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SMTP2GO is a dedicated outbound email serverSMTP2GO is a New Zealand based SMTP/Email API provider with support staff and servers based across the globe. It automatically connects to the closest server to ensure speedy and efficient delivery.The SMTP2GO support team offers 24/7 assistance…

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SMTP2GO is a dedicated outbound email serverSMTP2GO is a New Zealand based SMTP/Email API provider with support staff and servers based across the globe. It automatically connects to the closest server to ensure speedy and efficient delivery.The SMTP2GO support team offers 24/7 assistance…

Twilio SendGrid

Twilio SendGrid Marketing Campaigns provides users with segmentation, campaign editing, and deliverability. According to the vendor, Twilio SendGrid Marketing Campaigns is trusted by over 80,000 customers globally, including Airbnb, Spotify and Uber. Twilio SendGrid Marketing Campaigns…


Bouncer is a secure SaaS e-mail verification and deliverability platform designed for strong coverage and performance (up to 200,000 verified e-mails per hour per customer). Boasting users from 5000+ companies, Bouncer aims to be a solution for any business size.

Everest (Return Path + 250ok)

Everest is an integrated email success platform providing crucial insights and deliverability guidance so users can reach more people, increase engagement, and improve efficiencies of their email programs. Everest helps to improve email deliverability by getting complete visibility…


Folderly is an AI-based email deliverability platform for monitoring, spam testing, and maintaining email deliverability by solving any spam issues. Folderly is supported by Belkins.


The SparkPost Email Delivery Platform is built to help businesses deliver more value. Its features include real-time analysis of email delivery and customer engagement as well as personalized email templates. Users can also pick from any of the numerous APIs to integrate into…


ZeroBounce is an email list validator that removes all invalid email addresses to prevent bounces and preserve the sender's reputation.


Campayn is an email marketing solution built around features such as contact management, mobile availability, and detailed reporting capabilities.


Auto tool for email deliverability to make a business's Email Channel Reliable. Helps to keep mailboxes ready for Email Marketing campaigns with high deliverability and AI automatic processes. Warmy helps increase deliverability. Warmy raises the user's sender reputation by interacting…


Allegrow is a platform for inbox placement optimization - this means optimizing demand generation, so more emails to prospects and customers land in the primary inbox, not spam or unfocused folders. On implementation of Allegrow, the user will be able to calculate from real-time…

Netcore Email API

Netcore Email API (formerly Pepipost) is a transactional email service from the Indian company Netcore Cloud.


The Snov toolkit is used to improve lead generation, outreach, email deliverability and customer management. Boasting over 2M users all over the world, includes over a dozen lead search options, unlimited email campaigns, unlimited follow-ups as well as customer care to support…

SafeToSend Email Validation, by FreshAddress

FreshAdress in Newton helps companies clean, protect, and grow their email lists for maximum return on their investments and relationships.


Designed as an email deliverability tool, InboxAlly specifically aims to prevent marketing emails from being redirected into spam folders, to enhance the likelihood of them being opened and further engaged with by recipients, with the goal of augmenting both open and click-through…

SMTP Email Relay Solutions

SMTP Email Relay Solutions is a transactional email service formerly from SharpSpring and now a J2 Global company.


Emailable is a solution used to clean old lists, keep them healthy, and filter out the bad emails. Its bulk email verifier is offered as a solution to improve deliverability and campaign performance. Beyond Bulk email verification, Emailable offers fully automated list cleaning with…


MailerCheck is an email deliverability platform that provides a suite of professional tools that businesses can use to optimize their email performance. Email verification provides accurate and comprehensive reports about email list health—verify a single email, an entire list, or…

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For either sending a single email or a bulk file of emails, Verifex's tool can help users ensure that messages get delivered, with the goal of eliminating bounces and poor deliverability that hurt sales & marketing campaigns.

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PowerDMARC empowers organizations to combat business email compromise (BEC), email spoofing and helps the user to set strong email authentication controls. With its proprietary AI and threat intelligence services, PowerDMARC ensures that only legitimate emails are sent from the user'…

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An email verification service provider. Bouncify is a SaaS-based email verification and deliverability platform trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. Bouncify boasts verification with 99% guaranteed accuracy and state their list and API validation are on a maximum on-time…

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WowSender helps users build an email marketing strategy online to foster relationships with customers and prospects through targeted, personalized messages. The vendor states its mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed with their email campaigns. WowSender helps…

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Mailwarm is a warm up tool to increase email deliverability.

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Murlist's Email Outreach Drip Campaign allows users to send hyper-personalized video cold email without having to manually create unique video for each prospect. The email campaign also comes with features like sender rotation, list management, spintax, email tracking with custom…

List Janitor
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List Janitor helps to improve email deliverability and responses. This windows-based software cleans all wrong and inactive emails from email lists. It uses SMTP and algorithmic logic to minimize the bounces from your email. Reduces marketing cost, does A/B marketing, boosts email…

Postman SMTP by WPExperts

Post SMTP is an SMTP Mailing Plugin used to maximize the deliverability of emails. Fully compatible with any SMTP mailing service, API mailing (SMTP blocked), email logs, and failure notifications.

Learn More About Email Deliverability Tools

What are Email Deliverability Tools?

Email deliverability tools help businesses, especially sales and marketing teams, track email sends and optimize email campaigns to improve deliverability rates and inbox placement. Ensuring that emails are getting delivered in the first place (i.e. not ending up in spam folders) and delivering them during the best time windows is critical for teams that rely on bulk email sending. The primary goal email deliverability tools help businesses achieve is optimizing their emails and campaigns to help increase their deliverability rate, open rates, and conversion rates.

Many email deliverability tools provide features like email templates and other forms of creative guidance, as well as recipient validation to prevent errors like sending emails to non-existent mailboxes. They also provide "in-flight" analysis, which tracks bounce rate and email engagement. While campaigns are ongoing, email deliverability tools may provide intelligence including campaign metrics, as well as email sender reputation or DMARC reporting.

Email deliverability software often integrates with email marketing and email testing software. Some more comprehensive email marketing or marketing automation platforms may include email deliverability testing and inbox placement optimization capabilities.

Email Deliverability Tool Features

The core capabilities of email deliverability tools include:

  • Email address verification
  • Inbox placement testing
  • DMARC analytics
  • IP blacklist monitoring
  • Email deliverability reporting on:
    • delivery rate
    • Bounce rate (both hard and soft bounces)
    • open rate
    • click-through rate
    • forwards
    • Unsubscribes
    • complaints
    • inbox placement rate
    • spam placement rate
  • Deliverability alerts

Some products offer additional or more advanced features such as:

  • Advanced Black/White-list Monitoring
  • Reputation reporting
  • Email content testing and optimization
  • Email previewing

Email Deliverability Tool Comparison

Before deciding to purchase an email deliverability tool, consider what type of tool you need. For example, are you looking for a free email deliverability tool that will allow you to test for the basics? Or are you searching for a more comprehensive email deliverability or testing platform that allows you to analyze multiple email deliverability metrics?

There are plenty of free email deliverability tools available if you’re looking for the former, including MXtoolbox, MailTester, and SendForensics. Many of these tools include paid plans that provide additional features or allow users to test a larger number of emails.

More comprehensive email deliverability and testing platforms provide more features, but typically cost more than simpler products (and definitely more than free products!). Some examples of more comprehensive platforms include:

Start an email deliverability tool comparison here.

Pricing Information

There are several free email deliverability testing tools available. They typically offer a simple deliverability score rating or spam testing. Examples of free tools include:

Paid tools typically include more features and allow users to test a large volume of emails. Some products charge by the number of emails, charging anywhere from $0.004 to $0.0002 per email (cost per email decreases for larger volumes of emails). Other products charge per month or year for a given set of features. The cost per month can range from $40/mo. up to $400/mo.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do email deliverability testing tools do?

Email deliverability tools allow users to track the deliverability rates for their emails to make sure they’re actually ending up in recipients’ inboxes. Many email deliverability products offer spam testing, inbox placement testing, DMARC analytics, IP blacklist monitoring, and deliverability reporting that covers common metrics like:

  • delivery rate
  • bounces
  • opens
  • clicks
  • forwards
  • unsubscribes

What affects email deliverability?

Broadly speaking, multiple things can impact the deliverability of your emails and user engagement with them. Having a lower email bounce rate, no blacklists, and few or no email complaints helps improve the reputation of you as an email sender. Having a higher reputation can increase the chances of your emails being delivered correctly.

Making sure you validate the email list you’re sending to first can also help boost deliverability scores. The structure of your emails themselves and the content they contain can have a large impact on email engagement as well (though they have less impact on deliverability metrics like deliverability rate and bounce rate). A/B testing your emails is a great way to optimize the content of your emails.

What are the best email deliverability tools?

According to end-user feedback on TrustRadius, some of the most popular email deliverability tools (ranked by the number of reviews the have) are:

Visit TrustRadius’ email deliverability tools and email testing tools categories for more information on what type of features these tools typically include.