Deltek Costpoint Pricing Overview


What is Deltek Costpoint?

Deltek Costpoint is an ERP soluftion designed for government contractors built around project management and accounting capabilities.


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Deltek Costpoint Alternatives Pricing

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Deltek Costpoint Pricing 2022

Project management might be the one true necessity for most organizations, but the more complex the project the more complex the solution you need. That’s where ERP software comes in handy, and one great option is Deltek Costpoint. They can help with accounting, talent management, and construction resource management. You can use them as a multifaceted solution for your team.

What is Costpoint?

Costpoint is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution developed by Deltek, inc,. Deltek Costpoint is a business software solution predominantly used by small businesses. Medium and large companies do use them, including the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

Industries that use the software tend to be in construction, manufacturing, or specifically government contractors, which is Cospoint’s main advertised use case. Their most frequent buyers are in information technology (IT) services and Defense & Space sectors. Government contracting and similar professional services are definitely their area of expertise.

Similar to a customer relationship management (CRM) software, the goal of an ERP system is to help with organization, planning, and collaboration. The difference is CRM software will focus more on sales, marketing, and customer service rather than resource management.

Sometimes an ERP solution will even offer the functionality of a CRM. In general you will mostly find ERPs are best suited for project-based businesses like construction and manufacturing, but that doesn’t mean an advertisement company can’t benefit from an ERP just the same.

Deltek Costpoint most significant features are designed to ensure workflow isn’t broken by threats to your data or poor budgeting. Some of their best capabilities are listed below.

  • Security

  • Compliance

  • Time tracking and timesheets

  • Automation

  • Real-time forecasting for project lifecycle

  • Financial management

Security and data compliance are major necessities for Costpoint’s end-user, especially offering DCAA compliance for government contracting organizations.Time management of projects and tracking timesheets and expense reports is also essential for maintaining DCAA compliance. You can learn more about DCAA compliance on Deltek Costpoint here.

Automation is used for both boosting productivity and avoiding potentially monumental mistakes in data entry. You will certainly want as much accuracy as possible for the best records. The software has built-in forecasting and insights into project finances using real-time dashboards. This way you can stay on top of spending as well as predict future costs.

Modules offered in Costpoint are listed in the table below. They are tools within the software that allow you to perform a variety of resource management functions. From improving daily workflow to insights into project profitability, it's a fully stack selection for your team. You can learn more about each module by clicking on the links to the feature pages below.

Other ERP and professional services by Deltek, Inc., include Deltek Vantagepoint, Deltek Ajera, and Deltek Workbook. You can find more of their products and services here or check out their TR vendor page here. If you’re interested in this enterprise management solution then you can request a quote using the form at the bottom of the main page for Cospoint here.

To learn more about Deltek Costpoint you can watch the video below.

Deltek Costpoint for Small & Midsize Businesses

How Much Does Costpoint Cost?

When it comes to this ERP software, and most ERPs in general, there is no upfront pricing. You can find the main page for Costpoint here and the main page of other ERP products here. In terms of extra support, you can find more support options here.

Since we’ve looked at what Deltek Costpoint offers and cannot see any pricing, next up is end-user satisfaction. Are they worth your time if they don’t even have transparent pricing? Let’s dive into Costpoint reviews.

Deltek Costpoint Reviews

Costpoint user reviews tell a mixed story. Reviewer sentiment is positive overall, but there is some valuable constructive criticism from less satisfied users.

You can read through reviews for Deltek Costpoint yourself right here. Between the high and low rated reviews you will find some areas mentioned are a double-edged sword. Something that worked well for one team, absolutely did not work for another.

Positive Feedback

A reviewer that gave Deltek Costpoint a trScore of 9/10 was very pleased with their main features, like expense reporting and materials management. The user felt “Costpoint works across all industries and is seamless,” and went on to recommend it universally based on the different functions they offer like payroll project management and human resources.

Another end-user from an Aviation & Aerospace organization wrote, “I rely heavily on Costpoint every day for my accounting needs. The only issues I tend to have with using Costpoint are some of the reporting functions and converting reports to other programs such as [Microsoft] Excel.” They cited ease of use and customer service as some of their highlights.

Similar in use case, an IT director also relies on Costpoint accounting features and said, “It has easy workflow, general ledger, and configurable accounting as well as sub-ledger and financial process functionality.” They gave Deltek Costpoint a 7/10 because even though they found the software super helpful they still feel analytics and customer support response time can be better.

One particularly interesting review expressed “What I dislike is closely related to what I like about Costpoint. You can easily get lost in the multitude of menus. Although that is being constantly looked at and worked on.” They actually gave Costpoint a 9/10 and enjoyed the diverse capabilities but found certain processes to be frustratingly complex.

Negative Feedback

The less satisfied reviews for Costpoint express quite a few complaints on functionality. One user found their entire experience with Costpoint to be a complete bust, and another user wrote “It was a real high cost for a basic system. We felt like we were suckered into buying a larger package with features we did not need or use.”

You may not have the same bad experience, but if you do ask for a quote always remember to stay on your toes and never go too far out of budget. Even if you enjoyed the software, an extremely expensive purchase can still cause resentment down the road.

A computer software company found Costpoint so hard to use it put an extra burden on their employees. The reviewer is a Team Lead and found their coworkers did enjoy it and cited the user interface of version 7.1 as the main reason.

They said, “It looks like it was made by a college student as part of a sophomore programming class. The UI is unintuitive, help is non-existent, and there are many unneeded steps to accomplish anything.”

Although not a low scoring review at 8.10, this reviewer felt the software could be more user friendly and upgrade their UI. In terms of recommending it they advise “Deltek Costpoint is really well suited for use in a government contracting industry environment. Deltek Costpoint is not the best suited when it comes to use in the commercial accounting and finance world.”

This makes sense because they advertise themself as a government contraction solution even though they do offer tools for accounting and finance.

Deltek Costpoint is one of those software with strong feelings on both sides of the coin. If you think they might be the right solution for your team, remember to exercise caution. The last thing you want is software that doesn’t fit your team needs.

What is a Costpoint Alternative?

One possible Deltek Costpoint alternative for your team is SAP ERP. SAP is an incredibly enormous software development corporation for business software solutions. SAP ERP makes up almost 8% of the entire enterprise resource planning market.

They are most frequently used by IT services, computer software teams, and service industries like food & beverage. On two ends of a big spectrum, they are most popular with large and small businesses.

Similar to Cospoint, SAP ERP has no upfront pricing. They offer many of the same capabilities as well like tools for manufacturing and procurement needs. One difference is that they branch out to provide functionality for sales and customer service needs like a CRM solution. You can explore their services further in the table below by clicking on the link to go to their main pages.

In terms of user satisfaction SAP ERP ranks much higher, with a trScore of 8.6/10 to Costpoints 6.8/10. SAP products definitely have an adanvatage with getting reviews because of the strong company brand, but review content is an important deciding factor at the end of the day. SAP ERP reviews are overwhelmingly positive despite criticisms about the learning curve and expensive cost. You can read them for yourself here.

If you want to see a comparison breakdown between the two software using provided input, you can go to the comparison page here.

More Resources

You can find even more ERP options right here. Most won’t have pricing but many do have helpful reviews on usability and feelings about the price.

For those that have used any of the platforms discussed here, please leave a review to help other buyers make informed decisions.