Cisco Webex Meetings Review
Updated October 16, 2020

Cisco Webex Meetings Review

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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Webex Meetings

This application is being used by the entire organization since it is a very useful tool in terms of communication and even more in these times of pandemic that social distancing is necessary.
In the area that I am, problems are addressed about equipment failures, reviews in conjunction with other areas, as well as with the Cisco supplier.
  • The screen sharing method so that someone else can manage your computer
  • Session recording
  • To be able to put comments inside the webex
  • Try to make the screen visible without having the screen of those who are inside Webex
  • Automatically, the users who enter said Webex, once finished, automate the sending of the recorded session
  • Positive: Better communication with provider
  • Positive: Have the session recorded in case it is necessary to present the Webex in any course or conference
An excellent platform on PC, very useful and effective, with the supplier there has not been any type of issue with this tool.
For the mobile device part, it also works excellently since you can zoom in on the screen if you cannot distinguish something that is being shared. Also, the audio connectivity gives the choice of being able to speak via telephone or listen through the device that connects.
I do not know if this tool is used in the administrative areas, but in the engineering department, it is the most useful thing that there can be since it allows communication to be carried out more quickly and is very accessible either by PC or cell phone. All the Engineering department uses this tool.
  • Cisco Anyconect
  • cisco webex events
  • cisco webex team
Cisco Anyconect Only for security reasons and connectivity issues,
cisco webex events, because it is useful to be able to send personalized invitations and deliver a Interactive session, also combined with Cisco Webex cloud calls, as video conferencing is simplified and call control is secure and easy to manage
Maintains security at all times, so that information is not shared and no one can enter without identifying themselves--a useful tool for communication, screen sharing, recording session, writing comments, in addition to which it allows to have either on PC or cell phone, which makes the connection much easier both Webex Meetings and Cisco AnyConnect.

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It is a tool that should always be used, there have never been connection problems or instability in its use, since for the connection with mobile devices it is very easy to connect, since it is so easy that it shows a large green button to be able to start without so much complication and wait. very happy with this great tool.
Cisco Webex Meetings is suitable where you have to involve many people and when they are not in the same area, in addition to being able to share and give commands where the screen is shared.
It is less appropriate when it is only communication between a few people. Also, the screen where those who connect or who are connected can be made a little more practical to remove or minimize it.

Webex Meetings Feature Ratings

High quality audio
High quality video
Low bandwidth requirements
Mobile support
Desktop sharing
Calendar integration
Meeting initiation
Record meetings / events
Live chat
Audience polling
User authentication
Participant roles & permissions

Cisco Webex Experience

Actually whit the pandemic, Cisco Webex Mettings is vert important, because his tool can bring us together regardlees of distance. This tool is innovate, has many options and is quite customizable, making you feel close to your friends, and coworkers and above all it makes you fell as if you are in your work area from the comfort of your home
In this case, the work requires collaboration and participation despite the distance, for which technology has had to be used and in this case cisco webex meetings have been combined with cisco webex events, because it is useful to be able to send personalized invitations and deliver a Interactive session, also combined with Cisco Webex cloud calls, as video conferencing is simplified and call control is secure and easy to manage
Cisco Webex Meetings is reliable, thanks to its industry-leading security encryption, as well as being a tool that has the simplicity of connecting from any device, whether mobile or desktop, making it easy to use. Anytime, anywhere, without a doubt cisco Webex Meetings fully satisfies my connection and security needs, and most of all, it's very easy to use.

Using Cisco Webex Meetings

10000 - 

In this times, Cisco Webex meetings, helps to be connected regardless of the distance, fast, efficient and safe communication at any time of the day, it is used a lot to be able to see pending issues in the area, faults that are had at the moment and need to be connected.
Currently, there is no support on our part, I do not know the number of people within the company who are dedicated to carrying out this task. However, there have never been problems when using cisco webex mettings since it is a very stable, reliable and secure, never fails this tool.
  • conferences
  • Failure tracking
  • Trainings
  • Whit the telepresence in some meeting
  • Multiples trainings
  • Whit the cell phone
  • In trainings
  • Other pandemic
Because it is a very stable and reliable tool because it does not usually fail, very safe since not just any staff can enter private meetings without any prior invitation or accepting the application, and above all it is a Cisco product, leader in the field telecommunications

Evaluating Webex Meetings and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Existing Relationship with the Vendor
The characteristics of the product, as well as the functionalities that can be granted, the reputation of the product worldwide, endorse it as a reliable and secure tool, in addition to the supplier reputation, in the company there is currently a relationship with Cisco due to the different teams that it has, as well as communication with the support.
Due to the pandemic, it would be a matter of adjusting the connectivity process, since it is essential today due to the restrictions that exist, in addition to the connectivity that exists with the product, since Cisco webex mettings you can connect through any device in a way safe and quickly

Webex Meetings Support

Because the support is fast and very effective, in addition to always being very attentive to the suggestions that are made during the support provided, the platform to follow up on a case is really easy and useful to use and at any time of the day, always have a follow-up or an update for support.
Quick Resolution
Knowledgeable team
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
Poor followup
Problems left unsolved
Escalation required
Need to explain problems multiple times
Slow Initial Response
Never have some problem about this tool.

Using Webex Meetings

It is a very usable tool and more today due to the situation that exists worldwide, therefore it is effective, customizable and easy to use and connect, both on mobile devices and on desktop devices, highly recommended and does not exist no tool that compares on the market of all the features mentioned
Like to use
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Unnecessarily complex
Requires technical support
Lots to learn
  • Share screen
  • videoconference
  • Send invitacion
  • APP
  • Be able to mute the session
  • be able to enlarge the screen or the text of the presentation