License Management Software

Best License Management Software include:

OpenLM for Engineering Licensing.

License Management Software Overview

What is License Management Software?

License Management Software tracks software installed throughout the enterprise and ensures legal licensure for its usage. The software may automate scanning, alerting, the procurement of new licenses. It may also uninstall or block the use of unlicensed software. This reduces the risk of fees for illegal use.

Additionally, the software may perform license optimization. This is a cost-saving process where software usage is tracked and aligned with the proper licensure spend. Ensuring the company doesn’t buy too many seats leads to savings, and is touted by vendors as the largest potential benefit of license management. The process is alternately referred to as ELP (for “effective license position”). License management and optimization is an essential element of SAM (software asset management).

License Management Software Features & Capabilities

To achieve licensure optimization, license management software offer the following:

  • Automated commercial software recognition

  • License expiry tracking and alerting

  • License compliance gap alerting

  • License reconciliation (reallocation of licenses, acquisition)

  • Unauthorized software alert

  • Bulk notification of unauthorized software, license change

  • Stakeholder notification of pending renewal

  • Identification of license types (e.g. trial, OEM, named user, etc.)

  • Tracking licenses installed

  • Tracking licensure entitlements

  • Comparing installations to entitlements for ELP

Pricing Information

License management software is most often offered as part of a suite. It may be acquired in a software asset management (SAM) suite, an ITSM suite, or an ITAM suite. SAM or ITAM suites tend to carry a higher price tag as they may be oriented to the needs of large enterprises. Pricing varies directly with the number of employees and the complexity of IT infrastructure.

License Management Products

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KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA)
10 ratings
10 reviews
Quest now offers the KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA) as an IT Asset tracking and management appliance (also available as a virtual deployment if hardware requirements are met). Beyond discovery, inventory tracking and license management, KACE emphasizes automating software upgrade distributi…
Micro Focus Asset Manager (formerly HP Asset Manager)
4 ratings
3 reviews
Asset Manager (formerly HP Asset Manager) is enterprise-class IT asset management (ITAM) solution acquired by Micro Focus from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, supporting change and configuration management and license management.
Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite
17 ratings
2 reviews
Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite (based on the former LANDesk IT Asset Management Suite) features the IT Asset offering Ivanti Asset Manager, and the Ivanti License Optimizer and Optimizer for SAP applications, which extend the Ivanti ITAM suite to provide software asset management (SAM).
KACE Asset Management Appliance
10 ratings
2 reviews
KACE Asset Management Appliance (formerly Dell's Asset Manager) from Quest Software is an IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM) solution.
Axios Assyst
4 ratings
2 reviews
Axios is a UK-based vendor and offers the assyst ITSM product in both SaaS and on-premise configurations - the SaaS version is called assystSaaS. This product competes with BMC Remedy, IBM SmartCloud, Cherwell Service Management, and FrontRange ITSM (now Heat Service Management).
InvGate Assets
0 ratings
1 review
InvGate Assets is the IT asset management platform from Argentinian company InvGate.
OpenLM for Engineering Licensing
0 ratings
1 review
OpenLM for Engineering Licensing provides essential engineering software license tracking capabilities and reports. Users can optimize software inventory, helping to stretch expensive software licenses to their limit. Works with a wide range of license managers including Flexera, DSLS, Reprise and …
CA Asset Portfolio Management
3 ratings
1 review
CA Asset Portfolio Management, now from Broadcom, aims to help users get more from IT asset investments.
Cherwell Asset Management
1 rating
1 review
Cherwell Asset Management is a software asset management offering from Cherwell Software in Colorado Springs, based on technology acquired with the company Express Metrix in August, 2014.
Snow License Manager
5 ratings
1 review
Snow License Manager is a software asset management solution, with options for cloud or on-premise delivery. Snow License Manager is designed to reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with software assets and licensing. It provides a consolidated view on all assets across the network, enabl…
Micro Focus ZENworks Asset Management
Micro Focus ZENworks Asset Management from Micro Focus is an IT asset management and license management option.
Eracent IT Management Center (ITMC)
Eracent in Ottsville, Pennsylvania offers their IT Management Center (ITMC) suite to provide both ITAM and SAM with license optimization capabilities.
Provance IT Asset Management
Provance IT Asset Management is the flagship ITAM solution from Canadian software company Provance, for deployment within Microsoft System Center to improve that program's ITAM and software asset management (SAM) capabilities.
Asset Vision
Asset Vision from Scalable Software is an IT asset management offering.
License4J License Manager
License4J License Manager supports the generation of license text, license key, and floating license text. This solution stores all products, templates, licenses, and settings in a database. The database can be on a local embedded Derby database or on database servers such as: MySQL, PostgreSQL, and…
License4J Auto License Generation and Activation Server
License4J Auto License Generation and Activation Server is a web application to handle license generation, auto activation/deactivation, online key validation and blacklist check requests.It is a simple web application which includes all licensing jobs starting from license genera…
SoftwareKey Licensing System
SoftwareKey Licensing System is a copy protection, license management, and online sales automation platform.
Revenera Compliance Intelligence
Compliance Intelligence detects, identifies, and reports on organizations using software without paying for it. Infringements are transformed into actionable leads for these software providers' sales and compliance team through its proprietary federated database system. Leads are delivered to an exi…
SoftwareONE SAMSimple
SoftwareONE headquartered in Switzerland offers SAMSimple, the company's software asset management service, for managing a suite of applications, across a wide variety of industries, combining expertise and technology to optimize licensing spend.
Matrix42 Software Asset Management
Matrix42 Software Asset Management provides total license, and contract management for software assets and vendors.
Zylo headquartered in Indianapolis provides a SaaS vendor management and software utilization solution.
Certero for Enterprise SAM
Certero for Enterprise SAM is a software asset management and license optimization solution.
DeskCenter Management Suite
DeskCenter Solutions, a German company, offers the DeskCenter Management Suite, a combined ITAM / SAM solution which also provides software patching, and mobile device management (MDM) as well.
License Dashboard License Manager
License Dashboard headquartered in York offers License Manager, a license management solution.
Intello aims to offer complete management of your SaaS usage, compliance and spend. Freemium subscriptions and rogue authorizations are increasing every day. Intello promises to help IT managers get ahead of the curve and better support their teams with a central platform that finds and manages the …