Great Document Asset Management and Document Control Tool
July 24, 2020

Great Document Asset Management and Document Control Tool

Eric Snyder | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Canto

It is being used by the Sales, Marketing, Technical Services Team, and Product Development Team. It solves the problem of document control and it helps our company keep the most up to date documents at the hands of our employees to ensure that our customers get the most up to date asset. We also use it to upload and manage all of our assets onto our website. We also use Canto to share assets with employees at our company and employees at our customers' companies. It is a great tool for the marketing department (administrators) to use to store documents before they are made available to the other departments. We use the approval options in Canto for this to decide who can see which assets.
  • Document Control. It is very easy to keep the original attributes/tags on a particular asset even when you need to make an edit or upload a new version. It also shows you the previous versions, so you never have to worry about losing old versions.
  • Sharing. With the click of a button and copying and pasting the link, it is very easy to share one or as many pictures as you would like with internal or external people. You can also manage what permissions the person that gets the link has (view only or downloadable).
  • Searching and Tagging. It is very easy to filter and search for documents if you tag them correctly when uploading. This process is made simple by being able to customize the few very important and always included attributes (ex. project name, location, product, etc.). We were able to upload lists that we can select from quickly for some of these tagging options. These tags are also very easy to incorporate to the website so that we can upload documents quickly to the correct location on our website.
  • Bulk Uploads. It is time-consuming to bulk upload different assets. For example, when uploading it is slightly difficult to change the tags that you use for the images in the same upload. You have to go into each separate asset to select the tags if not all of the assets in the same upload need the same tags.
  • The search bar is sometimes glitchy and selects a tag that you did not click on or type.
  • I wish there was a better feature that you could apply to certain assets that when you downloaded them, it reminded you of the usage rights. There is a spot to enter the usage rights, but nothing that pops up to remind you when you download them to use them.
  • Efficiency to find documents because you are able to search and filter the tags.
  • We can share large documents with external customers and this is our best means of doing this. It allows us to share our high profile product installations with customers and this is very valuable for them to see our products in action.
  • We have been able to quickly and effectively, and therefore more cost-effectively, upload assets to our website. We no longer have to use our internal IT team to upload simple documents and pictures.
Was not involved in this process, but I know that the people that did make the decision did extensive research and are very happy with their decision. They always rave about how easy it is to use and how they always keep finding more and more tools and features to use in Canto.
Canto customer services responds in a timely manner and listens to their customers. For example, there was a feature that we used regularly that at one point was no longer showing up in Canto. Canto quickly responded to my inquiry and said that the feature had been removed. When I explained how crucial it was to us being efficient, they went back in and changed the feature so that we could use it.

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Well Suited
  • Document Control (making edits to documents/updating): It keeps the version history and tags when you change a document/upload a new version.
  • Sharing: It is quick and easy to share multiple documents at once, but it is not possible to share documents from different search queries in the same link. It is easy to share internally and externally with links generated by Canto.
  • Linking to website/website uploads: You can add new assets or change old assets and if it is tagged correctly, it will upload every 15 minutes to the website.
  • Tagging and Organizing: There are plenty of spots to add all of the tags that could be possible when managing assets.

Less Appropriate:
  • It is clunky when trying to bulk upload. If there are the slightest variances in the tags you are trying to add, you must wait until they are all uploaded and then make sure each is tagged correctly and individually.