Population Health ManagementPopulation Health Management (PHM) Software integrates data from disparate healthcare IT systems storing patient data and securely aggregates it for analysis with the goal of providing improved quality of service in individualized healthcare as well as (less commonly) providing a superior source of data for research. The accessibility and integration of this data should lead to better prediction of individual health risks and more accurate big picture analyses of community health, or trends in across larger groups in a population. PHMs may also offer a breadth of features encompassing CRM like capabilities for patient engagement supporting health coaching, patient portal, patient knowledge documentation and other teaching tools to support proactive care.Definitive Healthcare1https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/u7/sA/IVQ9GVHTO227-180x180.JPEGCerner HealtheIntent2https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/cj/LG/MCH08NTXVOXB-180x180.JPEGIBM Phytel3https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/yf/sf/DNSXTG99HOK3-180x180.JPEGAllscripts dbMotion4https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/JM/CX/4LECTDSWP55M-180x180.PNGAllscripts Population Health Analytics5https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/JM/CX/4LECTDSWP55M-180x180.PNGMcKesson Population Manager6https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/UK/hf/L6DB2X92TQBE.jpegTrilliant Health7https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/Pb/Yf/M1KPT7GJ0BDM-180x180.JPEGe4 health HealthMap8https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/gZ/FT/TKGO983IOKKP-180x180.PNGi2iTracks9https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/qp/fS/W5IJN48D38TW-180x180.JPEGPhilips Wellcentive10https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/Ng/im/7PV1KZJSCII5-180x180.JPEGInspirata (formerly Caradigm)11https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/gy/s7/9U0DHWBO5CTF-180x180.PNG3M 360 Encompass System12https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/EZ/DG/ATTW1RHMMZSU-180x180.JPEG3M Healthcare Transformation Suite13https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/EZ/DG/ATTW1RHMMZSU-180x180.JPEGPopulationManager14https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/zB/9f/6SQSBR0KGQGW-180x180.PNGEnli Health Intelligence15https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/hl/bw/SJ0V8VUOVCKV-180x180.JPEGSCIOVantage16https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/7c/gl/LB99IZDCWU4N-180x180.JPEGHealth Catalyst Population Health Management17https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/fO/cG/ETTICQZ1H0B2-180x180.PNGHumhealth18https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/Pi/Ul/ODMQ97GKMSFQ-180x180.JPEGMedecision Aerial19https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/QA/Fq/S9GNN8UDDEFC-180x180.JPEGConexia20https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/7U/AF/1IGX48OFPTSQ-180x180.PNGZeOmega Jiva21https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/b1/xF/8UTW2QDCGOOH-180x180.JPEGOptumIQ22https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/AK/ih/OF6646R0URAG-180x180.JPEGPremiereConnect23https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/sX/Up/U49LL5EMZT5H-180x180.JPEGNextGen Population Health and Analytics Solutions (formerly EagleDream Health)24https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/9b/WX/7RVPVIR7VPCS-180x180.PNGCitiusTech SCORE+25https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/fM/Z6/7ED91WC0LTNS-180x180.JPEG

Population Health Management Tools

Population Health Management Overview

What Are Population Health Management Tools?

Population Health Management (PHM) Software integrates data across healthcare IT systems and stores and aggregates patient data for analysis. These tools provide a large patient data resource and set of analytic tools to better predict and manage illnesses and diseases. Another function of PHM software is to facilitate care delivery across a population.

These products aim to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the practice and improve the quality of individualized patient care. The accessibility and integration of data leads to better prediction of individual health risks, and a more accurate big picture analysis of community health trends.

Population Health Management platforms are utilized by health care providers and universities alike. The software's data analytics capabilities can be used to increase quality and cost-effectiveness of care as well as research health trends within a community.

Fee-For-Service vs. Value-Based Models

The cost-of-care analysis in the healthcare industry at large is shifting. Parallelling the changes within the industry, Population Health Management tools are becoming more compatible with value-based care models as opposed to more traditional fee-for-service systems. Although, many vendors still operate under the fee-for-service standard. Each model alters the cost-of-care analysis performed by the PHM software. As such, it is a feature that should factor into purchasing decisions.

Under the conventional fee-for-service (FFS) model, healthcare providers get reimbursed for costs by insurance companies or the government based on the individual services or procedures they order. Each service - including doctors visits, surgery consultations, treatments, and procedures - are billed separately as per patient per visit items. All of these items are then covered by third party payers, even if the service was not necessary or valuable to the patient.

In contrast, the value-based care model factors in the quality of service/procedure being provided and overall health outcome of the patient when calculating cost. This newer approach to healthcare provision emphasizes a more holistic approach to treating patients and coordination and communication between physicians across departments. Healthcare practitioners may receive incentive payments for successful treatment and providing better quality care to patients under this model.

PHM Features & Capabilities

Data Capabilities

  • Data analytics

  • Predictive analytics

  • Data storage

  • Data aggregation services

  • Business intelligence

  • Integration with EMR and EHR software

Financial Services

  • Cost-of-care analysis

  • Payment bundling

  • Dashboard feature

Care Management

  • predictive alerts

  • tracking utilization of services

  • patient-reported outcomes

  • patient risk stratification

  • test and treatment reminders

  • patient identification

  • patient engagement and outreach

Pricing Information

Most vendors do not openly disclose their prices but provide quotes upon request.

Population Health Management Products

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Cerner offers their population health management software platform, HealtheIntent, their cloud-based data reconciliation and population stratification platform to provide a comprehensive population health management solution.

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IBM acquired Phytel in 2015 and so now provides healthcare analytics management, or healthcare population management, capabilities via this acquisition (BI capabilities supplied by IBM Watson). Phytel also includes patient engagement and messaging capabilities to encourage healthful behaviors, etc.

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The dbMotion™ Solution is an interoperability platform that organizations can use to succeed in delivery system reform and the shift to value-based care. dbMotion aims to allow organizations to integrate discrete patient data from diverse care settings, regardless of IT supplier, into a single patie…

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Allscripts Population Health Analytics™ delivers point-of-care insights for population health management. Clinicians can use data from across care settings to stratify populations, reduce risk and improve outcomes. Allscripts Population Health Analytics turns data into methods for early identificat…

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Healthcare specialist software and research company offers McKesson Population Manager, a software platform for healthcare providers wishing to pool patient data and create an integrated clinical network with a coherent population health engagement strategy with improved capacity for value-based car…

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Trilliant Health, headquartered in Tennessee, offers their flagship population health management platform and healthcare CRM, which combines advanced health data analytics and the Trilliant iCRM, or intelligent CRM, which uses patient data to provide better healthcare and assist with patient acquisi…

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e4 health HealthMap is a population health management solution emphasizing proactive research and acquiring new data points via its LifeReach survey which is part of its employee-focused health management and outreach platform. The platform is owned and supported by New Directions Behavioral Health …

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i2i Population Health in Tennessee offers i2iTracks, their flagship population health management software emphasizing data centrality and integration with disparate EMRs and patient management systems, with the goal of improved delivery of individualized healthcare.

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Philips Wellcentive (a subsidiary of global healthcare and electrical company Philips since the 2016 acquisition) offers a population health management platform featuring data management (i.e. data normalization into a single longitudinal record), data insights, improved care management with better …

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GE Health sold Caradigm to Inspirata in 2018. Caradigm from GE Health was a population health management software offering. For data control Caradigm presents the Caradigm Intelligence Platform, the Caradigm Open Exchange, and the Caradigm Enterprise Master Patient Index that combine to present a …

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3M offers their 360 Encompass System which provides a wide range of healthcare data features, such as clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and coding workflow improvement combined with advanced healthcare analytics allowing data aggregation from disparate systems and risk stratification.

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Forward Health Group in Madison offers PopulationManager, their flagship population health management platform which provides advanced healthcare data analytics and data visualization, and is optimized for use by an organization providing direct patient care.

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Enli Health Intelligence in Beaverton offers a population health management platform that provides risk stratification and improved care coordination between disparate entities, as well as improved care delivery.

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SCIO Health Analytics in Hartford offers SCIOVantage, a population health management platform that is dedicated to providing simplified care and network optimization, at center pooling data from disparate systems in a comprehensive, and comprehensible data repository so that it can be used to provid…

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Humhealth Chronic Care Management software focuses on providing quality care to chronic medicare patients using a Comprehensive Care management Plan which is also patient centric. The highlights of Humhealth’s software include Self assessment and monitoring of disease condition by patients. Question…

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Medecision in Dallas offers the Aerial Platform, a population health analytics platform, designed to make sense of risk-related health data. Medecision acquired GSI Health and its GSIHealthCoordinator population health management platform. Users of that platform are now supported by the Aerial Plat…

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Conexia offers solutions for the healthcare industry, and promises to: Improve Care QualityAchieve Operational Excellence through automation Improve User ExperienceOptimize Resources

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ZeOmega, headquartered in Plano, offers the Jiva Technology Platform. Jiva is a population health management (PHM) platform supporting data mining and health research, patient consent and referrals, and other related activities. The platform features a health information exchange (HIE), care plan cr…

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Optum presents a population health management and analytics solution via its health data analytics suite powered by OptumIQ. Optum is a brand of UnitedHealth Group.

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Premiere, Inc headquartered in Charlotte offers PremiereConnect, offered as "an ERP for healthcare" and phyisician practice management platform with population health management, workforce management, and other features, available via modules.

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CitiusTech headquartered in Princeton offers SCORE+, a population health management and value-driven care performance data management and analytics platform.