TestComplete - The Only Automated Testing Suite I've Used
Jonathan Yoquinto | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 28, 2017

TestComplete - The Only Automated Testing Suite I've Used

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Overall Satisfaction with TestComplete

Testcomplete is only used by our R&D Team within our SQA Group. We currently have two users of Testcomplete, and one previous user on our development team. We use Testcomplete to automate certain tests that are either very repetitive or difficult for our analysts to test. By combining Testcomplete, Testexecute, and Windows Powershell, we have a set of overnight tests we run during our regression testing and performance tests that are run periodically throughout development. We are currently creating tests for our new mobile app that integrates with our desktop application.
  • A very low entry point, with a very high skill ceiling - It doesn't take a lot to get started in Testcomplete and I feel like I'm always learning a new use or function that I hadn't thought of or knew before.
  • Feedback - The live debugging in script creation is very useful and it's very rare that I have a test fail and Testcomplete does not give me a descriptive enough answer to correct the issue.
  • A large tool set - There are a large number of features that can be used to aid in the automation process. Testcomplete has different wizards and object tools that allow me to tailor the creation process to how I want it to be.
  • Occasional crashes - sometimes a recorded test can cause the application to crash if it is too large for the system it's running on.
  • Missing sort/search functionality in some places - There are some places where you can only search one field when there are multiple being displayed. It makes it difficult to find script files when I'm adding them as a test item.
  • High skill ceiling - while I listed this as a positive, it can sometimes be daunting moving into an area that has a ton of options or variables that you can change with very little description next to the options.
  • Sped up our testing cycle and allows our analysts to focus on difficult and new areas
  • Gave the development team a better look at how their changes affect the performance of our product
  • We were able to find bugs in our software that we would not have found otherwise
Testcomplete was bought to speed up the QA process as the amount of work necessary to test our product increased. It has been a solution to this problem, allowing certain tests to never be hands-on unless it fails or we get a heads up from our engineers that there may be a problem area.
The web and desktop application has been the backbone of our testing suite. Our main product is a desktop application, but there are certain areas of testing that require us to use a browser. Our success with these two areas led to us purchasing a mobile testing license which we are now using to create automated tests for our mobile app.
It has greatly reduced the amount of time spent on manual testing our software. It allows more time for the hardware components of our testing and has greatly improved our optics on the performance of our product. We have used Testcomplete to overload our system and time the recovery, leading to performance improvements we may not have thought of otherwise.
I have not personally used any other type of test automation software. We have had very few issues with TestComplete, and while using TestComplete, we have not had a reason or need to move to a different product. We have even looked at other software created by SmartBear to manage all of our tests, manual and automated.
TestComplete is very good at creating automated tests that need to be run many times. TestComplete is very good for creating automated tests for the things users of the software you are testing will do often. It is not good for creating a test that needs to have something changed every time it's run.