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ClickTale was founded in 2006 and is based in Tel Aviv and New York. The software offers click-tracking, mouse-tracking, heatmaps and session replay, among other in-page analytics capabilities. They are currently focused on enterprise-level customers, and price is partly based on number of webpages a customer wants to track. They also offer professional consulting services and account support. The company has raised nearly $18 million in funding since inception.

*In 2013:
**Interview with Yael Tolub, Director of Business Strategy, and Sam Green, Chief Content Editor
Company status Private
2014 revenue estimate N/A
Growth 2013-2014 N/A
Customers 80,000*
Employees >100**
Pricing N/A

Aggregate User Ratings of ClickTale on TrustRadius

Source: (11) User reviews of ClickTale on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute ClickTale # of reviewers contributing to each rating Digital Analytics Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 8 11 8.2
Likelihood to renew 7.5 11 8.3
Product usability 7 1 7.8

Summary of ClickTale Reviews

Source: (11) User reviews of ClickTale on TrustRadius
ClickTale Strengths ClickTale Areas for Improvement
Useful feature set
Users mentioned mouse mapping, scroll mapping, recorded sessions, heatmaps, conversion funnels, form drop-off reports, and page duration vs. cursor engagement duration as helpful features provided by the tool.
Setup and integration
Some users mentioned complications or requiring extra support in implementing the tool and integrating it with other technologies. One user mentioned a steep learning curve.
ClickTale offers appealing visuals and data presentations that provide a high-level view of visitor behavior and website performance.
One user said ClickTale requires a certain investment of time and resources to surface insights, and another said building reports was time-consuming.
User interface
Some users said the tool has an intuitive interface and is easy to learn.

Interview with Sam Green, Chief Content Editor and Yael Tolub, Director of Business Strategy

Photo of Sam Green, Chief Content EditorPositioning
Sam Green, Chief Content Editor, says the company is focused on the digital customer experience. “It's all about how customers experience your website—whether they're getting frustrated, whether they enjoy the experience. It's not just about the initial conversion. It's about how they enjoyed the journey, whether they identified with your brand and whether they become loyal followers and repeat customers that really count,” he says.

Photo of Yael Tolub, Director of Business Strategy“We are part of an ecosystem of technologies that helps optimize the website and improve the online customer experience,” says Yael Tolub, Director of Business Strategy at ClickTale. “We work together with traditional analytics, A/B testing and Voice of Customer tools to help companies understand the real user experience and resolve optimization issues that people don't even know need to be resolved.”

Competitive Differentiation
ClickTale's main competitor is IBM Tealeaf, Tolub says. “Tealeaf is a great tool for IT and error tracking,” she says. “Our sole focus is to dig deeper to truly understand customer experience and thereby make valuable improvements to conversion and online revenue.” ClickTale is also a SaaS solution that's fast and easy to deploy and agnostic in its integrations, she says.

Target Customers
The company recently shifted focus to enterprise-level customers, especially in retail, telecom, insurance, finance and media, Tolub says. Though they still have legacy small and mid-sized customers, they are now only selling to enterprise clients who want to develop their online business, she says. Current clients include Logitech, Walmart, MetLife, and the New York Times, she says.

ClickTale integrates with traditional analytics, A/B testing and Voice of Customer tools, among other technologies, Tolub says. “We're one of the main technology partners of Adobe, for example,” she says. “It's a two-way integration.” Customers can view ClickTale session replays within Adobe Analytics, and can also import custom visitor segments from Adobe into ClickTale.

When integrated with Voice of Customer tools, ClickTale allows customers to see live session replays of website users who submitted support tickets or reported website errors. “Instead of trying to understand what the person means when they fill out feedback, you can click the link to view the user's recording and feel the experience the customer went through,” Tolub says. “It saves hours of time.”

In terms of A/B testing tools, ClickTale can help customers identify the right elements of a webpage to test and optimize, Green says. “Many people start testing from a point of complete uncertainty. With ClickTale, you start by understanding how the user interacts with the page, then move forward to a stronger hypothesis and faster conclusion,” he says.

Response to Feedback from ClickTale Reviews
“In the reviews ClickTale has been acknowledged for our strong feature-set,” Tolub says. “This is something that we pride ourselves on — the ability to provide a qualitative and data-rich view of every page element. This enables our clients to really understand their customers' experience and prioritize their optimization tasks. We're also pleased to hear that customers like the usability and visual aspect of the tool. Unlike other enterprise tools in the market, ClickTale was designed from the ground up as a marketing tool. So the focus is really on ease of use, and the ability to visualize user experience patterns, without the need for heavy data mining.”

“ClickTale is constantly working to make the setup, feature-set and integrations as simple as possible for our users,” she says. “In addition to making product improvements, we have also expanded our professional and consulting services to provide an impressive level of support to enterprise customers.”