Makes my job easier!
Updated February 25, 2015

Makes my job easier!

Susan Madden | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Software Version

QPA 10.1

Modules Used

  • Qvidian Proposal Automation

Overall Satisfaction with Qvidian Proposal Automation

Qvidian is a key tool used in our Business Development process to respond to customer RFQs (Request for Quotes). We use Qvidian to create business proposals and to answer customer questionnaires.
  • Usability: Qvidian is a mature product. The visual layout is organized in an intuitive manner. The underlting structure is logical and efficient.
  • Meta Data: With each file that you load into the Liberty, you can add Meta data such as owner, comments (which I use to record a brief history of the changes that have been made to the file), search terms, expiration date, and alerts. You can even define your own Meta data fields. You can also define specific security permissions to the file or at the folder level.
  • Search Function: Qvidian makes it easy to find files by offering basic searches and numerous custom search options that are flexible and easy to use. I have never seen so many search options offered in a program before. In addition to searching for strings in the title or content, you can also search the metadata (for example: comments and specific user-defined search terms). A few examples of advanced search functions include searching by file type, date created or modified, and the person who modified or created it. You can search the entire Library or searches can be defined per specific Library folders.
  • Architecting Documents: Defining the document architecture is logical and very flexible. The structure of your document is defined independently of the actual files. This means that you can define the outline of your document first, and then later populate your outline with actual content as it is written. This is a huge help in planning your document structure. Once you load a document into the Library, you then link your document into the architecture. The added benefit of this arrangement is that when you update the document, you do not have to re-link the document back into the architecture. This makes it possible for users who are not knowledgeable about architecting documents to still keep the content current. This is a huge time savings as well as avoids human error.
  • Multiple File Formats: Word and Power Point: Qvidian allows you to build documents in Word or PowerPoint. In the Library, you can load almost any file format: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, PDF, jgp, png, etc. You can also specify additional file formats as needed.
  • Qvidian has an excellent support staff. I have called them many times and they are always professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. They are very responsive to any bug fixes and enhancement requests. Qvidian is always working diligently to improve their product.
  • There are no major issues that I see at this time that need fixing.
  • There is one enchancement that I would love to see... an "Undo" button when working in the Architecture.
  • In the fast-paced world of Business Development, there are often short deadlines. Without Qvidian, it would be extremely difficult (or impossible) to meet our customers’ deadlines with accurate and current information. It is still a challenge finding good content and keeping it current, but Qvidian allows us to efficiently locate and reuse our content.
  • Compass
We have been using Qvidian for years, when Compass was introduced in our company. Having spent over a year using Compass, I would not recommend it for writing proposals. In all fairness, that is not Compass' strength.

Compass is ok for general document sharing for informational purposes. It does have a Presentation Builder function for creating PowerPoint presentations, but it is cumbersome and not very flexible. Specifically, the linkage is awkward and files may have to be re-linked when they are updated. In addition, the architecture only allows you to create a couple of levels of content. The search function is very limited. Compass is a newer project and has not fully matured.
For each product that you are considering, ask for a demo on how to search for and maintain your files. Your initial file load and defining of the document architecture is only the beginning. You also need to easily find these files when you need them, and then update them - that will be the majority of your usage.

Using Qvidian Proposal Automation

We are invested in Qvidian. It serves our purposes well and it only gets better with each version.

Using Qvidian Proposal Automation

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Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Loading documents.
  • Updating documents. You can either load a completely new version or edit the exsiting version.
  • Searching for documents.
  • Is is easy to customize the meta data that is returned in the search function. There are many fields that can be displayed and they can be sorted in any order. Your search criteria can be saved for furture searches. The search results can then be export to an external Excel file.
  • Defining a documenet architecture is not super easy, but this is a complex task, and I belive Qvidian simplifies it as much as possible. Qvidian offers a very elegant methodology to create the docment architecture.
  • Can't think of any.