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3D Modeling Software Overview

3D modeling software is used to create computerized representations of an object for digital art or animation. Additionally, 3D modeling software typically also includes support for texturing, lighting and rendering, allowing users to create complete models for animation in a single program. This software is frequently used in industries such as television, film, and video gaming. Many businesses also use 3D modeling software to create designs and models for physical products, or blueprints for 3D printing.

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Best 3D Modeling Software for Beginners (CAD): TinkerCAD, Meshmixer, and SketchUp
Looking at Meshmixer, TinkerCAD, and SketchUp - we explore who these beginner 3D modeling software are each best suited to help.

3D Modeling Products

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SketchUp is 3D modeling software with an emphasis on usability. SketchUp is a Trimble product.

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Onshape is a cloud-native product development platform with integrated CAD, data management and analytics. Onshape aims to accelerate time to market and improve innovation by:1) Access: Unlike file-based CAD which is on-premise only, Onshape enables remote access for designers and…

Siemens Solid Edge

Siemens PLM (formerly UGS), a division of Siemens AG, offers Solid Edge. Solid Edge is a 2D/3D CAD modeling, simulation, CAM, and 3D printing suite offered free to students, hobbyists, and learners or at relatively low cost to mid-tier companies. It's capabilities are limited relative…

Rhinoceros 3D

Robert McNeel and Associates headquartered in Seattle offers Rhinoceros 3D (or Rhino 3D), a 3D modeling and design application.


Blender is a free and open source 3D creation suite available in under the GNU General Public License. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation pipeline. Blender…

Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk offers 3ds Max, 3D modeling and rendering software for design visualization, games, and animation. The vendor states that users can produce professional-quality 3D animations, renders, and models with an efficient and flexible toolset to help create better 3D content in…

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk offers Maya, a 3D animation, modeling, simulation and rendering tool available to artists, animators, and educators.

Siemens NX CAD

Siemens NX software is an integrated solution that aims to help users deliver better products faster and more efficiently. NX delivers design, simulation, and manufacturing solutions that enable companies to realize the value of the digital twin.Supporting every aspect of product…

ActCAD Software

ActCAD is a 2D & 3D CAD software that offers two product options:- ActCAD Standard for 2D Drafting Power Users - ActCAD Prime for 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling, and BIM (Building Information Modeling) functionality ActCAD can be used for applications across domains of Architecture,…

Google VR

Google VR is an SDK for building VR applications including two mobile VR platforms, Daydream and Cardboard.

Autodesk AEC Collection

The AEC Collection provides designers, engineers, and contractors a set of BIM and CAD tools supported by a cloud-based common data environment that facilitates project delivery from early-stage design through to construction.The AEC Collection is a bundle of products presented as…


ARSKAN SiloData is a platform that allows users to view, use and share 3D models on the web, on the move and without constraints (hardware, bandwidth, latency, external servers). With it, it is possible to generate interactive, collaborative, real-time digital twins that can be connected…

Cinema 4D

Maxon, headquartered in Germany, offers Cinema 4D, an animaton suite for 3D artists, which the vendor states is suitable for beginners and seasoned professionals alike, who can take advantage of Cinema 4D’s wide range of tools and features to achieve stunning results for demanding,…


Matterport headquartered in Sunnyvale develops immersive 3D technology. They offer a platform for prosumers and professionals to capture, edit and share 3D models of physical spaces. These navigable virtual tours are presented in Matterport's proprietary photo-realistic digital media…


3D Systems headquartered in Rock Hill offers the Geomagic product design suite, supporting 3D modeling and prototyping of manufactured products for a variety of industries.

Vectorworks Landmark

Vectorworks, headquartered in Columbia, offers the Landmark BIM design application. The solution helps users produce 2D and 3D design concepts and analyze existing building sites.


Pixologic in Los Angeles offers ZBrush, a digital sculpting and painting program for the 3D industry. Built within its interface, ZBrush offers tools for digital artists with an arsenal of features that have been developed with usability in mind, to create a user experience designed…


Zakeke is a cloud platform enabling ecommerce stores to offer their customers live Product Customization. By integrating it with a store, the user's customers will be able to customize products with texts, images, materials, colors and more, before they buy them. The 3D Product…

YourFit by 3DLOOK

3DLOOK’s YourFit offers virtual try-on functionality combined with data-driven size recommendations. The 2-in-1 solution is designed to answer the two primary questions that shoppers face when purchasing clothing online—Will this fit me? and Will this look good on me?—to enable…

Dreamplan Home Designer

Dreamplan Home Designer is a free diagramming tool used to create 2d, 3d, and blueprint plans for home and landscaping designs.

Canvas X Pro

Canvas X Pro is a technical illustration solution that combines a graphic toolset with the ability to import and handle 3D CAD models, designed to make it easy to create precise visual documentation.Enjoy control over 3D model visualization and work with greater independence and…

Autodesk Spacemaker

Spacemaker is an AI 3D modeling technology designed to help users discover smarter ways to maximize the potential of a building site. It was developed by the company of the same name in Oslo, and acquired by Autodesk November 2020.

Visulon GoToMarket

Visulon’s GoToMarket system accelerates seasonal Line Planning, Visual Assortment Planning along with data-driven SKU plans for margin, IMU, and target calculations. The cloud-based platform aggregates product data/attributes and images in real-time for complex tasks of seasonal…


Create, import, or edit 2D and 3D designs using BobCAD V33. A wireframe, surface, and Solid Modeling design software program. The vendor states it is popular among CNC manufacturers, used by small and large shops. A non-parametric design environment boasting affordable price points.…

Railing Designer

Railing systems translated into a customized design solution- Design in 2D, view in 3D from every angle, populate a parts list, and get a quote with the click of a button. When a customer considers a railing system, they don't often think about the building process. They think about…

Learn More About 3D Modeling Software

What is 3D Modeling Software?

3D modeling software is used to create computerized representations of an object for digital art or animation. Additionally, 3D modeling software typically also includes support for texturing, lighting and rendering, allowing users to create complete models for animation in a single program. This software is frequently used in industries such as television, film, and video gaming. Many businesses also use 3D modeling software to create designs and models for physical products, or blueprints for 3D printing.

3D Modeling Software Features & Capabilities

Below are some of the most common features included in 3d Modeling software options:
  • Modeling

  • Rigging

  • Lighting

  • Texturing

  • Rendering

3D Modeling Software Considerations

When considering a 3D modeling software for your business, consider the following aspects of each software option:

  1. Use Case: While 3D modeling tools can be used for blueprinting and product designs, many CAD tools are built expressly for this purpose, so it is worth considering if a CAD tool might be more appropriate.

  2. Rendering Needs: Many 3D modeling tools come with built in support for rendering models, but some require a supplementary tool for rendering. Consider what tools your business already has available to them for modeling and rendering, and what you need from a new tool.

  3. Budget: Pricing for 3D modeling tools can vary greatly depending on the feature set each business needs. Free tools can cover the basics of rendering, but feature complete tools can cost thousands of dollars per year. If you only have specific needs, there may be some more affordable options available to you compared to the most premium 3D modeling tools.

3D Modeling Software Pricing

3D modeling software is priced depending on the robustness of the features offered. There are free 3D modeling tools available that only offer simple modeling and rendering features, but more sophisticated options can cost up to $2,000 each year, or anywhere in between.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a CAD tool and 3D modeling software?

CAD tools are typically used for creating models or 3D drawings of products to be manufactured. In contrast, 3D modeling software is designed for artistic endeavors such as sculpting and animation. Both tools have some overlap, but a business specializing in product modeling will likely appreciate the specialized features of CAD tools, while an artist or animator will prefer 3D modeling software.

Are there free or open source 3D modeling tools?

There are free 3D modeling tools available, the most popular being blender, an open source modeling tool that supports texturing, lighting, and rendering. These tools are free to use, but they lack the support and guaranteed ongoing development offered by popular proprietary options.

Is powerful hardware needed for 3D modeling software?

Many 3D modeling software options can be run on mid-range machines, but rendering speeds can be very slow without high-end hardware. For businesses creating multiple models and renders at a quick pace, slower machines will be a bottleneck.