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56 Ratings
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Likelihood to Recommend

AT Internet

AT Internet is great if you have a wide breadth of users at different skill levels. If people using the tool are only going to be doing very basic analysis or only very detailed analysis, the scope of AT Internet may not be what you need. In our implementation of AT Internet, we have really advanced users as well as very basic users, so all of the applications available get used. AT Internet is also great when you need to perform multi-dimensional reporting. In Google Analytics it's not really possible to create a report in the interface that has more than two dimensions, which is very limiting. AT Internet allows you to add as many dimensions as you want to each analysis, as well as an unlimited number of metrics. Some metrics and dimensions don't play nicely together, however, so you really have to take the time to learn which are crossable, which involves a combination of questioning the support center and trial and error.
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AT Internet

  • Real-time data: only a four minute delay between an action on a website and processed data you can work with.
  • Support: very responsive support center and intelligent, creative consultants. I've never had a problem they couldn't solve.
  • An application for everyone: there are applications for every type of user, from someone who just needs to view PDF dashboards, to basic data manipulation, to advanced analysts. You can get incredibly in depth with the type of data you're looking at or you can stay on the surface to get quick KPIs.
  • API capabilites: ability to run real-time API calls through one of the apps, connect API calls to Excel, and the ability to import data from external APIs to display in dashboards.
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AT Internet

  • Integrations with outside vendors: there are many ways to integrate data from outside vendors, however you can't display this information in every application unless you create a custom field, which can sometimes be limiting.
  • Access rights: there are two places to assign access rights and each place has slightly different functionality. You can get really granular with what each person has access to, but it is easy to miss a check box and have to go back and correct it.
  • Visualizations across applications: there are some really cool visualizations in the oldest application they support that includes predictive traffic estimates, automatic multi-period variations, etc., that aren't available yet in the newer applications.
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Likelihood to Renew

AT Internet

AT Internet 7.6
Based on 9 answers
AT Internet is a new vendor within the mass market industry, they go step by step on their product development and try to be a leader on innovation.
The solution doesn't work yet as a Big Data analytics environment such as Adobe Insight or comScore (Dax) but it is easy to use, powerful and comes with a high quality customer support. The only issue would be on partnership with email marketers, MVT solutions etc... which I assume can be fixed easily.
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AT Internet

AT Internet 8.9
Based on 3 answers
They are very reactive and their solution is powerful.
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Alternatives Considered

AT Internet

AT Internet suited our business needs at the best value. Adobe Analytics wasn't user friendly for non-technical employees, Google Analytics (free and premium) provided significant limitations in reporting and customization, and IBM Digital Analytics had limitations on the amount of API calls and dashboard reports you can create. Webtrends was very interesting, but we felt it was a lot of design without the same amount of value. None of these tools produced real-time data that could be reported on right away, some tools had data that you could view real-time but it wasn't in reports until 30 minutes later, or the closest thing to real-time was a 30-minute delay. AT Internet had a 4-minute delay which was crucial to our business needs. AT Internet also had the best recommendations for support, without a monthly service hour requirement, and with very responsive account managers.
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Return on Investment

AT Internet

  • AT Internet improved our response to marketing and site errors which directly resulted in more efficient marketing spend and more reliable up-time after code pushes.
  • We had a positive ROI uplift when using AT Internet to monitor A/B tests to determine if there was a) any immediate negative effect and b) if the test was profitable.
  • Our ROI improved by using our developer hours more efficiently by looking at site data to priotize tasks, and monitoring changes and new features released to determine whether or not they were worth pushing to a version 2.
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AT Internet


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