WordPress is Built to Impress
December 13, 2018

WordPress is Built to Impress

Dave Moll | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with WordPress

When we take on new clients, many times they need a website overhaul. Wordpress is our go to solution for this. I've been developing in Wordpress for a number of years that it's actually more cost effective for our agency to custom build a theme than find an off-the-shelf theme. This way we can address all the custom feature requests for the client. When the website is complete, Worpdress is very user-friendly. It is easy for us to train not only our internal staff on updates, maintenance, new content and upkeep, but also to train the client how to use their brand new website.

Since most of our clients have a Wordpress website, it is very simple for our internal staff to work on multiple client websites. An issue or problem solved on one website, means the same issue is so much quicker to resolve on the remaining client sites. Our internal staff can make changes, updates to forms, add new content, add new calls to action, build new landing pages -- all without hours of training. It's a great resource we can add to our client and account management. This really helps keep our client costs down!

  • Worpdress is very SEO-friendly. The built in permalink structure, the organization and structure of post types and pages plus the addition of the 'rhymes with toast' SEO plugin gives you a great SEO foundation.
  • Wordpress is a constantly evolving piece of code. Wordpress does a great job of maintaining the core product. As new features are available, as new security issues become known, the WP team keeps you up to date with the latest and greatest version.
  • The Wordpress community is strong! As a developer, this is just fantastic. If I am having trouble implementing a highly custom piece for a client, chances are someone else has already done it! And if not, I can just ask the community, review the Codex or simply Google it. I've never had to say "No, can't do that" when working in Worpdress.
  • Because Wordpress is so popular, it is under constant attack from bots and hackers. New security issues are found and exploited. Our client's websites are at risk of hack or attack.
  • Wordpress is a resource hog. Worpdress sites tend to load slowly, especially if you buy one of those all-in-one themes. You really need to leverage caching and minification to ensure your Wordpress site loads quickly.
  • There are simply too many plugins. Wordpress needs to purge all the abandoned and non-functioning plugins in the repository. I'm always fearful of a client downloading and installing a plugin that crashes the site.
  • Since Wordpress is free and open source, the ROI is always strong. We get to build a custom website for each and every one of our clients. The client is thrilled and so are we.
  • Our clients tend to want similar pieces and moving parts on the website. I often re-use pieces from site to site which really speeds up the development process.
  • Sometimes clients already want to use Wordpress for their next web project. And since we are very familiar with it, it makes for a smoother sale and on-boarding process.
We made an agency decision many years ago to get on the Wordpress train and stay on it. We didn't want to try and manage multiple web platforms. At the time, Wordpress wasn't the most developer-friendly choice but it was starting to inch ahead in popularity. So we selected Wordpress as our go-to web platform based on the fact we believed it would be the best ROI for years to come. I'd love to say it was the features, the support, the community, etc. But it was really all about the ROI for us. We didn't want to spend the time on a Drupal, for example, just to do one Drupal site every other year.
If you need a website, WordPress should be on your list. The only exception to that would be a large ecommerce site. I wouldn't recommend WordPress to someone who does hundreds of sales per day via their ecommerce platform. Yes, there are add-ons and plugins that can do it, but you can also mop your floor with your cat. Why do that? There are other platforms that specialize in ecommerce and do it so much better.

But if you need a social blog, B2B or B2C lead gen, a non-profit, a membership site, a community bulletin board, news site, arts and music or just a simple about me type of website, WordPress is the perfect platform for you. It's so very popular, that it's not going anywhere. It is a platform that will be supported as long there are websites on the internet! You really can't go wrong. Even if you wanted to do an ecommerce site on WordPress, you can. I just would urge you to look at another solution.

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