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Cerner HealtheIntent, Definitive Healthcare, athenahealth Population Health, 3M 360 Encompass System, Epic Healthy Planet, Altera Care Director, Meditech Expanse Population Health, Zywave Analytics Cloud - Decision Master Warehouse, Altera dbMotion and 3M Healthcare Transformation Suite.

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Fitbit Care, from Google company Fitbit Health Solutions (acquired January 2021) is a workforce health and wellbeing solution designed to support a population’s physical health, their emotional wellbeing, their sense of feeling connected to one another, and their ability to make…

Definitive Healthcare

Definitive Healthcare in Framingham offers a healthcare provider database providing contact data for key stakeholders across as well as data pertinent for population health studies.

Cerner HealtheIntent

Cerner offers their population health management software platform, HealtheIntent, their cloud-based data reconciliation and population stratification platform to provide a comprehensive population health management solution.

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Modernizing Medicine®’s Healthcare IT Suite

Modernizing Medicine® offers the data-driven, specialty-specific EHR system, EMA®, and healthcare IT suite including Practice Management, Business Operations Services, Analytics, Image Management, ASC electronic reports (for ophthalmology), modmed® Kiosk, patient portal, patient…

Zywave Analytics Cloud - Decision Master Warehouse

Zywave headquartered in Milwaukee offers the Decision Master Warehouse claims analytics platform, allowing the user to benchmark the group's medical and prescription utilization and costs against one of the largest normative data sets in the country. With advanced analytics, Decision…

InterSystems HealthShare

Connecting providers, patients, and payers through a unified care record and analytics that span the care continuum. Creates a Unified Care Record for Collaborative CareHealthShare creates a unified, community-wide health record as the foundation for coordinated, value-based care…

Edison Digital Health Platform

Edison is GE Healthcare’s intelligence platform designed to help improve patient outcomes and increase access to care. Embedded within existing workflows, Edison applications can integrate and assimilate data from disparate sources, and apply analytics or advanced algorithms to generate…

Mural Virtual Care Solution

Mural™ Virtual Care Solution (Mural) is a clinical decision support solution that helps prioritize clinicians’ attention to the most critical patient cases and may reduce the time to intervention by digitizing hospital defined protocols, care pathways, and Early Warning Scores (EWS)…

Maya Health
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Maya Health aims to to chart safe and effective psychedelic practices, so that everyone has the opportunity to access and benefit from psychedelic-assisted healing. For many people, pharmaceutical drugs are a costly band-aid, not a sustainable long term cure for the root of their…

h2 wellness
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h2 wellness is a cloud-based, population health and digital engagement company headquartered in Los Angeles, that aims to allow health and wellness brands worldwide to improve the lives of their customers and increase customer satisfaction, retention and revenues.

PwC Future Cast

Future Cast, from PwC, is a platform that the vendor states can help users gain greater insights into the mind and body, predict behavior, create richer interactions, and support the health of individuals and, at scale, entire populations.

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Jvion helps healthcare systems and providers prevent harm and lower costs through its AI-enabled prescriptive analytics solution. The Jvion Machine™ goes beyond simple predictive analytics and machine learning to identify patients on a trajectory to becoming high risk and for whom…

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Optum presents a population health management and analytics solution via its health data analytics suite powered by OptumIQ. Optum is a brand of UnitedHealth Group.

NextGen Population Health

NextGen Population Health (formerly EagleDream Health) provides analytics to support health decisioning and outcomes management.

Cohere Health
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Cohere Health, headquartered in Boston, drives collaborative utilization management (UM) by aligning physicians and health plans on evidence-based care paths for the patient’s entire care journey. By integrating these care paths into the prior authorization submission process, Cohere’…

Socially Determined

Socially Determined provides a full-cycle Social Risk Intelligence™ solution to show where social risk exists, why it matters, and what to do about it for better health outcomes and business performance – at scale.

Conduent Healthy Communities Institute Platform (HCI Platform)

Conduent's Healthy Communities Institute Platform (HCI Platform) is presented as a customizable website, analytical tools and access to continuously updated population health and socioeconomic data. The HCI Platform provides a host of technology tools for professional collaboration…

HealthViewX Behavioral Health Integration

HealthViewX Behavioral Health Integration is a solution used to improve patients' mental health outcomes, streamline operations and maximize revenue.With it, users can automates the behavioral health care management process including the scheduling and documentation of non-face-…

HealthViewX Principal Care Management

HealthViewX PCM is a solution to help users deliver collaborative care and get reimbursed for PCM services, as well as provide care for patients with one chronic illness to help navigate and stabilize the condition and the possible prevention of an exacerbation that may arise. With…

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CalciMedica is a privately held, clinical stage biotechnology company with a platform focused on CRAC channel drug discovery and development for the treatment of acute and severe inflammatory diseases. The Company was founded in 2007 by Ken Stauderman, CalciMedica’s Chief Scientific…

Crossover Health

Crossover Health is a primary care medical group that combines advanced health management services and member experience within their employee health offering. The company designs and delivers a unique and comprehensive employee care experience for companies that understand the financial…

HealthViewX Digital Health Management

HealthViewX offers a digital Chronic and Post-Acute Care Management system designed to enables the clinical service provider to: Personalize Care Plans based on the underlying health status Track key parameters including Vitals, Activities, Sleep, Medication Compliance, and PainAlert…

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Preveta is a database for cancer care coordination.

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Forward is a membership-based health care system. The Forward Method includes first scanning biometrics, testing blood, and performing genetic analyses in order to set health goals and make personalized wellness plans for patients.

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HealthEC is a KLAS-recognized population health management technology company on a mission to help customers succeed with value-based care by offering a flexible, single-platform solution that aggregates clinical, claims, and quality data and provides the actionable insights that…

Learn More About Population Health Management Tools

What Are Population Health Management Tools?

Population Health Management (PHM) Software integrates data across healthcare IT systems and stores and aggregates patient data for analysis. These tools provide a large patient data resource and set of analytic tools to better predict and manage illnesses and diseases. Another function of PHM software is to facilitate care delivery across a population.

These products aim to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the practice and improve the quality of individualized patient care. The accessibility and integration of data leads to better prediction of individual health risks, and a more accurate big picture analysis of community health trends.

Population Health Management platforms are utilized by health care providers and universities alike. The software's data analytics capabilities can be used to increase quality and cost-effectiveness of care as well as research health trends within a community.

Fee-For-Service vs. Value-Based Models

The cost-of-care analysis in the healthcare industry at large is shifting. Parallelling the changes within the industry, Population Health Management tools are becoming more compatible with value-based care models as opposed to more traditional fee-for-service systems. Although, many vendors still operate under the fee-for-service standard. Each model alters the cost-of-care analysis performed by the PHM software. As such, it is a feature that should factor into purchasing decisions.

Under the conventional fee-for-service (FFS) model, healthcare providers get reimbursed for costs by insurance companies or the government based on the individual services or procedures they order. Each service - including doctors visits, surgery consultations, treatments, and procedures - are billed separately as per patient per visit items. All of these items are then covered by third party payers, even if the service was not necessary or valuable to the patient.

In contrast, the value-based care model factors in the quality of service/procedure being provided and overall health outcome of the patient when calculating cost. This newer approach to healthcare provision emphasizes a more holistic approach to treating patients and coordination and communication between physicians across departments. Healthcare practitioners may receive incentive payments for successful treatment and providing better quality care to patients under this model.

PHM Features & Capabilities

Data Capabilities

  • Data analytics

  • Predictive analytics

  • Data storage

  • Data aggregation services

  • Business intelligence

  • Integration with EMR and EHR software

Financial Services

  • Cost-of-care analysis

  • Payment bundling

  • Dashboard feature

Care Management

  • predictive alerts

  • tracking utilization of services

  • patient-reported outcomes

  • patient risk stratification

  • test and treatment reminders

  • patient identification

  • patient engagement and outreach

Pricing Information

Most vendors do not openly disclose their prices but provide quotes upon request.

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