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Cookiebot by Usercentrics, TrustArc, DataGrail, Osano, Informatica Data Privacy, IBM InfoSphere Optim, WireWheel, VGS platform, Secure Privacy and Amazon Macie.

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Archer Integrated Risk Management Platform

RSA Archer, from the security, governance, and risk division of RSA Security is an integrated risk management / GRC platform.

Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO is a privacy-oriented alternative to Google Analytics. Created in 2013, Piwik PRO Analytics Suite allows for tracking web, app, product and intranet behavior of users. The vendor states their platform ensures compliance with strict EU, US, Chinese and Russian data protection…

OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud

The OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud provides privacy and data governance automation to help organizations better understand their data across the business, meet regulatory requirements, and operationalize risk mitigation to provide transparency and choice to individuals.…

Cookiebot by Usercentrics

Cybot, headquartered in Denmark, offers Cookiebot, a data privacy management supporting GDPR compliance for websites, free for a single domain and available on a paid plan for more complex websites or multiple domains.


SAI360 merges GRC software and Ethics & Compliance Learning to enhance risk management. Its scalable solutions have supported global organizations for 25+ years.


LiveRamp, from the company of the same name in San Francisco, is a data connectivity platform supporting the safe and effective use of data. Powered by core identity resolution capabilities and network, LiveRamp enables companies and their partners to connect, control, and activate…


BWise is an Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) platform formerly owned and supported by Nasdaq, acquired by SAI Global in April 2019.

Informatica Data Privacy

The Informatica Data Privacy portfolio including Secure@Source helps organizations protect their data in a constantly changing environment. The data privacy solutions are designed to help discover personal and sensitive data, understand data movement, link identities, analyze risk,…


OvalEdge is a data catalog and data governance tool that virtually centralizes all of a company's data into a single repository or catalog. OvalEdge provides a progressive approach to data governance, helping companies to:Catalog: Make data asset discovery easy by automatically cataloging…

Secuvy AI

Secuvy is a platform to fulfill privacy compliance requirements via AI-Driven workflows. The Comprehensive Privacy as a Service Platform Offers Autonomous User Correlations, Customizable Subject Access Requests, User Validations, Automated Data Maps & Workflows for Compliance…


BigID in New York offers a data intelligence platform that helps organizations proactively discover, manage, protect, and get more value from their regulated, sensitive, personal, and critical data across their data landscape. BigID Helps Organizations Find, Inventory, Map and Correlate…

MetricStream Platform

The MetricStream Platform, from MetricStream in Palo Alto, California is a Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) platform supplying a technology infrastructure for deploying GRC apps configurable to meet the needs of the enterprise.

Secure Privacy

Secure Privacy, a data privacy software solution from the company of the same name in Copenhagen, helps businesses and websites comply with GDPR (Europe), CCPA (California) and LGPD (Brazil) with a cookie consent management solution.

VGS platform

Very Good Security (VGS) lets companies use and exchange any kind of sensitive data without ever needing to see or hold the data itself. Built on the premise that “you can’t hack what isn’t there”, VGS is on a mission to protect the world’s information by transforming security and…


TrustArc headquartered in San Francisco offers their eponymous data privacy management platform, providing risk assessments, breach management, compliance reporting, among other features.


Osano is a data privacy platform that helps organizations build, manage, and scale their privacy programs. The platform provides a solution for consent, data subject rights, assessments, and vendor risk management, helping organizations stay compliant and increase trust with their…


MetaCompliance, headquartered in London, is a cyber security and compliance organisation that helps transform company culture and safeguard data and values. They offer eLearning, GDPR, policy management, incident management and phishing solutions that help clients create better…

IBM InfoSphere Optim

IBM InfoSphere® Optim™ solutions manage data from requirements to retirement, to improve governance across applications, databases and platforms by managing data properly, enabling organizations to support business goals with less risk.

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

The Collibra Platform is a cloud-based data governance platform from the company of the same name in Brussels, enabling users to gain visibility into their data, collaborate intelligently and enable users to easily access trustworthy data, automate processes, manage compliance and,…

Mono Cookie Consent

Mono Cookie Consent enables automated and future-proof GDPR and CCPA cookie compliance for small businesses, offering automated cookie compliance that stays up-to-date with changing legislation. Mono Cookie Consent automatically blocks website cookies, categorizes them, and allows…

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Syntheticus® offers technologies and privacy-preserving solutions to empower responsible business growth. Founded in 2021 and based in Zürich, Switzerland, they offer innovation and research in Privacy-Enhancing Technologies, collaborating with Swiss academic institutions and backed…

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Eckoh provides customer engagement, contact centre and secure payment solutions for organisations across all sectors to support their customer experience goals through self-service and voice channel technologies.

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Bitfount is a distributed data science platform enabling data custodians and data scientists to collaborate on federated, privacy-preserving data analysis and AI/ML such that the world's intractable data can become safely interactable. Bitfount leverages a zero-trust messaging…

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Kojensi is a secure, multi-level security platform for the secure sharing and collaboration of sensitive and classified files. It is designed for Defence, Intelligence, Government and Defence Industry Suppliers who need the ability to share sensitive and classified information internally,…

Myriad Technologies Secure Search and Information Exchange (S2IX)
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Myriad Technologies is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner based in Brisbane. They offer, S2IX, a technology platform providing an information flow of behavioural investigations into patterns and processes repeated by staff, whether at their desk or in the field. These insights provide…

Learn More About Data Privacy Management Software

What is Data Privacy Management Software?

Data privacy management software is a class of software that enables enterprises to store sensitive data in compliance with law (e.g. HIPAA, GDPR, etc.). This software ensures that website visitors, application users, and other users’ data is kept private.

The primary focus of data privacy management software is to help organizations ensure regulatory and legal compliance. This has become a larger burden in the digital-first world, and with growing regulations like GDPR that require consistent compliance. These products also help organizations store visitors’ and users’ data ethically in order to maintain trust between the business and end-users. Data privacy management systems also help organizations transition from manual privacy management processes to more automated processes, saving time for IT administrators and privacy stakeholders.

There is some overlap between data privacy management and governance, risk, and compliance software. However, data privacy management software is distinct in its focus on data privacy systems specifically, while GRC systems are less specialized.

Data privacy management software also automates and streamlines specific data privacy processes, such as fulfilling data subject access requests (DSAR). They also frequently have data discovery and management tools to help organizations at every stage of data privacy complexity. Most leading providers will also support automatic updates to reflect new and evolving regulatory requirements.

Features of Data Privacy Management Software

Data privacy management software provide the following features:

  • Data ingestion and discovery

  • Risk assessment framework

  • Customer consent management, data retention consent proof

  • Compliance modules for specific governance policies (e.g. GDPR)

  • Management of compliance across geographies

Data Privacy Management Software Comparison

When comparing different data privacy management software, consider these factors:

  1. In-House Regulatory Researchers: Is the software supported by automatic updates from in-house regulatory researchers? Having a manual team allows some vendors to more rapidly and effectively update workflows, criteria, and notifications within data privacy management systems. This is particularly relevant for organizations that must comply with multiple regulatory systems at once.

  2. Internal Data Management vs. User Consent Management: Is each product more focused on managing private data itself or the user consent data? The latter is particularly important for online businesses that must be very proactive in collecting and tracking user consent for data collection and storage. Some more traditional organizations may place greater emphasis on software that efficiently tracks and reports on types of private data itself.

  3. Jurisdictional Support: All data privacy management vendors should robustly support GDPR compliance, but support for other regulatory jurisdictions may vary. Buyers should consider what jurisdictions their business falls under, and verify with potential products that their specific use case is well supported and updated.

Pricing Information

Most leading vendors offer specific data privacy packages tailored to specific use cases, such as risk management or user consent management. These components range from $100-300/year apiece. Some data privacy management products offer free base plans and trials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses data privacy management software?

Data privacy management software is used by organizations who must keep data private in accordance with ethical and legal standards, or who must manage consent credentials for online data collection.

What are the benefits of data privacy management software?

Data privacy management software saves companies precious IT time and resources by automating policies and processes, and reduces costly human error when ensuring regulatory compliance.

What’s the difference between data privacy management and governance, risk, & compliance software?

Data privacy management focuses more on managing online consent credentials for collecting and storing private data, while GRC software is more broadly focused on helping enterprises maintain legal compliance and quality data governance across the organization.

How much do data privacy management products cost?

Data privacy management pricing can range from free to several hundred dollars a year, depending on the a la carte package that is being purchased.