties greatly expanded. We used to have one fulltime admin and four that would help as needed maintaining storage systems, we now have two that spend less than 10% of their time with the Pure systems.
  • Databases - mainly SQL
  • VDI environments
  • General virtualization - both VMware and Hyper-V
  • We are examining disk to disk to cloud backups.
  • Clustering arrays for business continuity and performance balancing
  • Hybrid computing - moving between cloud providers and local virtualization
With the Evergreen program, we can upgrade (and we have upgraded all of our FlashArrays at least once) without downtime for the customers. This allows us to avoid "forklift" upgrades and provide our customers the best technology and limited disturbance to their environments.

Evaluating Pure Storage FlashArray and Competitors

Yes - We replace Netapps FAS storage systems. They did not provide the density or features we needed for the future. They are using outdated technology in their flash systems and their service group of late has been lacking.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
We wouldn't. We were very though and went thru 5 vendors before making a final selection.

Pure Storage FlashArray Implementation

The Pure side of the implementation went well, it was cleaning up bad decision made earlier that were the problems.
Change management was minimal - Limited change management was required. Once the FlashArrays were online and connected to the client environments it was a matter of vMotioning the virtual machines to their new homes.
  • Poorly configured virtual machines
  • Limited networking - environment required more addresses for implementation

Pure Storage FlashArray Training

A little help from our Sales Engineer was all that we needed.

Configuring Pure Storage FlashArray

Just doing one or two items will teach you where everything is in the interface and the rest is easy. One of the simplest configurations I have ever done.
Read the documentation from the Pure Support site, excellent references.
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code

Pure Storage FlashArray Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes - Allows us access to the Evergreen program.

Using Pure Storage FlashArray

Purity is an awesome system, easy to configure, easier to use and simple to monitor.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Network configuration
  • Volume allocation and configuration
  • Support requests.
Yes - Very well, have been able to track open support cases and verify system performance on the go. New features are popping up all the time and some are very useful, like opening up remote access for support - they can fix the issue and you never have to sing into the FlashArray itself.

Pure Storage FlashArray Reliability

All the features are there and we didn't have to purchase an extra license for anything. All pretty straight forward to confugure.
We have never had one go down!
We have solved clients' performance problems with the FlashArray, it has never been the problem.

Relationship with Pure Storage

I have been working with Pure for six years and I know my sales people well. They listen to our use cases and find the answers to my questions. They are simply the best sales group I get to work with.
We check in with each other all the time, new products, how our company is doing, new uses, just great to work with.

Upgrading Pure Storage FlashArray

Yes - All upgrades have gone smoothly but one and that was handled with openness and candor. They identified the problem and explained how this would not happen in the future. Don't believe a vendor had been so honest with me before.
  • Greater ease of operation
  • Better monitoring and reporting
  • Increased storage efficiencies
  • new features
  • increased storage efficiencies
  • More integration with cloud