Adobe Analytics: The Tesla of Analytics
April 12, 2022

Adobe Analytics: The Tesla of Analytics

Andy Lunsford | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Analytics

We use Adobe Analytics at our organization as part of the Adobe Experience Platform to help us understand client interaction with our web properties including public web, online banking, and our application flows. We are able to take complex measurement plans that help us understand user engagement with features down to a component level and iterate in our sprints to improve our products utilizing the data we capture from our analytics implementation.
  • Full-featured, ability to capture any data point that is needed for your measurement in an easily reportable way with events, eVars, props, listVars, & classifications on top f these variables.
  • Heavily customizable, the ability to utilize your own logic to match your existing reporting & terms when setting up variables & events for tracking. If you wanted over 100 variables set whenever a page load, you could do it if your use case requires it!
  • Industry-standard, originally named Site Catalyst, Adobe Analytics has a history in this space of being an innovator and adapting to the space as it has dramatically changed over the years. From Adobe Launch to custom code implementations, to DXM event forwarding, Adobe Analytics has a path for the next 5-10 years to still be extremely relevant to your organization.
  • Cost, the price might be prohibitive if you're a small business or team, but if you're an enterprise, it's completely worth it.
  • The learning curve, having a specialist on your team or working with a partner will be beneficial as due to flexibility and customization options, implementation work can be daunting if not working with Adobe implementations regularly.
  • It's hard to quantify the impact with specific values due to the nature of our work, but it has helped us uncover issues that impacted customer flow greatly.
For an analogy, I always refer to Google Analytics as the Nissan Versa while Adobe Analytics is the Toyota Prius / Tesla. Both vehicles will get you from point A to point B (in the data world, helping us understand customer insights). The Prius or Tesla, however, will have more features and more of a start-up cost initially but will offer your more targeted details and value for your insight and time. Adobe Sensei & classification capabilities also let you classify already captured data, and Adobe Launch vs. GTM as a tag manager lets you run on cruise control/autopilot vs. some of the management that is constantly needed in a GTM environment.
Adobe Analytics has been absolutely fantastic for us to understand our customer engagement with our products, and address where fallout/funnel issues occur with funnel events. It has also been very adept at handling cross-domain analytics so that we understand where our clients' product interest is after visiting our unauthenticated website. We've been able to create dashboards for each segment of the business for them to understand how their specific segment is performing and its impact on the non-online business metrics.