I trust GoTo Connect!
Updated September 21, 2022

I trust GoTo Connect!

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Overall Satisfaction with GoTo Connect

We are an e-learning company that provides English language lessons to students from all over the world. We use GoTo Connect to provide high-quality audio and video conferencing for our online lessons. The product is reliable and easy to use, which is essential for maintaining a connection with our students during live sessions. GoTo Connect has helped us to improve the quality of our service by providing clear and consistent audio and video quality. In addition, the product has also helped us to save time and money by eliminating the need for expensive equipment rental and installation fees. We are very satisfied with the product and would recommend it to any organization that is looking for a reliable and cost-effective conferencing solution.
  • GoTo Connect assists with class meetings seamlessly.
  • GoTo Connect has a great support network!
  • GoTo Connect is affordable.
  • Sometimes there are dropped calls.
  • Sometimes I cannot hear the client.
  • Sometimes using the wrong browser slows things down.
  • I use GoTo Connect for all of my needs and this is time-saving.
  • I use GoTo Connect for a global market.
  • I also can promote GoTo Connect because it is a good product.
When we first started out, we used a traditional brick-and-mortar model, but we soon realized that there was a need for a more flexible and convenient approach. That's when we decided to switch to GoTo Connect. Now, our students can attend class from anywhere in the world, and they can also access our courses at any time of day or night. We believe that this new system will allow us to reach even more students and help them achieve their goals.
In order to provide the best possible service to our students, we need a reliable and easy-to-use system for phone calls, video conferencing, and instant messaging. GoTo Connect has been a great solution for us. The system is very user-friendly and the unified admin tool makes it easy for our IT team to manage. We're also impressed with the quality of the audio and video. GoTo Connect has definitely lived up to its promise of being an all-in-one solution for our communication needs. Thanks GoTo Connect!
  • Zoom, Tencent VooV Meeting (TVM) and Ayotree
When choosing a VoIP provider for your business, it's important to compare features and costs in order to find the best option for your needs. In terms of features, both Zoom and GoTo Connect offer a wide range of options for audio and video conferencing, as well as chat and collaboration tools. However, GoTo Connect has a few advantages over Zoom. First, it offers "Ten Cent Meetings," which allow up to 1000 participants on a single call, while Zoom only allows 100 participants. Second, GoTo Connect offers a free plan that includes unlimited calls and meetings up to 45 minutes long, while Zoom's free plan only allows 40 minutes per meeting. In terms of cost, GoTo Connect is more expensive than Zoom, but the added features may be worth the extra cost for your business. Overall, GoTo Connect is a solid VoIP option with some unique features that set it apart from its competitors.

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Tencent VooV Meeting (TVM), Zoom, Ayotree
We are an e-learning company that caters to students from all over the world who want to improve their English language skills. We offer a wide range of courses, from beginner to advanced, and our experienced and qualified teachers are here to help you every step of the way. In addition, our courses are flexible and can be customized to fit your schedule and learning goals. One thing that makes us unique is that we use GoTo Connect for our online classes. GoTo Connect is a video conferencing tool that allows us to see and hear each other in real-time, which makes it perfect for language learning. You can see your teacher's face and body language as they explain grammar points or provide feedback on your speaking, and they can also see yours. This makes for a much more interactive and engaging experience than just audio alone. However, there are also some situations where GoTo Connect may not be the best option. But overall, we find that GoTo Connect is an excellent tool for online language learning.

GoTo Connect Feature Ratings

Hosted PBX
Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
User templates
Call reports
Answering rules
Call recording
Call screening
Message alerts
Video conferencing
Audio conferencing
Video screen sharing
Instant messaging
Mobile app for iOS
Mobile app for Android

Using GoTo Connect

  • Price
  • Product Features
GoTo Connect was the right choice for our business for a number of reasons. The first is cost. GoTo Connect is very competitively priced, and the features we were looking for were all included in the base price. Second is features. GoTo Connect offers all the features we need, including HD audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, and integration with our existing CRM system. Third is reliability. GoTo Connect is a well-established platform with a proven track record of reliability. fourth is customer service. The GoTo Connect team provided outstanding customer service throughout the purchase process and continues to do so on an ongoing basis. For these reasons, GoTo Connect was the right choice for our business.
GoTo Connect rates an 10 for overall usability. The system was designed as an all-in-one for phones, meetings, and messaging that provides a Unified admin tool to make IT easy. GoTo Connect's intuitive design, simple installation, and wide range of features makes it a great choice for small businesses. However, the system lacks some of the more advanced features that larger businesses will need, such as call waiting and call forwarding. Additionally, GoTo Connect's customer service is not always responsive, which can be frustrating for users. Overall, GoTo Connect is a great option for small businesses looking for an all-in-one solution for their phone, meeting, and messaging needs. However, larger businesses may want to consider a more robust system with more advanced features.
  • Messaging
  • communication
  • designs
  • Improve customer service
GoTo Connect has had a number of tangible impacts on my workflow and overall business objectives. First, it has helped to streamline my communication with clients and colleagues. GoTo Connect's features allow me to quickly and easily connect with anyone I need to, whether it's for a meeting or just a quick chat. This has saved me a lot of time and hassle, and has made it much easier to stay in touch with my network. Second, GoTo Connect has helped me to be more productive. The platform's intuitive design and wealth of features make it easy for me to get work done quickly and efficiently. As a result, I've been able to free up more time for other important tasks. Finally, GoTo Connect has helped me to save money. The platform is very affordable, and its many features have helped me to reduce my spending on other tools and services. Overall, GoTo Connect has had a positive impact on my workflow and business objectives.
GoTo Connect is an awesome product and it really helps by solving most of my company's problems.
GoTo Connect is a cloud-based phone system that offers a variety of features to small and medium businesses. GoTo Connect is unique in that it offers a single solution for voice, video, and messaging, making it an ideal solution for businesses that need to communicate internally and externally. GoTo Connect also offers a mobile app, which makes it easy for employees to stay connected while on the go. In addition, GoTo Connect offers integration with popular CRM solutions, making it easy for businesses to manage their customer relationships. GoTo Connect’s combination of features makes it a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.