Nothing beats Webex in Meetings
Updated October 06, 2020

Nothing beats Webex in Meetings

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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Webex Meetings

Webex meetings is being used across our whole organization, for internal meeting organization and for communication with our customers. Webex meetings is just an irreplaceable tool that helps us on all stages of our delivery process as well as in our internal activities such as remote and recorded training facilitation for our newcomers and just anyone striving to learn new technologies or new components of our product. And I cannot imagine what would we do without Webex meetings when we are dealing with some hard to catch issue on our customer site where only end users can show it to us it on the screen and all developers are stuck in their attempts to re-create the same issue.
  • Nothing can beat Webex meetings when you need the screen shared for remote control to resolve any IT issue or to help a customer with a new feature accommodation.
  • Webex meetings can be used as a screen video recorder and not only to have a training meeting recorded for further re-usage as a training video (which is the most common case for recording) but also as a great helper for analysis of any system issue occurred on the screen during the meeting.
  • Almost all our internal and external meetings are Webex meetings just because it is always good to see what everyone is talking about - whether it is an Excel spreadsheet, e-mail to follow up or a new solution diagram.
  • It would probably benefit from having an embedded audio conference instead of calling to an external bridge number.
  • The pop-down panel is sometimes very annoying for the one who shares the screen.
  • The converter even being available is for some reason a completely separate tool. And the record player is a separate tool too. And there are different players for different record formats.
  • Overall positive impact
Microsoft Lync Server has a greater cost of implementation and maintenance while providing about the same amount of features and flexibility and about the same level of integration with other Microsoft products we are using in the company.
There were infrequent issues with audio bridge availability
It handles our major needs perfectly but we haven't tried using it for really large crowds.
With rare issues, the performance of Webex Meetings is fine.
Usability of Cisco Webex Meetings is mostly fine except for some functions such as changing participant name for external users from outside of the organization.
It may be less appropriate than usual if you just need a one-to-one conference and don't mind displaying to the other side the whole screen. In this case it is easier to share a screen in Skype. WebEx Meetings gives you much more flexibility on number of attendees and selecting windows you choose to share, which is a must for external communications.

Webex Meetings Feature Ratings

High quality audio
High quality video
Low bandwidth requirements
Mobile support
Desktop sharing
Calendar integration
Meeting initiation
Record meetings / events
Live chat
User authentication
Participant roles & permissions

Cisco Webex Experience

Cisco Webex Meetings have good level of integration with enterprise calendar and even allows mobile users to join on the go, however the "automatic noise suppression" feature, for instance, does not really help as it would expected - background noise of the speakers still can be heard significantly most of the time, as well as quite frequent audio echo from some connections. At the same time, the notification about possible background noise often keeps on screen even after microphone is hard-muted...
Our organization considered using Cisco Webex Teams as a group chat tool and alternative to other product currently used for the same purpose but didn't find much benefit from it.
Cisco Webex Meetings meets the needs of our organization quite well but we are still considering switching to Zoom as to a more cost effective solution meeting the same needs for less money.

Using Cisco Webex Meetings

1000 - We have resources all across the organization using Cisco Webex Meetings for their daily collaborative work including internal and external discussions.
20 - Our IT Helpdesk team covers the supporting needs of Cisco Weber Meetings.
  • Internal meeting of geographically distributed team
  • Client meeting
  • Video presentation recording for a later usage as training materials
  • Video presentation recording for a later usage as training materials
  • Online trainings
The cost factor makes it less likely to keep the subscription comparing to less costly alternatives providing the same functionality

Evaluating Webex Meetings and Competitors

  • Prior Experience with the Product
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Existing Relationship with the Vendor
Cisco Webex Meetings was the distinguished market leader at a time, but currently it does not have anything special that would keep the clients attached to the product.

Webex Meetings Support

I haven't directly worked with Cisco support on any Cisco Webex Meetings issue.

Using Webex Meetings

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Audio connection selection
  • Screen sharing
  • Chat
  • Recording
Yes - Mobile interface works well except for the integration with CarPlay, in which case the presence of meeting audio controls for the participants is unreliable. Many users complain that joining the meeting on a go from the car, even Apple CarPlay equipped, is not an easy task.