Improvement in efficiency
September 25, 2018

Improvement in efficiency

Michelle Sexton | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with SmartRecruiters

Currently, we use SmartRecruiters for full-cycle recruiting including sourcing, interviewing, offer, and acceptance/hire. After hiring a candidate, we also use SmartRecruiters for confirming their start date and notifying all appropriate people that the candidate has been hired. It is used in our HR department, Training department, and our billing department uses it slightly. Overall, it has helped our recruiting department become more efficient with automating processes and it's extremely useful with the email templates you're able to set up and integration with Google calendar. We have figured out a way to use it for our internal promotion process and also using it for approving new hires for certain positions.
  • I love the integration with Google calendar because everyone who is involved in the interview gets an invitation and it shows up on your calendar.
  • The use of auto-fill templates helps significantly and speeds up the time it takes to send an email to interested candidates.
  • The offer approval process is easy to edit and helps keep everyone on the same page.
  • Reporting features are very limited on SmartRecruiters. You're not able to run reports on what your team did throughout the week. Being able to track key performance indicators is very limited.
  • There's missing pieces on the app side of things. For instance, on the app you get a notification of if there's an offer you need to approve. On the website, you do not get a notification (only email notification). As a result of this, offer approvals get lost in emails.
  • I'd like to see more integration with text messaging. SmartRecruiters had mentioned they were in the works of creating text message notifications to confirm interviews and things like that. I haven't heard much more about it for the past 2-3 months, but this is something I'm very interested in.
In SmartRecruiters, you're able to create screening questions and rejection questions that completely block the candidate from submitting their application for the position. With other ATS, we've gotten a large volume of candidates, but the quality is typically lacking. In SmartRecruiters, we've received higher quality candidates and typically the people who are applying really want to work for our company. We've noticed an increase in quality.
You're able to set up several hiring managers within the program and have a place for writing and submitting reviews of candidates. It can be a little bit confusing with all of the different levels you can set people up as in SmartRecruiters, but overall, SmartRecruiters has a great notification system for hiring managers and it's pretty easy to figure out how to navigate.
  • Efficiency has improved significantly. We're able to spend less time creating emails and reaching out to candidates. It's a quick click of a button.
  • Communication has also improved significantly. We've set up SmartRecruiters to notify all appropriate people of new hires, promotions, etc.
  • Our number of candidates we're hiring has increased. With less time spent on creating emails and setting up phone screens, we're able to talk to more candidates and get more people in the door.
I've really enjoyed using SmartRecruiters, but these other ATSs that we've checked out offer better reporting features and price points. Over time, we may be transitioning off of SmartRecruiters to one of these ATSs because the price is a set price where SmartRecruiters has employee-based pricing model. Also, these other software products offer better reporting features that would eliminate some of our manual tracking process that we're currently doing.
If you're looking for a solid applicant tracking system, I would go with SmartRecruiters. Overall, SmartRecruiters is very reliable and I've had a great experience with it. It takes some time learning the ins and outs of it, but right now we're maximizing our use of it and we're happy with how it has helped to improve the efficiency of our department. Our number of hires has increased and we're getting new hires in for training a lot faster than before. If you're looking for a great reporting program, I would not go with SmartRecruiters. At the moment, we're manually tracking the data we want to know because SmartRecruiters does not have a strong reporting feature built into their system.

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