IT Operations Analytics Software

IT Operations Analytics Software Overview

What is IT Operations Analytics Software?

IT operations analytics software analyzes large volumes of data produced by performance monitoring tools used to monitor the health of IT systems. IT operations analytics software uses complex algorithms to extract useful information from this data. IT operations analytics is an application of “big data” to the IT realm.

IT Operations Analytics Features & Capabilities

  • Minimizing outages

  • Root cause analysis

  • Service prioritization

  • Predictive capacity management

Modern IT infrastructures are typically very complex with combined physical, virtual and cloud components. On top of that, most modern IT organizations are using DevOps or Agile approaches to enable continuous development which adds another layer of complexity.

The mass of data that management and monitoring tools produce can be very difficult to stay on top of and understand. Sophisticated analysis of these massive quantities of IT operational data allows the IT organization to become much more proactive. IT Operations Analytics has evolved from uncovering issues an hour or two before they affect operations, to providing predictive capabilities well into the future.

These tools operate in two key areas: Performance analytics, and capacity management. Performance analytics is concerned with things like understanding how service levels impact users, prioritizing services by business value, service impact analysis and root cause analysis. Capacity management is about anticipating future needs for servers, storage pools etc. in the future.

Pricing Information

Many of these products offer a free trial, and some have a free version. Pricing structures differ from product to products, however, enterprise-level products typically start at $250 / month.

IT Operations Analytics Products

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Splunk Enterprise
238 ratings
60 reviews
Top Rated
Splunk is software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data, via a web-style interface. It captures, indexes and correlates real-time data in a searchable repository from which it can generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards and visualizations.
90 ratings
27 reviews
Pentaho is a suite of open source business intelligence and analytics products, now offered and supported by Hitachi Data Systems since the June 2015 acquisition.
ExtraHop Performance Platform
18 ratings
5 reviews
ExtraHop in Seattle, Washington offers an IT operations analytics platform via the ExtraHop Performance Platform, providing a dynamic, real-time view of all transactions in the IT environment, every team from NetOps to SecOps can spot and solve problems fast.
TrueSight Capacity Optimization
0 ratings
2 reviews
BMC's TrueSight Capacity Optimization is an infrastructure capacity planning option.
Oracle Management Cloud
1 rating
2 reviews
The Oracle Management Cloud is a PaaS combining a suite of IT infrastructure and application performance monitoring solutions. On the standard edition the Oracle Management Cloud includes Oracle Application Performance Monitoring and Infrastructure Monitoring. On the Enterprise Edition the Manageme…
TrueSight Operations Management
4 ratings
2 reviews
TrueSight Operations Management is an IT infrastructure monitoring and management application, supporting application performance management and event monitoring offering. It offers end-to-end application topology and management.
Barracuda ECHOplatform for MSPs
0 ratings
1 review
The Barracuda ECHOplatform (formerly from Intronis) is an interface designed to simplify a data protection strategy by putting everything MSPs need to protect their SMBs in one place, and offering it all for a flat fixed rate. Barracuda acquired Intronis in 2015.
Evolven Software in New Jersey offers an operations analytics platform.
Glassbeam in Santa Clara, California offers an operations analytics platform.
GroundWork, from the San Francisco based company of the same name, is network performance monitoring and operations analytics technology.
TrueSight AppVisibility
For IT operations and application support teams, TrueSight App Visibility is an application performance monitoring solution that monitors and manages the health and performance of diverse application architectures in support of the digital business. This solution features application-centric infrast…
iCAN from Belgian company ISC (International Software Company) provides digestible insights and intellingence into IT operational analytics.
IBM Operations Analytics
IBM Operations Analytics (formerly SmartCloud Analytics) is, as the name would suggest, an IT operational analytics platform.
Micro Focus Operations Analytics (formerly HP Operations Analytics)
Micro Focus Operations Analytics (formerly HP Operations Analytics) is as the name would suggest an IT operational analytics platform.
CSS Corp in Milpitas, California offers Contelli, a platform for analyzing and automation IT processes providing real-time analytics and boasting algorithmic operations and "predictive resolutions" arising therefrom.
Evanios provides end-to-end visibility and actionable intelligence for dynamic IT environments. Utilizing preconfigured logic, machine learning algorithms, and ITSM contextual data, it aims to reduce alert noise, prioritize events, identify root cause and predict outages before they occur.
Oracle Log Analytics
The Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service is a software-as-a-service solution that monitors, aggregates, indexes, and analyzes all log data from applications and infrastructure (running on-premises or in the cloud).
IntelliMagic Vision for SAN
IntelliMagic Vision's AI-driven analytics platform analyzes the performance health of all your multi-vendor SAN components on a daily basis and translates the outcome into intuitive dashboards and rated charts. The vendor promises it automatically identifies issues in the making before they can i…
Marlabs OneConsole
Marlabs headquartered in New Jersey offers OneConsole, a comprehensive IT operations analytics platform providing insight into IT asset usage and provisioning, features of network security, and help desk analytics.
iOPEX technologies headquartered in San Jose offers Opmon, an IT operational analytics for monitoring and managing IT in real-time, understanding the availability and usage patterns of IT resources, and profitability.
NetApp Active IQ
NetApp's Active IQ uses AIOps to automate the proactive care and optimization of NetApp environments. Active IQ works in the background to uncover opportunities to protect and support the storage environment, providing analytics-based insights, prescriptive guidance, and automated action to improve …
Numerify, from since the June 2020 acquisition, is an AIOps solution designed to help users predict and mitigate risk of change failure, accelerate service delivery, and prevent service disruptions using AIOps techniques like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
Interlink Software - AIOps Platform
Who Uses Interlink Software?Large digital, hybrid cloud enterprises, across markets including: utilities, banking, insurance, Fintech, online retail, healthcare, managed service providers, government.What Is Interlink Software?A single AIOps platform to transform IT operations.Deliver unified monito…
Loom Systems
Loom Systems is a patent-pending AIOps solution that is designed to predict and solve IT incidents in enterprises undergoing a digital transformation or cloud migration. The vendor says Loom Systems is the only AIOps solution to predict IT issues before they impact customers, and enrich alerts with …