Get all your processes in one place with Bloomfire!
Paul-David Marginean | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 02, 2017

Get all your processes in one place with Bloomfire!

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Overall Satisfaction with Bloomfire

Bloomfire is used company-wide at Aite Group. We use it to keep a written form of all current processes we have in our company, across all our departments. We also use it to share various informal posts with one another, like photos from the company meetings or presentations that our analysts held at conference events.
  • Easy to search. Bloomfire has a very nice built-in search engine, which allows you to search very efficiently what you are looking for. Whether you are searching for the title, tags, categories or even words in a post, Bloomfire will retrieve that post in the results, meaning that no one has to struggle to remember post titles.
  • The User Interface for posts. All posts are very easy to read, easy to cycle through, there's nothing else around the posts which drags your attention from them, which makes it perfect when you have to focus on just the post itself.
  • Adding pictures/videos. The new post builder makes it even easier for a post creator to add images and videos to the posts, which helps especially with the not-so-tech-savvy users that need to add a new post.
  • Home Page. The home page is not entirely customizable, which sometimes makes it a little bit dull, but it's definitely not something you cannot live with.
  • Recording videos. I found the process a bit tedious and there are also minor bugs in the process of saving the videos that will later be posted on Bloomfire. Things can be improved on this side.
  • Bloomfire has made it very easy for new employees to go through the onboarding process. No more hassle with unending trainings, everyone has what they need at the distance of a few clicks. So it saved us a lot of time with training the new employees, which in return allowed everyone to better keep track of their own tasks.
Bloomfire is perfect for companies that have a lot of employees working remotely, as is the case for the company I work for. When you are not always in the same office with someone else, so that you can quickly ask for a piece of information, you always have Bloomfire, which is really easy to search and provides a written form of the processes, so you can always go back to them.