TestComplete in a nutshell
Srdjan Stupar | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 19, 2017

TestComplete in a nutshell

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Overall Satisfaction with TestComplete

We are using TestComplete in our IT department to automate regression testing for different applications. Currently, only QA (myself) is using TestComplete for automating test cases in windows and web. I use the keyword test approach.
  • Ease of use for non-programmers, ability to record and playback your test cases.
  • Support for mutliple programming languges, so it can be used by users with programming backgrounds, which in turn provides more solid test coverage and troubleshooting.
  • Very convenient feature for executing recorded or written scripts over multiple machines via TestExecute feature. You can schedule and run your tests simultaneously over a number test machines.
  • Data-driven testing is made a lot easier with TestComplete's ability to pull the data from stored Excel files or even from DB queries that can be run in real-time during test executions by accessing.
  • Ability to analyze objects your test cases are working with, with their full sets of properties, and to decide which property of an object to verify.
  • Reusability of recorded test cases; you can call a recorded test case within another test case.
  • Cross-browser testing; you can run your web scripts over multiple browsers and browser versions.
  • I would like to have the ability to export test results in bulk, from the Project Workspace section; currently, you can only export one test case execution at a time in HTML format.
  • From time to time, I've run into an issue with object recognition, where TestComplete was not able to find some of our custom coded controls due to its multiple layer structure (Infragistics combined with WinForms, etc.). Our application uses a lot of search result grids, which are Infragistics control grids, and by using the keyword test script approach, I am not able to easily read the values and properties of the individual cells of the grid; object spy treats the entire grid as one element, one control.
  • Shortening the QA Test cycle during our releases by automatinig regression testing has helpd us tremendously.
  • It is a fairly inexpensive enterprise tool.
Our main purpose for getting a tool like TestComplete was to address our regression testing needs. It has been very helpful in shortening the test cycle during our releases. Also, since our main application is slowly moving from windows to web, we are going to use web-based testing platform and cross-browser functionality in the near future.

As I mentioned above, we are using TestComplete mostly for the regression testing purposes. What I like the best is the great "object spy" feature and its ability to identify all object/control properties. It is a very useful feature that give us the freedom and ability to choose how the scripts will perform, based on the selected properties. I also like the combination of key-word and scripting test creation, which give the non-programmers ability to record test cases.
TestComplete has definitely decreased our overall testing cycle during releases by reducing the time we used to spend on manual regression testing.

  • QTP and QA Wizard
TestCompleted proved to be more user-friendly for non-programmers and had better object recognition engine. At the time of evaluating all of them, it was also determined to be more stable of all.
I have been using TestComplete only for the regression testing efforts, and I think for this purpose it has proven to be a well-rounded application. Reporting mechanism is well organized and easy to read. Overall, if you need a tool that will be able to handle "around the clock" QA testing, this is the tool.