Access Gateways2Access gateways provides remote access to a corporate network and applications.Citrix Gateway (formerly NetScaler Unified Gateway)1 Forefront (Discontinued Product)2 Encrypted Traffic Management (formerly Blue Coat)3 Access Gateway4 DNS Integrity Gateway5 Enterprise Voice SIP Services6 Secure Mobile Access (SMA)7 CommandCenter Secure Gateway (CC-SG)8 AS5800 Series (Discontinued)9 Zero Trust Privilege Services10

Access Gateways Overview

What are Access Gateways?

Access gateways allow IT, administrators, to provide remote or guest access to a network and its applications. Usually hardware appliances, access gateways supply bandwidth management as well as guest Internet usage monitoring and controls.

Access gateway security features are designed to allow administrators to restrict access to network assets based on policy and end-user identity. They are often used in hospitality or to support needs inherent to visitor-based networks (VBN). Also, they may support access to a network by a remote workforce.

Common Features of Access Gateways

Access gateways provide the following capabilities:

  • Secure remote access for on-premise apps

  • Support for authenticated user access

  • Custom branded access portal

  • Encrypted traffic management and monitoring

  • Load balancing

  • Granular access policy control

  • Access and behavior log

  • Suspicious behavior alerting

  • Hospitality features (i.e. for hotel guests)

  • Failover module

Pricing Information

Access gateways are appliances and available via perpetual licensing. However, some vendors may offer support via subscription, including technical support, firmware updates, and upgrades.

Access Gateways Products

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