Terrific and easy site for appointment scheduling
January 03, 2019

Terrific and easy site for appointment scheduling

Jason Carlage | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Calendly

We use Calendly for each member of the sales team. When emailing customers or potential customers, we send them a link to our Calendly account so that it's easy for our customers to see when we are available and book a time. It helps to eliminate some of the back and forth in terms of emailing to find out when customers are available.


  • It's easy to use. When someone clicks on the email link, it brings them right to a page where they can click on their preferred time and submit.
  • It provides us with useful information. We can set up the criteria, for example, what questions are mandatory. This will give us some relevant information that we can use on our sales calls.
  • It saves us time and eliminates the back and forth of emailing with customers and potential customers about choosing a time to connect. It blocks off times as soon as someone books so we can't get double-booked, and we can block out times that we aren't available as well.
  • It's free. While there are paid versions with more functionality, the free version has worked out just fine for us. It allows us to choose one time slot (for example, a 10-minute call) and allows us to ask a few mandatory and optional questions of our customer or potential customer who is booking the time.


  • There is one option I'd like to have, which is to include two timeslot options (for example, 10 and 20-minute calls), but that is available with the paid version. There is nothing else I'd like to change. The user experience from our side and from the customer side is excellent.
  • The ROI impact has been extremely positive. I have been using the free version here but the paid is quite affordable and our ROI would have been very strong. I've scheduled hundreds of calls with potential customers using Calendly, and a big part of that is because it eliminates the back-and-forth when it comes to finding a time to talk that works for both parties. Email communication can drop off with a lot of back and forth, and Calendly takes that away and presents the customer with all the available time options to choose from in order to book an appointment.
I did not pursue any other products like Calendly. Calendly is very easy to use, does exactly what we want, and again with the free version working for us, there is no need to look around.
Calendly is excellent for any sales organization that wants to quickly provide options for customers and potential customers with regards to scheduling a time to talk. They provide your own unique URL, so sales reps in the company can each have their own specific account with times blocked out for when they are not available. If I'm emailing a customer who I have a lot of back and forth with and a strong relationship, I will generally just give a few time options for them to reach with me instead of asking them to click through Calendly, but for 90% of my sales opportunities, I will send out the Calendly link.


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