Do Everything With .pdf Files With Adobe Acrobat DC--Create, Edit, Format, Convert, and Even Save Files In The Cloud
June 22, 2022

Do Everything With .pdf Files With Adobe Acrobat DC--Create, Edit, Format, Convert, and Even Save Files In The Cloud

Amber Hawkins | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Acrobat DC

I use Adobe Acrobat DC to view, create, edit, and print .pdf files. I do a lot of file conversions, and I like the way I'm able to do it seamlessly with this software. When I receive emails with .pdf documents that are not editable, I just upload them and convert them for easy editing. It's not difficult to create them either. I've even made forms that I use for training, and computer consulting, and as attachments for any proposal and bid submissions. Most of all, I like the fact that everything I need is in one software, and it's versatile. Whatever tasks I do on my laptop, if need be I can also continue working on .pdf files on my smartphone. I'm glad there's the option to save files on the cloud so I still have space on my hard drive. I'm especially happy that I'm able to convert them to readable formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It comes in handy since I do a lot of training with the Microsoft Office Suite.


  • Combine files so that I can save them as one single .pdf file.
  • Create .pdf files from scratch.
  • Convert .pdf files into Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.
  • Convert read-only .pdf files to editable .pdf files.
  • Ability to store files online.


  • Have it where converted scanned files doesn't need much re-formatting.
  • Mobile editing should be one of the standard features instead of having it only available in the Pro version.
  • The ability to compare two .pdf files should also be standard.
  • The option of being able to access files from the cloud.
  • Convert read-only .pdf files to editable .pdf files. Files look cleaner and more professional this way.
  • Create and edit files.
  • Cuts down on how it takes to create documents.
  • Meets the necessary standards that go along with training.
  • Helps out with meeting the criteria for submission of proposal and bid documents.
I'm very familiar with the product so I was aware of what it could do. I've used older versions and I'm glad for the changes and the improvements that were done. There are so many tools I can use to do so many things. Learning it isn't difficult. When I usually get new software, I do what I call a learning curve test. In other words, without checking out any tutorials, I go through myself to see how fast or slow I can learn. As part of the learning curse test, I try out different functions to see how I can maneuver around the program. So far, it hadn't been difficult.
Now Foxit works great, but there are features Adobe Acrobat DC has that Foxit didn't. When I first got it, it was a free trial. I miss doing mobile editing, and that's why I suggest that it be a standard feature. I'm in the midst of expanding the business. As I researched both software, I came to the conclusion that Adobe Acrobat DC would work out better.

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When I'm doing tasks outside of the home, I check email, messages on Social Media, etc. I'm not always home, and I need the ability to access any files. I rely on the ability to upload and download files from the phone; the app makes it easy. I've used the browsers also on my smartphone to access the cloud. In one scenario I believe it's best not to use it during certain portions of onsite meeting sessions. You can't be on your phone all the time during meetings, especially since there are still measures implemented to return to onsite situations (safely of course). Another scenario would be knowledge of virtual meetings; online etiquette should still be standing.


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