All the capabilities we needed in one place
July 26, 2019

All the capabilities we needed in one place

Julie Pinto | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Gainsight PX

Our current Gainsight PX usage is primarily in Customer Success, though the more we use it, the more it crosses over and is used by other groups, likes sales and development. Before Gainsight PX, we had very little visibility into any kind of product usage data. Now, we use Gainsight PX to make informed business decisions about account up-sell, needed account interventions, and roadmap decisions. Based on the insights we gain, we can also create in-app content to drive value for our users and influence the product metrics to achieve our goals.


  • GPX brings together 3 different functions that are typically found as separate products: trigger-based email campaigns, product usage data, and in-app engagements. Many other solutions only provide 1-2 of these functions. Not only that, but in our evaluation, we found that we preferred Gainsight PX's functions more than any of the single-function solutions.
  • The triggers for the in-app engagements can be based on the individual user's product usage, in addition to other static criteria like location, account, user segment, etc. This means that rather than sending users on a broad, prescribed path, engagements will be served up at the time they are relevant to the individual user.
  • The Product Analytics are also very easy to implement. I don't have a background in coding by any means, but I was able to figure out how to do it and get some great product insights.


  • Best Practices: Since Gainsight acquired Aptrinsic, I've already seen major improvement in this area. I do hope that the Gainsight PX team will continue to experiment and recommend best practices for using the tool. It's an innovative technology, but that means the paths to success are not totally figured out yet :)
  • Visualizing potential paths a user might experience with the PX engagements: right now, the engagements are just a list, which makes it challenging to picture what a user might experience overall. There's lots of possibilities of what could happen, but it would be helpful to picture some examples of the user experience with engagements.
  • The language in the filters is very dev-heavy. Filters such as "contains" / "not contains" are common. This makes it a bit challenging to train others who are not familiar with data tools or that kind of language. Having better wording would help others be more self-serve.
  • We have become more data-driven as a whole. Rather than just making assumptions based on gut feeling, we back that up with data.
  • We have become more aware of features that are 1) used way more than we thought, and 2) features that don't get touched.
  • We have been able to find examples of innovative ways users are engaging with our product.
WalkMe: while the in-app engagements were powerful, there was no email capability, and the analytics were an afterthought (rather than a core part of the solution).
Whatfix: the concept was great; the in-app engagements could be made into documentation and videos. However, we didn't like the actual result of how they looked once generated. Also, there were only analytics about the engagements themselves, not our product.
Appcues: engagements looked great and were easy to make, but the analytics were only focused on the engagements.

Overall, we selected Gainsight PX because it brought together engagements, email, and product analytics all in one, and we liked each part of the solution better than the individual offerings of other tools.
Good for:
  • Organizations looking to become more aligned between the Product, Customer Success, and Dev teams.
  • Organizations looking to get more in-depth product/feature usage data.
  • Organizations ready to scale up the user experience and have the backing/people ready to make it happen.
  • Organizations open to experimentation.
Not good for:
  • Organizations that don't have buy-in or capacity in the product team. Product managers and/or product marketers are key to the success of this tool.


  • Cory Fetter | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Thanks for the thoughtful review, Julie! As the product marketer over Gainsight PX, I love learning about what our users find most valuable, and where we can do better. We're working on some pretty amazing stuff to make things even better, and I think you'll love it. If you ever want to chat about how things are going, please don't hesitate to reach out -

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