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Real-Time Interaction Management Software Overview

Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM) Software leverages customer data combined with most recent customer behavior to generate personalized, 1:1 marketing messages and offers in real-time. Essential to this is a business rules engine, and decision analytics relying on big data.

Real-Time Interaction Management Products

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Adobe Campaign
196 ratings
70 reviews
Top Rated
Adobe acquired Neolane in July 2013 and later re-named the product Adobe Campaign. Adobe Campaign provides both marketing automation and marketing resource management functionality such as spend & financial management, workflow, and asset management.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys)
30 ratings
41 reviews
Companies use Interaction Studio to tailor interactions with customers and prospects to increase loyalty, engagement, and conversions. Using real-time cross-channel personalization and machine learning capabilities, Interaction Studio adds to Marketing Cloud’s robust customer data, audience segmenta…
HCL Unica
37 ratings
16 reviews
HCL Unica (acquired by HCL Technologies from IBM in late 2018) is a suite of enterprise marketing management tools including marketing automation with cross-channel campaign management, budgeting and forecasting, project workflow management, asset management, brand management and spend management.
Pega Customer Engagement Suite
24 ratings
7 reviews
Pega's Customer Engagement Suite includes: •Pega Marketing to engage customers with real-time one-to-one marketing on any channel•Pega Sales Automation to intelligently guide sales professionals and streamline the sales process using AI•Pega Customer Service to deliver end-to-end service across th…
Marketo Real-Time Personalization
18 ratings
6 reviews
Marketo Real-Time Personalization (RTP) is a real-time interaction management option based on technology acquired with Insightera in December 2013 by Marketo.
Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite
4 ratings
2 reviews
The Cheetah Digital Marketing Suite (formerly the Experian Marketing Suite) centralizes marketing data and provides cross-channel campaign management as well as real-time offers, messaging, and engaging interactions.
SmartFocus, now part of Actito
5 ratings
1 review
SmartFocus offers real-time interaction management software. Their messaging cloud marketing platform encompasses email, social, mobile and analytics capabilities. Founded in 1999 as EmailVision, SmartFocus has grown to serve customers across the globe; SmartFocus boasts over 2,500 customers of its …
Certona Personalization Software
3 ratings
1 review
Certona is a personalization platform that leverages customer data, including demographics and behavior, to deliver one-to-one real-time targeting across web, email, remarketing, mobile, contact center, and in-store interactions.
NGDATA Intelligent Engagement Platform
NGDATA Lily CDP is a hadoop-based platform acquired by and supported by Belgian company NGDATA since original developer Outerthought's acquisition by that company.
TIBCO Reward
TIBCO Reward (formerly TIBCO Engage) is a real-time customer loyalty and interaction management platform, from TIBCO.
Infor Interaction Advisor
Infor Interaction Advisor is a real-time interaction management offering and part of Infor's Customer Experience Suite.
Vantage CX (Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager)
6 ratings
0 reviews
Vantage Customer Experience (CX), an evolution of Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager, aims to give marketers and customer experience professionals the autonomy, visibility, and insights they need to keep pace with ever growing and changing customer demand.
SAS Intelligent Decisioning
SAS Intelligent Decisioning (featuring Real-Time Decision Manager) is designed to drive real-time interactions and automate operational decisions at scale.
Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub
RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub is a real time interaction management (RTIM) software from RedPoint Global headquartered in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts.
Celebrus Technologies, a D4t4 Solutions company since January 2015, offers the Celebrus suite of big data analytics software for real-time customer interaction management.
Pitney Bowes EngageOne
Pitney Bowes offers EngageOne, a suite if real-time customer interaction management software.
Acoustic Personalization (formerly IBM Watson Real-Time Personalization)
Acoustic Personalization (formerly IBM Watson Real-Time Personalization) helps digital marketers improve customer experience and makes personalization easier by learning through each interaction and delivering the right content to each visitor in the context of their previous interactions with the b…
OPINATOR aims to connect businesses with people. Its Personalized CX Management platform promises to enable you to generate and manage customer interactions in a new, smarter, and more engaging way over every digital channel. According to the vendor, key benefits are: - boost engagement in VoC, NPS…
[24]7 Messaging
[24]7 Messaging is an omnichannel real-time customer interaction management application, from [24] headquartered in San Jose, supporting intelligent AI driven predictive chat, messaging, and content across all digital channels.
Kitewheel headquartered in Boston offers customer journey orchestration software.
RetailSense from RecoSense is an AI-based e-commerce personalization platform that delivers personalized experiences helping shoppers find what they are looking for. It offers omnichannel personalization enabling marketers to run automated campaigns on email, push notifications, mobile applications,…
Ably is an enterprise-ready pub/sub messaging platform. They aim to make it easy to efficiently design, quickly ship, and seamlessly scale critical realtime functionality delivered directly to end-users. The vendor boasts daily delivery of billions of realtime messages to millions of users for thous…
Amazon Personalize
Amazon Personalize uses machine learning algorithms to create recommendations that respond to the specific needs, preferences, and changing behavior of users in real-time, to drive increased customer engagement.
NICE Desktop Analytics
5 ratings
0 reviews
NICE Systems headquartered in Israel offers NICE Desktop Analytics, a customer interaction management system dedicated to determining the next best action for engaging customers and automating customer service tasks.

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Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM) Software leverages customer data combined with most recent customer behavior to generate personalized, 1:1 marketing messages and offers in real-time. Essential to this is a business rules engine, and decision analytics relying on big data.