Pharmacy Software

Pharmacy Software Overview

What is Pharmacy Software?

Pharmacy Software makes communicating drug information easier for pharmacists and helps provide a more individualized experience for customers. Also, pharmacy management systems automate tasks related to the business of running a pharmacy. This may include inventory management, customer outreach (e.g. refill reminders), e-signature, point-of-sale, and other retail management type features.

Pharmacy software includes industry-specific capabilities like insurance verification or providing guidance to pharmacists. This may include suggesting replacement medications, dosage guidance, or high-risk patient assessment & care. Pharmacy software can integrate with EHR and medical practice management software to facilitate patient care.

Pharmacy Software Features & Capabilities

To streamline operations pharmacy management systems offer the below capabilities:

  • Inventory controls & management

  • Medication knowledge management

  • Document management

  • Medication adherence monitoring

  • Patient communication & SMS notification

  • Prescription pre-check, medication disbursement workflow

  • Mail order prescription management

  • Barcode, fulfillment, shipping, verification

  • Centralized patient information

  • Patient data synchronization between pharmacy, physician

  • Point-of-sale, billing management

  • Revenue cycle management

  • Claims processing and conciliation

Pricing Information

Pharmacy software is modular and so price increases with modules and add-ons desired. Price also increases along with the size of the pharmaceutical organization (multi-site vs. community pharmacy).

Pharmacy Products

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FrameworkLTC is specifically a closed-door specialty pharmacy management software, from SoftWriters headquartered in Pittsburgh.


GoodRx is a pharmacy and prescription drug pricing and purchasing application.

WellSky CareTend

WellSky offers their specialty pharmacy management platform CareTend, designed to help users save time, fulfill orders quicker, and maximize growth with real-time business intelligence tools. Built to manage compliance and the complex workflows unique to specialty pharmacies, the…


PEPID offers software for pharmacies focusing on mobile devices and apps providing fast access to their drug information database.

PRISYM Pharmaceutical

PRISYM Pharmaceutical is label design software for small pharmaceutical manufacturers, from PRISYM ID in the UK.


WinRx is a Windows-based pharmacy management system from Computer-Rx in Oklahoma City.


RX-1 is a pharmacy management system from Lagniappe Pharmacy Services, which was acquired by Rx30 Pharmacy Management System in summer 2016.

FieldSync Rx

FieldSync in Meridan, Idaho offers FieldSync Rx, a mobile pharmacy solution for the druggist on the go.

Triad Retail Pharmacy System

Mobile Medsoft offers Triad Retail Pharmacy System, touted by the vendor as a flexible, interoperable, and inexpensive pharmacy software.

PROscript 2000

PROscript 2000 is a paperless prescription filling and billing system for pharmacies from Prodigy Data Systems in Calgary.


GuardianRx is a pharmacy management system for retail, specialty, and delivery pharmacies, from CarePoint.

hCue Pharmacy Software

hCue, an Indian company, offers their SaaS Pharmacy software as a GST ready solution.


RxKey is pharmacy management software from KeyCentrix headquartered in Wichita, Kansas.

Yardi eMar

Yardi, the property management software company, now supports long-term care pharmacies with eMar, software acquired when Yardi acquired ALMSA Health, the company that developed eMar, in 2012.


MerchantSoft is a point of sale system for pharmacies, from Emporos Systems.


RxConnect is a pharmacy management system from Netsmart, a company that specializes in medical software.

Compound Assist

RS Software headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma offers Compound Assist, software to support operations in pharmacies.

Electra Hospital Management System

Electra HMS from ACG Infotech in India is a modular hospital management system with many different areas of support, from appointment and queue management, QA, patient referrals, inventory and purchasing, pharmacy, and more.

healthfinch Charlie

healthfinch in Madison, Wisconsin offers Charlie, a practice automation platform that provides operational support to healthcare providers.

PrimeCare LTC

PrimeCare LTC is pharmacy software from QS/1, supporting long term care nursing home pharmacies, or mental health and assisted living institution pharmacies as well.


Rx30 is a suite of pharmacy applications including virtual pharmacist, a Point of Sale, label design, and other additional modules. The suite is supported by Rx30 Pharmacy Management System in Ocoee, Florida.

Rx Processing

Rx Processing is a pharmacy management system for retail pharmacies, from Advanced Rx Pharmacy Software Solutions headquartered in Florida.

Intelligent Medical Software Clinical

Intelligent Medical Software Clinical is an EHR solution from Meditab Software in Sacramento, CA.



Starting Price $12.50

Backstage is a pharmacy-focused CRM and marketing platform, from closerlook in Chicago.


Rcopia is an e-prescribing software from DrFirst, headquartered in Rockville, Maryland.