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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing Overview


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  • Free/Freemium Version
  • Premium Consulting / Integration Services

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  • No setup fee

Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $44per month

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support Options

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Verified User

Microfost Dynamics 365 is much easier and much less expensive than most of its competitors. It is a very light software and it has a

Related Quote from Kenyata Garner

The layout can be a little better as far as navigation. Pricing

Related Quote from Sara Rogers

Not particularly strong in completeness of vision Higher priced than competition

Related Quote from Verified User

department but it holds a lot of the essential master data for our products and pricing structure. Our product managers and marketing users use the application

Related Quote from Susan Hammiche

forgotten. From the price point, it may be harder from small businesses to use this software as it carries a high monthly or yearly cost.Pricing - small businesses have smaller budgets Learning curve for users not familiar

Related Quote from Robert Ross

could cumbersome to use, but compared to Salesforces it has a great value at a lower costCost, expandability integration with our phone and email systems.

Related Quote from Verified User

extremely complicated The Reporting could use some improvements Wish it was cheaper … and can be overwhelming for smaller business under 100 users and can get expensive fast with consultants and dedicated staff members to just…

Related Quote from Verified User

Licensing can be confusing at times and isn't cheap, but it is cheaper than Salesforce. Plus no additional fees for data calls to better integrate your D365 … overlapping data without additional D365 licenses (or at least get the much more cost-effective Team Member licenses to read data but make only limited edits) … Ultimatel…

Related Quote from Justin Pink

Microsoft Dynamics 365 storage & license cost can prohibit some large deployments or even cost-sensitive small projects from using the platform … realize a positive ROI if implemented correctly with process automation). The cost and licensing document for Dynamics 365 is 61 pages and will take a rocket … understand it. It's better to just hav…

Related Quote from Verified User

features and functionality of both. Consider long-term value, and not just the initial purchase price.

Related Quote from Alexander Cooper

users keep their solution as "out of the box" as possible to save time and cost. The out of the box interface is clunky, and those who do not want to customize … you need integrations with the rest of Microsoft's suite, which incurs more cost and can make it so you're putting all your "eggs in one basket". … downtime and frequent updates to functionality. Tho…

Related Quote from Lukasz Kokot

list of available features, but the Dynamics 365 licensing was noticeably cheap than With having as large a sales force as our business does

Related Quote from Verified User

have nothing but good things to say about Microsoft Dynamics. I know that price point, general ease of use, reputation in the industry, and technical capabilities

Related Quote from Nagish Khan

exact data that we want. It also provides more services at a very reasonable cost which Salesforce doesn't. Integration with Office 360, Sharepoint and Office … Office Online which is the coolest part. The deployment was much easy as the cost of license and deployment was…

Related Quote from Layne Latham

I can only imagine that it is less expensive than Salesforce, or that it's too difficult to transition to another CRM … a new buyer choosing between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, and the pricing was even remotely similar, I'd be buying Salesforce.

Related Quote from Verified User

functionality of other CRM systems and is using non-Microsoft products, another more cost-effective CRM might be a better choice. If you want a large scale, full-fledged

Related Quote from Brenna M. Humann

MS was an affordable system for company use and predated my development work. MS collects lots of data, but is difficult to adapt for development work … MS was an affordable system for company use and predated my development work. MS collects lots

Related Quote from Verified User

CRM for 2 weeks now and their support team doesn't seem to care. This has cost us significant resources and loss of data. … with data deleting itself without our consent or any forewarning. This has cost our company considerable time and money and loss of data. Their support is … your busines…

Related Quote from Verified User

opportunities and weight them for reporting purposes. There was no need for higher priced solutions. Reporting out of the box is limited, but the data is easily … opportunities and weight them for reporting purposes. There was no need for higher priced solutions. Reporting…

Related Quote from Rabie Khabouze MS, ITIL

2014 and 2016 features, I would possibly change my mind, and I believe the price will be the huge factor, as MS Dynamics CRM came up with really solid framework

Related Quote from Verified User

were currently using, namely SharePoint. In regards to SugarCRM, the annual price tag was not in our budget at the time, plus we worried that it would not

Related Quote from Chris Farias

trying to figure out who said what when, and who did what and why. Put a $ value on each hour and it becomes a no-brainer decision. … streamlining operations and supply chain to drive down the unit production cost of the widgets they make. Unfortunately, they have not been able to do the … functionality from smart phones l…

Related Quote from Christina Bayley

suit your needs. Some of these solutions are free and some cost money. Regardless of cost, which is defined by the creator of the solution and not by Microsoft

Related Quote from Verified User

that we currently use. Additionally, as a large global company, there was a cost benefit to use using is as an enterprise application. MS Dynamics CRM is/was … on the heels of and their CRM technology, and at a better price point per seat.

Related Quote from Verified User

in availability or functionality. With the price increase in MS Dynamics CRM, it put it in the same price bracket as Salesforce and made the choice extrememly