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What is Metadata Management Software?

Metadata management software provides context and information for data assets stored across the enterprise. An effective metadata strategy should make data easily searchable and locatable, supporting both governance and analytics. Metadata management tools include data catalogs, or assemblages of data organized into datasets (e.g. searchable tables or other arrangements, facilitating exploration). Various kinds of metadata include titles, tags, date of creation (or last change), and source information (i.e. the application or data source from which a particular piece of data was derived). Metadata management software helps ensure that data is described consistently across departments or business units, providing a common language and taxonomy for enterprise data.

Metadata Management Products

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Adaptive Metadata Manager

The Adaptive Metadata Manager product, from Adaptive in Aliso Viejo, comprises a number of configurable software components that provide an organization with eight core capabilities required to govern and improve data-driven business capability. These capabilities are: Data Lineage,… in Austin offers their metadata management solution, an enterprise data catalog, allowing users to create reusable, extensible data and analysis. Capture context and knowledge as teams work, so it’s easy to understand, check, and build on what they produce.

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

The Collibra Platform is a cloud-based data governance platform from the company of the same name in Brussels, enabling users to gain visibility into their data, collaborate intelligently and enable users to easily access trustworthy data, automate processes, manage compliance and,…

SAP Information Steward

Monitor, analyze, and improve data integrity with SAP Information Steward software. Combine data profiling and metadata management tools for continuous insight into the quality of enterprise information to optimize processes, and enhance operational, analytical, and data governance…

Ataccama ONE

Ataccama is a data quality platform handling data parsing, standardization, cleansing and matching, and data profiling.

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog is a cloud-based enterprise metadata repository allowing users to catalog knowledge and analytics assets, including machine learning models and structured and unstructured data wherever they reside, so that they can be easily accessed and used to fuel…

Alation Data Catalog

Alation in Redwood City offers their collaborative Alation Data Catalog for the enterprise, a solution designed to improve analytic productivity and drive better business decisions. Alation automatically indexes data by source, and automatically gathers knowledge about data, while…

Unifi Data Catalog

Unifi Software in San Mateo offers the Unifi Data Catalog, a data catalog that provides users with a simple, searchable and unified resource that enables data discovery, no matter the sources’ original location.

Infogix Data3Sixty Govern

Infogix in Naperville offers Data3Sixty Govern, an enterprise data governance, catalog and metadata management solution. Data3Sixty Govern translates highly technical metadata into meaningful business information that can benefit everyone and be utilized by anyone in the enterprise.…

Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management (OEMM)

Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management (OEMM) is a comprehensive metadata management platform. OEMM can harvest and catalog metadata from virtually any metadata provider, including relational, Hadoop, ETL, BI, data modeling, and many more. OEMM also allows for interactive searching…

Smartlogic Semaphore

Smartlogic's semantic AI platform Semaphore provides the semantic layer in a digital ecosystem so the user can manage knowledge models, automatically extract and classify the context and meaning from structured and unstructured information, and generate rich semantic metadata.

Accurity Software

Accurity Software is a data governance suite from Simplity in the Czech Republic consisting of 5 modules for building a common data language, monitor data quality and correct data, explore data, and maintain reference data.

Data Advantage Group MetaCenter

Data Advantage Group (DAG) in San Francisco offers their metadata management technology MetaCenter, including the MetaCenter Metadata Repository, the ActiveLinx Adaptors for building connections to a host of different information assets so data owners and stewards can establish business…

IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog

IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog (IGC) is a web-based tool that allows users to explore, understand and analyze information. It provides a common business language and vocabulary to enable a deeper understanding of data assets - structured, semi-structured and unstructured.…

Cambridge Semantics Anzo

Cambridge Semantics in Boston offers Anzo, a data catalog that lets anyone find, connect and blend any enterprise data into analytics-ready datasets. Anzo’s graph data models provide business users with a visual map of enterprise data that is presented by the vendor as easy to understand…

ASG Data Intelligence

ASG Data Intelligence helps enterprise organizations successfully fulfill defensive and offensive data strategies by capturing and governing information supply chains that empower stakeholders to find, understand, share and analyze trusted data. ASG capabilities for ingesting and…

Alex Solutions

Alex Solutions headquartered in Melbourne offers their enterprise data catalog, a marketplace for enterprise data that enables data-centric business outcomes.

PoolParty Semantic Suite

PoolParty Semantic Suite from Semantic Web Company in Vienna provides solutions to knowledge organization and content business. PoolParty supports enterprises in information and metadata management, data analytics and content discovery.

erwin Data Intelligence

erwin Data Intelligence (erwin DI) combines data catalog and data literacy capabilities for greater awareness of and access to available data assets, guidance on their use, and guardrails to ensure data policies and best practices are followed. Automatically harvest, transform and…


Octopai is an automated, centralized, cross-platform metadata search engine that enables BI groups to quickly and precisely discover and govern shared metadata, from the company of the same name in Rosh Haayin.

Waterline Data

Waterline Data in Mountain View specializes in metadata management, and their software solutions automatically discover, organize, catalog and raise trusted data above the waterline.

Global IDs Data Ecosystem Suite

Global IDs in Princeton provides software for enterprise information management (EIM). Their flagship product, the Global IDs Data Ecosystem Management Suite addresses the problem of managing complex data, focusing on data ecosystem problems that rely on a holistic understanding…

Zaloni Arena

Zaloni's end-to-end DataOps software, Arena, provides a collaborative metadata catalog that connects multi-cloud and on-premises data silos, highly-controlled data quality, tokenization and governance tools, and extensible, self-service data enrichment and consumption. Zaloni works…

Radiance Visual  Analytics

Radiance Visual Analytics, from Washington, D.C. based FTI Consulting's technology arm FTI Technology, provides metadata classification and search for disparate and legacy data sources and unstructured data.

Enterprise Meta>Environment (EME)

the Ab Initio Enterprise Meta>Environment, or EME, ties operational metadata together with business metadata – business definitions, created by business people, of the various pieces of information throughout the enterprise. The result is an enterprise metadata management system.…