HubSpot review
Updated June 16, 2015

HubSpot review

Jennifer Durst-Jarrell | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with HubSpot

I am the controller of HubSpot within our organization. We use it as our sole method of planning, executing, and analyzing our inbound marketing strategies. We use HubSpot to support all departments in our consulting firm. Managing our website with HubSpot is a joy and not the arduous task that it once was. I find the tools and the reports that are generated through HubSpot to be key in determining where we should focus our efforts and where we should not. We have been using this wonderful inbound marketing tool for a little over a year and the impact has been felt throughout the company.

I am a HubSpot junkie, now. I cannot wait to check out our Dashboard every morning to get updated on changes that occurred overnight. And with HubSpot, you get almost instant gratification. Training, support, and the continual updates to the software keep the tools fresh, my engagement constant, and the ability to reach goals and show demonstrable results in virtually every corner of our consulting firm.
  • We find the data and reports to be the best tracking and analysis we have ever experienced.. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reports for visits, contacts, leads, and growth in social media as well as keyword ratings enabled us to greatly improve our web traffic and increase our qualified leads.
  • I personally have never had a better training experience for any software (and I have used others lik CoPilot and Prospect Ace). The training Webinars allow flexibility of scheduling, ease of revisiting topics, and easily applied methods for immediate use. The personable instructors are a bonus, as well.
  • The ability to compare to competitors marketing ranking. While it is at the mercy of keyword ranking and social media presence to some degree, it is a starting point that allows us to stay motivated and recognize where we need to step up our game.
  • While I don't think I actually dislike anything about HubSpot, I find the report printing can be a little challenging when I am trying to quickly print info for an impromptu meeting. It would be nice to have reports output to PDF for sharing with co-workers.
  • Blog posting can be challenging at times. The edits and HTML coding do not always "hold" and I find that i have to delete everything to start the posting process from scratch, especially when using more than one image. However, it is not a huge problem and I have complete faith that HubSpot is working on improvements for this.
  • When editing web pages, the controls require me to edit and re-post changes several times before they accept the changes.
  • As a small consulting firm (under 40 employees), we never established a way to monitor traffic to our website, track contacts, and follow-up on leads. From the day we turned up HubSpot, we have had much faster lead conversion and an increase in sales.
  • Our goal was to realize our inbound marketing efforts and track and analyze contacts, leads, and sales. HubSpot has enabled us to do that, seamlessly.
  • We never had any established landing pages on our website and our Calls To Action weren't calling to anyone. Now we average a 25% conversion rate on our landing pages. It generates enthusiasm within the company you can share this kind of upbeat news quickly.
We selected HubSpot because they answered our needs (those of a small company) without making our challenges seem less important than much larger companies with huge sales forces. We found their approach and customer service philosophy to be closely aligned with our own.
Ask about optimizing your in-house staff to become HubSpot fluent. Make sure you have an employee or small team of inbound managers for your dedicated, in-house HubSpot controllers. They need to be given the time to devote to learning this software package. While the training is really good, there are a lot of modules to get through and a systematic approach to applying the tools you will be using. If you learn them, you will be successful with your HubSpot adventure.

Using HubSpot

I don't think we want to venture into the inbound marketing abyss with out the abilities that HubSpot has given us. From the support of customer service to the continuous software improvements, and the analytical tools we have come to rely on - - we would be foolish to not renew.