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Abacus Pharmacy Software, CareTend, powered by WellSky, PioneerRX, WinPharm Pharmacy Management Software by Datascan, Backstage, hCue Pharmacy Software, Rx30, WinRx, Biovia and PrimeCare LTC.

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FrameworkLTC is specifically a closed-door specialty pharmacy management software, from SoftWriters headquartered in Pittsburgh.

CareTend, powered by WellSky

CareTend is an integrative healthcare solution that is customized to meet the needs of a dynamic industry. CareTend is used to schedule visits, record patient records, create claims, fill prescriptions, manage inventory, bill, and record.

WinPharm Pharmacy Management Software by Datascan

Since 1981, Datascan has operated in the pharmacy software industry. Their software is designed to streamline pharmacy workflows while building profits, efficiency, and patient adherence. The company boasts a boutique style of service that allows its clients to have a voice and helps…

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Backstage is a pharmacy-focused CRM and marketing platform, from closerlook in Chicago.

GoodRx for Healthcare Professionals

GoodRx is a pharmacy and prescription drug pricing and purchasing application, from the company of the same name in Santa Monica. If a patient's medication isn't covered by insurance and they can't afford the cash price, GoodRx can provide a lower price without any restrictions or…

Inception CRM by D3S
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D3S headquartered in Prague designs and develops technologies for companies that require unique solutions. Inception CRM is a sales and customer management solution for Life Science sales teams, supporting Medical, Pharmacy, and Laboratory sales representives remotely and in the…

Glennis ACCUflo

Glennis ACCUflo is a cloud-based eMAR application for managing resident medical records and medication administration while optimizing and error-proofing the shared process that connects caregivers and pharmacists. From straightforward to complex medication orders, Glennis ACCUflo…

VPL TrajectRx
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VPL TrajectRx gives patient pharmacies a cloud-based shipping, tracking, and compliance solution they can use to build a last-mile operations. The clinically-minded solution gets prescriptions out the door, tracks and traces them to their destinations, communicates shipping updates…

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ParcelShield provides predictive analytics and support services that reduce risk for shippers and improve patient or end user satisfaction. Currently focused in Healthcare, ParcelShield has artificial intelligence and machine learning predictive models that provide real-time, carrier…

Inmar Healthcare Cloud

From a drug’s market introduction to its destruction, Inmar’s Healthcare Cloud delivers solutions that support Rx returns — serving pharma manufacturers, hospitals, long-term care and retailers — Inmar Intelligence collects 30+ million pounds of Rx products annually.

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Healthlink-Solutions LLC introduces the Advanced Rx software for Pharmacies. Advanced Rx serves a wide variety of retail, compounding, and long-term care pharmacies, offering customer support and customization to fit the business's workflow. AdvancedRx is a pharmacy business management…

Veribase Pharma CRM is a global pharma CRM and CLM Software that provide the ability to manage and report all the activities of a field force sales team, from the company of the same name in Istanbul.

Speed Script
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Speed Script is a pharmacy management system from Digital Simplistics (also known as Speed Script, like their flagship software), located in Lenexa, Kansas.

VIP  Pharmacy Systems

VIP Pharmacy Systems, also known as VIP Computer Systems, Inc., was launched in 1985 to provide customers with an all-inclusive and user-friendly pharmacy management system.

Unisolve Software

UNISOLVE is a pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution management system created by Softworld (India) Pvt. Ltd.'s in-house software development team. It is designed to help manage pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution. The management system was created with the needs of the…

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RapidRX-enabled multiscanners are designed to provide accurate serialization, data repository management, leading to quick turn around time in drug supply chain. Augmented Reality-empowered, the RapidRX software enables effective drug traceability. TrackTraceRX is known to deploy…

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PEPID offers software for pharmacies focusing on mobile devices and apps providing fast access to their drug information database.

PRISYM Pharmaceutical

PRISYM Pharmaceutical is label design software for small pharmaceutical manufacturers, from PRISYM ID in the UK.

hCue Pharmacy Software

hCue, an Indian company, offers their SaaS Pharmacy software as a GST ready solution.

GPS Pharmacy Management System

The GPS Pharmacy Management System aims to strategically position a pharmacy for operational success. Pharmacies rely on GPS to gain a competitive advantage by increasing profitability and service levels. The system is presented as ideal for any closed-door or combo pharmacy and…

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RX-1 is a pharmacy management system from Lagniappe Pharmacy Services, which was acquired by Rx30 Pharmacy Management System in summer 2016.

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WinRx is a Windows-based pharmacy management system from Computer-Rx in Oklahoma City.

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GuardianRx is a pharmacy management system for retail, specialty, and delivery pharmacies, from CarePoint.

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MerchantSoft is a point of sale system for pharmacies, from Emporos Systems.

PROscript 2000

PROscript 2000 is a paperless prescription filling and billing system for pharmacies from Prodigy Data Systems in Calgary.

Learn More About Pharmacy Software

What is Pharmacy Software?

Retail and long-term care pharmacies use pharmacy software to streamline operations and repetitive tasks. From inventory management to regulatory compliance, pharmacy software is designed to manage every aspect of the pharmacy business. These solutions include business-critical capabilities, such as advance expiry alerts, automated sales operations, and purchase tracking. They can also help pharmacy owners to plan and monitor employee work hours.

Pharmacies must maintain high-quality, safe, timely, and efficient operations. Pharmacy software solutions can help pharmacists eliminate human errors, verify insurance and medicines, communicate with suppliers and health care providers, and advise patients. These software tools have become indispensable to help pharmacies devote more time to patient care while meeting compliance and business requirements.

Pharmacy tools help pharmacists communicate information about prescription drugs more effectively and provide patients with a more personalized experience. Pharmacy software can be integrated with Medical Office EMR & EHR Software, Assisted Living Software, Home Health Care Software, and Hospital Management Systems to facilitate patient care.

Pharmacy Software Features

  • Automated refills
  • Barcode generation & scanning
  • Billing & accounting
  • Clinical communication
  • Customized workflows
  • Drug database
  • Drug verification
  • EHR integration
  • Electronic signature
  • E-prescribing
  • HIPAA compliant fax service
  • Inventory management
  • Medical document management
  • Notes and charts
  • Patient portal
  • Payment processing
  • Pharmacy software solutions often include the following features:
  • POS
  • Prescription management
  • Prior authorization
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Rx image scanning
  • Streamlined operations
  • Tracking of controlled medications

Pharmacy Software Comparison

Pharmaceutical businesses are highly regulated and must meet high demands to be profitable. There are numerous pharmacy software systems on the market and selecting the best one for your company is essential. When choosing a pharmacy software application, there are a few things to consider

Integration. If your pharmacy software cannot interface with your other systems, it will be ineffective. Electronic medical records, medical billing, invoicing, subscription management, and accounting are just some of the systems that will need seamless integrations. If your pharmacy works with hospitals or long-term care, the solutions you consider should also be able to integrate with management systems that handle patient care.

Type of operation. The type of pharmacy operation you have will also determine many of the features you will need.

Independent, single-store retail pharmacies need features such as:

  • Compliance management
  • Document management
  • Inventory tracking
  • New prescription management
  • POS system
  • Refill management

Long-term care pharmacies, which serve nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospices, will need additional services, such as Medicare and Medicaid billing.

Mail order and retail chain pharmacies need virtual services to verify insurance, prescribers, and patients and provide patient and prescriber portals. They also typically need to manage teams and orders across locations and warehouses.

There are also specialty pharmacy services that handle expensive medications to treat cancer or rare illnesses. These pharmaceuticals usually have special storage requirements, increased regulation, and processing restrictions. The software solutions you consider should include capabilities that can be customized to better support these unique applications, and address inherent safety concerns.

Technical support. The pharmaceutical sector is complex and competitive. Pharmacy software is not only crucial to today's pharmacy operations, but staff members must use it correctly. From installation to operation and troubleshooting, continuous customer support is a necessity. Opt for software supported by a professional customer service team. Also, see if there is any training assistance available.

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Pricing Information

Pricing for pharmacy software ranges widely, depending on the level of services needed--either for retail or long-term care operations. Solutions may be billed monthly, annually, per user, or may have a one-time license fee. A few free options exist for smaller operations. Many solutions can be selected as add-on modules to larger software bundles for little or no additional cost.

Base plans begin around $10/user/month or $100/year. More comprehensive solutions can range from $1000 to $10,000 per month or $7500 to $25,000 for one-time fees. Many vendors do not provide public pricing information but will offer free trials and custom quotes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the industry-specific capabilities of pharmacy software?

These capabilities include insurance verification and providing guidance to pharmacists. Pharmacy software can also integrate with EHR and medical practice management software to manage patient care.

What are the benefits of using pharmacy software?

This software helps pharmacists communicate drug information and improves the customer experience. It can also automate tasks related to pharmacy operations, such as inventory management, refill reminders, e-signature, and point-of-sale capabilities.

How much does pharmacy software cost?

Pharmacy software is modular and so price increases with modules and add-ons desired. Price also increases along with the size of the pharmaceutical organization (multi-site vs. community pharmacy).

What is the best pharmacy software?

FrameworkLTC is a product that supports long-term care pharmacies. GoodRx is another pharmacy software that compares prescription drug prices.