Customer Journey Analytics Software


Customer Journey Analytics Software Overview

What is Customer Journey Analytics Software?

Customer journey analytics software, also known as customer experience analytics software, offers a complete picture of a customer’s online behavior. It tracks a customer’s digital path from their initial engagement, through such actions as subscribing to a newsletter or signing up for a trial to completing a purchase. It captures all customer activity during that journey, across multiple channels, and identifies every customer touchpoint. Customer journey mapping software supplements this knowledge by visualizing all the steps in a customer’s journey.

These tools are used by marketing teams and customer experience professionals to better understand their customer’s interests and needs. The end-to-end data is analyzed, offering insights on how to improve the customer experience, increase engagement, and optimize conversions. It helps companies deliver a personalized experience that increases customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

In addition to providing a complete overview of a customer journey, customer journey analytics software analyzes different experiences within the customer journey.

  • User Experience (UX) – how the customer engages with a website or application.

  • Discovery – tracking the steps the customer goes through as they discover and learn more about your product or service.

  • Purchase Tracking – captures product order and revenue metrics.

  • Delivery and Service – the customer experience with product/service delivery and support.

Customer Journey Analytics Software Features

Most customer journey analytics tools will provide the following features:

  • Session replay

  • Analytics dashboard and reporting

  • Customer journey visualization

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Templates

  • Collaboration tools

  • Integration with CRM, marketing automation, and sales software

  • Cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premises installations

Customer Journey Data

  • Real-time tracking and capture of customer journey touchpoints and their related data across all channels

  • Data integration into a centralized platform

  • Ability to drill down, sort, filter, aggregate, and group customer journey data

Analytics & AI

  • Complete customer journey analysis

  • Customer behavior analytics

  • Dynamic customer segmentation

  • Trends

  • Evaluates the effectiveness of touchpoints or campaigns on conversion rates

  • Retention – identifies which features customers like and what creates ‘stickiness’

  • Predictive analysis

Customer Journey Analytics Software Comparison

When purchasing customer journey analytics software consider the following:

  • Scale: Different solutions are tailored for enterprise, mid-market, and small business users. Make sure to find a product that fits your business size.

  • Features: Several vendor solutions go beyond analytics and include features to visualize future customer journeys, and the testing and optimizing of customer messaging and campaigns. Decide whether you need these more advanced features before purchasing a new customer journey analytics tool

  • Integration: How well will the software integrate into your current tech stack? Your customer journey analytics software should be compatible with the other sales and marketing platforms you use.

Pricing Information

Pricing is usually based upon actions per month. Pricing for entry-level plans begins at $10 per month and ranges to over $5,000 a month for enterprise solutions. Many vendors require obtaining a quote for enterprise products. Free trials are often available.

Customer Journey Analytics Products

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Top Rated

Totango is a customer success platform that is designed to help recurring revenue businesses simplify the complexities of customer success by connecting the dots of customer data, actively monitoring customer health changes, and driving proactive engagements. According to the vendor,…

Key Features

  • Customer profiles (205)
  • Customer health scoring (207)
  • Product usage (199)


Customer Verified

Alteryx aims to be the launchpad for automation breakthroughs. Be it for personal growth, achieving transformative digital outcomes, or rapid innovation, the vendor boasts users will see unparalleled results. Alteryx converges analytics, data science and process automation into one…

Key Features

  • Integration with R or other statistical packages (36)
  • Drill-down analysis (37)
  • Formatting capabilities (41)
NICE Nexidia Analytics

NICE Nexidia Analytics is based on the company's acquisitions of Nexidia and Mattersight.


Woopra provides real-time customer analytics. It begins by tracking users across digital touch points (website, mobile app, help desk, marketing automation, etc.) and building a comprehensive behavioral profile for each user. These Customer Profiles are Woopra's building blocks, which…

Amplitude Analytics

Amplitude Analytics is an analytics platform for mobile and web. It is designed to help organizations segment users and analyze funnels, retention and revenue.

Acoustic Analytics (formerly IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics)

Acoustic Analytics (formerly IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics) is a customer journey analytic technology for recording and analyzing customer interactions on a company's website and any mobile channels. It allows the company to catch any mistakes or glitches in the system…


MoEngage, a small company with offices in San Francisco, Bangalore, and Calcutta, offers a push notification application for web, in-app messaging, and SMS.

Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics

Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics is comprised of advanced machine learning models, natural language processing, intent models and analytics engines embedded in the Verint Cloud Platform. It takes AI from science to impact solutions and infuses it across a broad set of applications…


Splashmetrics aims to bridge the "sales and marketing" divide in the "last mile" of the Buyer Journey. WHAT B2B BUYERS WANT Once engaged, 62% of B2B Buyers expect a seamless, fully-customized content journey of no more than 5 touches from which they will make the decision on whether…


Presented as an alternative to GA 360, PragmaticAD offers analytics, campaign management, data integration, fraud protection, and affiliate management in one platform. The service helps companies to clean, match, and visalize all digital data so that companies of all sizes have access…


Pointillist is a marketing analytics and customer experience management solution that enables users to understand how their marketing campaigns and loyalty programs - across channels and over time - influence customer behavior and key results. It has an intuitive graphical interface…


Glassbox helps organizations make their customer’s digital experience intuitive and safe. The vendor says it does this by capturing 100% of activity on mobile apps and websites and visualizing a holistic journey map. Using embedded AI Glassbox points to where CX is being compromised,…

Salesforce Journey Builder

Journey Builder, from Salesforce, is a tool that helps create seamless customer experiences across every touchpoint including email, mobile, advertising, the web, direct mail, sales, commerce, and service. It is available on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

Adobe's Customer Journey Analytics is a service built on Adobe Experience Platform that lets the user join all data from every channel into a single interface for real-time, omnichannel analysis and visualization, allowing users to make better decisions with a holistic view of the…


Auryc in Los Altos offers their visual intelligence platform to help organizations create exceptional customer journeys and increase revenue.


Insightarc is an automated way to discover and learn the real customer journey and points where customers experience the issues and leave the service. Works for ecommerce and SaaS services as well as for online-to-offline journeys. Every marketer and product manager struggle with…

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a customer journey analytics tool, providing audience insights to unify customer data to generate AI-powered insights in real time, and understand customer behavior using digital and cross-channel analytics.


Factors.AI helps B2B SaaS marketers amplify marketing ROI, save time and effort on routine analysis, and give critical insights into marketing activities impacting pipeline/revenue. Firstly, Factors brings together all data silos- website visitor data, CRM, Ads platform, Clearbit,…

Thunderhead ONE Engagement Hub

The Thunderhead ONE Engagement Hub is a unifying tech layer that learns, understands and orchestrates customer journeys and conversations. ThunderheadONE helps users understand each customer’s true intent, across journeys, touchpoints and time to help users to meet individual needs…

Algonomy Customer Analytics

Algonomy offers Customer Analytics, a solution to boost real-time customer intelligence and advanced analytics that drive greater engagement and growth.


Optimove is a retention automation platform designed to help marketers analyze and optimize campaigns with the goal of reducing churn.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Customer Journey Analytics Software do?

Customer journey analytics software follows a customer’s end-to-end buying journey. It provides a complete picture of a customer’s behavior, identifying every digital touchpoint. This information is then analyzed, providing insights that improve the customer experience, increase conversion rates, and improve customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of using Customer Journey Analytics Software?

Customer journey analytics software provides valuable insights that help businesses achieve the following benefits:

  • Provides a unified view of the customer experience
  • Enhances personalization and targeting efforts
  • Increases customer engagement
  • Improves customer experience
  • Reduces customer churn
  • Raises customer satisfaction
  • Increases brand loyalty
  • Shortens the buying cycle
  • Identifies cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Contributes to higher conversion rates
  • Increases revenue
  • Maximizes customer lifetime value (clv)
  • Improves decision making

How much does Customer Journey Analytics Software cost?

Entry-level pricing begins at $10 per month and ranges to over $5,000 a month for enterprise solutions. Many vendors require obtaining a quote for enterprise-scale products.