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Riskified, headquartered in Tel Aviv, helps businesses to realize the potential of eCommerce by making it safe, accessible, and frictionless. Their eponymous platform allows online merchants to create trusted relationships with their consumers. Leveraging machine learning that benefits…

Midigator, an Equifax Company

Midigator provides a chargeback management approach with the goal of protecting the user's revenue in the most efficient way possible, displacing time-consuming and error-prone processes associated with chargebacks. Midigator's strategy includes: - Preventing chargebacks - Fighting…

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Riskified, headquartered in Tel Aviv, helps businesses to realize the potential of eCommerce by making it safe, accessible, and frictionless. Their eponymous platform allows online merchants to create trusted relationships with their consumers. Leveraging machine learning that benefits…

Midigator, an Equifax Company

Midigator provides a chargeback management approach with the goal of protecting the user's revenue in the most efficient way possible, displacing time-consuming and error-prone processes associated with chargebacks. Midigator's strategy includes: - Preventing chargebacks - Fighting…

Kount, an Equifax company

Kount Fraud Detection Software is an option from the company of the same name in Boise, Idaho.

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SEON. Fraud Fighters

SEON is fraud prevention for businesses that is built to be adaptable and accessible, presented as a risk tech stack for a digital generation, including fintech companies like Revolut, NuBank, Afterpay, and Mollie. SEON boasts a 30-day free trial, rapid integration, and pay-as-you-…


Vindicia's (formerly CashBox) subscription billing and one-time transactions billing platform consists of a billing system where merchants can define billing plans, issue refunds, create payment retry schedules.

Signifyd Commerce Protection Platform

The Signfyd Commerce Protection Platform is fraud protection software that aims to enable online retailers to provide a friction-free buying experience for their customers. Signifyd leverages big data, machine learning and domain expertise in order to provide a financial guarantee…


Forter is a security platform for online merchants that allows them to check each transaction for fraud.

Sift Digital Trust & Safety Suite

Sift Science headquartered in San Francisco offers their software, Machine Learning and Device Fingerprinting, for fraud detection and prevention, priced per services added and volume of devices and orders checked.

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SellerBench is a profit recovery and financial operations solution that monitors shortages, ghost inventory, lost/damaged inventory, and Amazon fees daily. When inventory doesn't reconcile or Amazon overcharges FBA fees, SellerBench files a case. The solution helps users gain end-…

0 reviews

RefundSniper helps sellers make sense of their Amazon inventory while reclaiming millions of dollars in reimbursements. It analyzes the user's Amazon inventory to recover everything owed.

0 reviews

AMZPro is a tool for Amazon seller's used to monitor Amazon FBA shipments, remove negative feedback, reconcile refunded and not returned, or otherwise lost, inventory.

6D Aureus
0 reviews

6D Aureus is a Digital Financial Solutions Suite, a product portfolio designed and developed to drive revenue opportunities for Telecom Operators, Financial Institutions, Banks, Merchants, and Enterprises. The platform lets customers handle payments digitally. The Digital Financial…


Chargebacks911 is the original chargeback management solution. Chargebacks911 specializes in helping online businesses prevent chargebacks, minimize loss, mitigate risk, recover lost revenue, and enhance the customer experience.

ACI Fraud Management

ACI Worldwide offers ACI Fraud Management for Banking, designed to detect fraud in transaction and provide automated preventative and protective measures to eliminate or mitigate it.

0 reviews

iNymbus helps CPG consumer product goods manufacturers and distributors process retail vendor chargebacks and deductions.

0 reviews

ChargePay provides chargeback management with an AI-automated solution, where according to the vendor the AI contests and wins over 80% of chargebacks. ChargePay is compatible with major payment platforms like PayPal and Shopify Payments and is offered via success-based pricing that…

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Chargeflow is a fully automated chargeback management platform that manages disputes for thousands of eCommerce brands, including Obvi, and Huel & WordTune. It takes less than 90 seconds for a brand to sign up, and the price is fully success-based - the user pays only when Chargeflow…

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Vistex headquartered in Hoffman Estates offers the Go-to-Market Suite (GTMS), a platform for program management and marketing encompassing channel marketing, vendor funding, price management, as well as rights and royalties management to copyrighted materials.

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Interceptas is a fraud detection platform from Accertify in Itasca, Illinois, now a subsidiary of American Express.

Verifi, a Visa Solution

Verifi’s solutions, now from Visa and representing the company's Order Insight and Rapid Dispute Resolution service, provides protection from fraud, disputes, and chargebacks, helping sellers to increase profits and provide a better customer experience throughout the post-transaction…


ChargebackHelp is a full service chargeback management solution provider. ChargebakHelp has worked with companies, well-known and small businesses in a wide range of industries including travel, gift cards, online retailers, subscription services, telecommunications and multi-channeled…

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MidMetrics integrates chargeback prevention, dispute resolution and analytics into a single platform. The chargeback management platform analyzes chargeback and prevention alerts in real-time.

Chargeback Gurus

Chargeback Gurus provides end-to-end consumer transaction dispute management to corporate brands around the world.

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AMZReimburse helps FBA Sellers get back reimbursements from Amazon for missing / damaged inventory, incorrectly handled returns, and other Amazon issues.

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DimeTyd, by Threecolts, is used to identify, track, and resolve costly Amazon overbillings and deductions. DimeTyd is an advanced accounting and reconciliation platform for Amazon 1P Vendor Central Accounts globally. It helps the user to recover missed revenue from Amazon overbilling…

Learn More About Chargeback Management Software

What is Chargeback Management Software

Chargeback Management Software automates chargeback investigation, fraud prevention, and dispute resolution processes. Chargeback Management Software can identify possible claims before they progress to the chargeback phase, track disputes as they occur, identify previous chargeback patterns for possible fraud trends, and provide win-loss ratio analytics. Chargeback Management Software can also separate and organize claims based on their source and suggest possible actions.

Chargeback Management Software is offered in three broad varieties:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which is software leased from a third party. The third party manages the performance of the software itself, while the business uses the software features as needed. This is great for small businesses and users who prefer to have more control over the chargeback management process.
  • Fully managed, which outsources all chargeback management tasks to experienced professionals. This is helpful for businesses looking to reduce IT or fraud prevention workloads.
  • Hybrid, which utilizes elements of both SaaS and fully managed software. These options are extremely flexible, but they can become increasingly more expensive as features and services are added.

Chargeback Management Software can prevent businesses from losing revenue from fraudulent, false-positive, or redundant claims. Chargeback Management Software has preventative tools to monitor transactions in real time and respond according to custom parameters. They may also include automated response patterns to fight chargeback claims and resolve disputes.

Chargeback Management Software has many surface similarities with Fraud Detection Software, namely that products in both categories manage possible fraud in real time. The primary difference is that Fraud Detection Software is much broader in its approach to addressing fraudulent activities, including post-activity support. Chargeback Management Software, on the other hand, is tailored for preventive and interceptive approaches to possible cases of fraudulent chargebacks.

Chargeback Management Software Features

The most common Chargeback Management Software features are:

  • Track inquiries, disputes, and representments
  • Root cause analysis
  • Internal record management
  • Fraudulent claim identification
  • Address verification service
  • Shared blacklist management
  • Notification and alert management
  • False-positive and redundancy identification and resolution
  • Payment investigation and flagging
  • Fee structure and chargeback rate modeling
  • Chargeback pattern mapping
  • Transaction error processing
  • Automated chargeback responses
  • Archiving and historical data features
  • Claim searches
  • Data aggregation
  • Custom risk parameter management
  • Error, threat, and risk assessment
  • Solution suggestions
  • Chargeback source identification
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Customer identity masking
  • Win-loss verdict reporting
  • Third party integration
  • Payment gateway and transaction processing
  • Knowledge bases

Chargeback Management Software Comparison

When choosing the best Chargeback Management Software for you, consider the following:

Type of software: The type of software you want to use should be the first consideration to make when choosing a Chargeback Management Software. SaaS options are more cost-efficient, but they require more input from the user to be effective. On the other hand, fully managed software is more expensive, but the chargeback management process is handled entirely by professionals. This frees up time and resources for other tasks. Hybrids are extremely customizable, but they have the potential to be some of the most expensive options.

Prevention vs. interception: A Chargeback Management Software’s usefulness can boil down to whether you need software for prevention or interception (or both). Prevention features stop chargebacks by identifying and handling fraud events in real time. Interception features fight chargebacks and provide resolution suggestions after claims have been made. Most products focus on only one of these, but some can handle both tasks with the right approach to customization and automation.

Payment identification features: The degree to which the Chargeback Management Software can identify, separate, and flag different types of payments will be a major consideration, especially for large businesses that accept multiple payment options from their clients. Software in this category can track payments from credit cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, and payment gateways, making it possible to manage multiple pathways and accounts.

Transaction automation features: If you are using Chargeback Management Software to manage transactions dynamically, you’ll want to make sure the software gives you adequate control over approval, denial, and flagging parameters. This will enable you to figure out exactly why declining or accepting actions occurred the way they did.

Pricing Information

Chargeback Management Software pricing is dependent on the needs of each business, with prices varying based on the number of transactions monitored, features and services needed, and other factors. Vendors should be contacted directly for pricing. Many products have free trial periods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does chargeback management software do?

Chargeback Management Software automates the process of detecting and intercepting fraudulent chargebacks. Chargeback Management Software can also process disputes, manage payment gateways, and report revenue losses.

What are the benefits of using chargeback management software?

Chargeback Management Software can prevent fraud as it occurs, making it a very powerful security tool. Chargeback Management Software has a wide range of features, plans, and customization options, allowing them to meet the needs of businesses of any size or in any industry.

How much does chargeback management software cost?

Chargeback Management Software vendors should be contacted directly for payment plans. Product trials are available.