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Hotjar Pricing-Related Quotes

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functionality than CrazyEgg. Optimizely is a little more advanced and more expensive than what we needed.

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recordings. It works well as a complement to Google Analytics, and for its price, it's worth it. If your site has plenty of menus, dropdowns, or modals, it

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page jumps help tell a much more complete story that provides context and value. … I simply love this product -- it provides insight and value to me that is actionable and intentional. I d…

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tool, however, this comes at a cost of much-increased price as well as deployment and usage complexity. For a low-cost solution to quickly and easily collect

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Customer insights Easy, fast setup Cost effective … Cost is almost negligent for the insights provided. … Analytics and session reply drill down not as robust, but much less expensive.

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Fullstory is more extensive, but Hotjar is much less expensive

Related Quote from Verified User

Better Pricing Flexibility Under the usual slabs, the recordings stop after say 500 recordings

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Reduced cost by providing valuable user feedback Increased efficiency by not needing to … Hotjar gives us what we need at no cost - great for a small organiza…

Related Quote from Verified User

Hotjar is a cheap but very effective tool that I would recommend for every marketeer to use

Related Quote from Lee Preston

It's really well priced (clients never have an issue with their pricing), easy to set up, easy to get started, and delivers … used Sessioncam which is great but it's more of an enterprise tool (and pricing) and it's a bit more difficult to use

Related Quote from Ramón Carmona Medina

when your site generates more and following plans have a bigger gap between price and sessions. At the beginning it might be a little confusing to implement … Increasing 30% conversion in leads decrease cost an increase revenue Knowing exactly what has to be changed, saves…

Related Quote from Dwight Zähringer

Billing/price Limits on data use Code bloat for install

Related Quote from Zach Ettelman

an even deeper view. Hotjar is primarily used by smaller organizations...pricing can get steep quickly for larger organizations. … Hotjar is a cheaper alternative to FullStory, but not a…

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the website. Generally, it is a cheap and easy way to see how people are interacting with our website. … Incredibly affordable and easy to set up When I've … I've contacted support, they've been helpful Excellent value-for-money Very accessible for people with different…

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The monthly price is very reasonable and without HotJar we would have to get at least three … insights when you combine data from HotJar with Google Analytics. The monthly price for HotJar is very low and Google Analytics is free (for most compan…

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The price is great, and the features are just what we needed. We like Hotjar because

Related Quote from Veronika Baranovska

crucial conversion pages on your website (if you're in SaaS, that's your /pricing or /features page).Create a space where you can record your findings (we

Related Quote from Scot Chandler

bad, it just came in second. Hotjar also delivered more results for the price.

Related Quote from Willy Bilaro

Sometimes problems happen but you have not enabled the recording. Plans and pricing are very flexible. Even the basic plan gives you pretty much all access

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a quicker format than what we currently have. The pricing could be improved to make it more affordable for SMEs Some of the descriptions when using the … being familiar with the site, might miss. This provides an increase in value (and potential sales). The survey feature…

Related Quote from Cory Runk

exactly what the users are doing on the homepage. Price. It's extremely affordable for the power it has. … Hotjar has led to new work that might not have previously come in. For how cheap it is, we've been able to utilize it to enhance all of our website projects

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Hotjar allows us to sell a more in-depth, expensive package to clients.

Related Quote from Sarah O'Donnell

clients using the data from Hotjar. Hotjar is positive as it is a reasonably priced tool.

Related Quote from Andrew Richardson

incredibly affordable. It's insane how cheap it is for what it provides. Recordings and heatmaps alone are worth the price tag. Add on the other feedback gathering … good bargain. It comes at a slight cost at the manual exec…

Related Quote from Sanjit Mandal

Best value, most bells, and whistles for the price point. When you are a startup, SMB, a lead budget is … Value-oriented, great for startups and SMB Heatmaps (click, move, scroll) Feedback