Indeed Hiring Platform is a flexible and easy to use solution for small businesses like ours!
Updated October 18, 2022

Indeed Hiring Platform is a flexible and easy to use solution for small businesses like ours!

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Overall Satisfaction with Indeed Hiring Platform

We use the Indeed Hiring Platform to find qualified, experienced IT consultants for IT Services projects. We obtain requests or find opportunities from private and public organizations that require a specialized set of experienced IT resources to deliver their portfolio of IT projects. Often times our clients' requirements have a very short turnaround time so we need to have access to a large pool of qualified talent to eventually find the right person or people. From our experience, the Indeed Hiring Platform meets this need nicely. We have received a solid number of applicants for each of our postings and the quality of those applicants have been at least as good as other tools we used in the past.
  • Provides a large pool of applicants that mostly meets our needs.
  • Easy to post new openings. The new posting "wizard" is simple and quick to use.
  • Pricing is flexible and very reasonable. We don't want to commit to a # of positions or costs for a whole year as our needs can ebb and flow. We like the ability to post and pay as needed.
  • The qualifying questionnaire that we can use to help screen candidates is not very flexible.
  • The virtual assistant can add questions or provide filters to the application for the candidate that we don't actually want or need.
  • Surprisingly, the candidate/applicant list view is not very flexible. It should be a simple, one-click step to get from a filtered list to an all candidate view, but it takes a couple of extra clicks...I think this is because of the virtual assistant being turned on. I can always get to what I need or want eventually, but it just seems like I have to make a few extra, unnecessary clicks to get the view I want.
  • As of 01/01/2022, Indeed has changed their default pricing model to Pay by Applicant which uses an algorithm to determine the cost per applicant which can vary and it replaces the default campaign price cap. As we learned the hard way this can get expensive very quickly if you do not set an applicant maximum and you do not reject applicants you do not want or don't think are a fit for your posting.
  • Strangely and unfortunately, your posted/live job is not by default easy to find and view/review to confirm on the live/candidate side of the platform. The search bar does NOT work like Google in returning the most relevant and then everything else.
  • Your company also does not by default show up under the Find Jobs section if you do not have a live post (although searching by Company is an option in this search field) and if you do have a live post...again like Google it does not do a good job of returning all results...from our informal testing, it seems like you need an exact match not just on job name, but your location...even if you use Remote as the location. Even under the Company Reviews search (which does NOT seem to require a live job to return a result, the search engine lacks. Our company name is made up of 4 words. You cannot just search by the first word of our company name and see our company listed....we would have expected it to at least show up, even if it was at the bottom of the search. It takes the first two words of our company name entered into the Company review search to return our company name.
  • The flip side to constant innovation is that Indeed's platform can/will introduce new features and options when posting a job that you may not fully understand or may not even fully work as expected when you are ready to post your next job listing. This can be a pain since you are ready to go and then you have to step back and learn/relearn some part of the solution which, at least, recently has impacted us in overall costs.
  • Not having to commit $1000 - $5000 dollars upfront to post our needs for the year is great.
  • Getting A LOT of (mostly qualified) candidates/applicants makes Indeed's cost seem worthwhile and again, you only pay when you post.
  • We have to spend a little more effort using the questionnaire to help filter the applicants/candidates that apply.
  • With the "new" default applicant per post pricing model with the 72 hour window to reject and replace candidates vs flat dollar amount posting, you have to be more aware, active, proactive in working candidate submissions /applicants.
DICE requires upfront costs for a specific set of postings for the whole year. The pricing is not flexible and our experience is that IT consultants aren't using DICE as much as they used to. We only used LinkedIn a little, but the costs and pricing flexibility also do not seem as good as Indeed.

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If your company does not have a predictable hiring schedule or a set # of positions a month or year, Indeed is great because there is no upfront cost commitment required. Post and pay whenever you have a need, with reasonable pricing. If you want to have a lot of applicants/candidates, Indeed works great. It seems that a lot of IT consultants use Indeed...seemingly more so than the legacy providers like Monster and DICE. If your company likes to use questionnaires to help filter candidates (like we do), Indeed's questionnaire tool is not all that flexible. It works overall, but it seems to be set up for simple qualification filtering. For example, there is a surprisingly small word/character limit when creating questions.

Using Indeed Hiring Platform

3 - We are a very small company so it is our operations resources that use this tool when we have resource requests for current and new clients.
2 - Again as a very small company the resources that use Indeed play multiple roles, but basically anyone with a project manager, analyst, operations, and HR background can easily support this platform. The available Indeed support resources (email and phone) are pretty good. The help library is okay, but not great.
  • Staffing new job requests
  • Staffing backfill job requests
  • Researching potential candidate pool for potential future opportunities
  • This is available to everyone who uses the Indeed Hiring Platform, but the concept behind their "newish" 72 hour reject and replace solution is definitely innovative compared to the traditional model of receiving whatever # of applicants for a flat fee.
  • This is available to everyone who uses the Indeed Hiring Platform...although their default experience questionnaire format is limited due to the character limit, they do offer a lot more screening standard category/options than the traditional model.
  • This is available to everyone who uses the Indeed Hiring Platform...capturing and managing all messaging to the candidate in their portal is nice in that it is all centralized. And they have a bunch of automated ways to interact with the candidate like interview scheduling...although we have not wanted to take advantage of many of them as it would seemingly result in less control and more overhead in having to respond to candidates that we might not yet want to given where we are in the process and compared to other candidates who have applied.
  • Automated interview scheduling
  • Automated correspondence with candidates
  • Integration with our ATS
Indeed is great because it seems like a lot of IT consultants and IT resources use it to find new opportunities. The platform is continuously innovating and the price can be reasonable if managed actively and properly when setting up the job posting. I don't give it a 10 because the method of promoting your posting and their cost per applicant value is NOT transparent at all. It is dynamic according to market conditions which we have to assume is in the favor of the company making money and NOT serving us as customers. But maybe we are being too cynical? We say this because their search feature to find our posting and our company information from the candidate's side is suprisingly not very good. Why does only exact match searches work vs returning posts or company information if the candidate does NOT have the exact matching words. That is not how most search tools/engines work. They return the most relevant first and everything else afterward, but Indeed does not seemingly do this from our experience. If we do not enter exact key word matching our job postings and company information is not returned from the candidate search perspective.

Evaluating Indeed Hiring Platform and Competitors

Yes - We replaced DICE with Indeed because the number and quality of candidates coming from DICE seemed to drop off quite dramatically.
  • Price
  • Product Reputation
  • Other
For us the bottom line was getting more qualified candidates at a lower cost. DICE has an annual fixed costs which does have its benefits, but if they do not provide good candidates, it doesn't matter. Indeed overtook DICE with IT job seekers. We don't 100% know yet if Indeed's continuous innovation will lead to better performance overtime, but so far we are seeing better, more qualified candidates for our job posting.
We probably wouldn't have changed anything, but as we learned in the last year, we need to pay better attention to/spend more time to fully understand/learn about the changes in Indeed pricing model (new cost per applicant model vs old set campaign price model), if and when they occur, so that when we post we have better cost control.

Indeed Hiring Platform Implementation

Probably best to talk to a support/sales person upfront to get all your questions answered vs just putting a post out there and reading some help FAQs like we did. :-)
Change management was minimal - We had to learn how about price per applicant model with Indeed vs flat rate pricing with DICE. It was suprisingly confusing to us initially, but once we talked to support we got it. But we will have to continue to use it to dial it in so we can stick with a budget and still get quality candidates.
  • Working with new questionnaire model
  • Working with new pricing model
  • Working with new candidate reject and replace model

Indeed Hiring Platform Support

They are responsive whenever we have questions, but sometimes the support resources do not have all the information/knowledge. Our guess is that it is because they are innovating so quickly their support team is not always up-to-date on the latest information. But eventually they can find the information so I guess that is all that matters.
Quick Resolution
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
We do NOT have any premium support. I honestly didn't know or think they had such a thing, but if they do, I don't think we would ever need it since our organization is pretty small and we are using default functionality which overall seems to work well enough for our needs.
Yes - It is ongoing. The candidate side search feature does not work as we would expect, but not sure if that is actually a bug or purposeful since their model promotes jobs vs a traditional candidate search least that is our observation/conclusion so far.
I'm not sure if I would call this exceptional, but when we had a billing/cost issue/question that required an interactive MS Teams meeting they were available near immediately.

Using Indeed Hiring Platform

  • Reusing an existing job posting as a template for a new posting
  • Messaging with candidate
  • Reviewing job applicants by status
  • Setting up questionnaires...simply does NOT allow enough words
  • Understanding pricing for your job posting....since it is dynamic, you never know until you post...and at least from my perspective, they purposely do NOT make it clear that you are on the pricing this should be the last page like a checkout page on Amazon or some retailer, but it is in the middle of the job posting.
  • There is NO clear, dedicatd draft area for job postings. You sort of go along in their wizard and at some point your posting has enough information that it will just go live even if you don't finish it...which is strange. And once you cross this threshold there is no delete option for this post that you do not want to keep, you have to close it. I'm sure this is because technically job posts can be 100% free on the platform, but being able to create draft posts should be a basic default function.
Overall it works great. The continuous innovation is nice, but also a pain as it sometimes feels like they add new features that you may not want or need, but you have to navigate through it to post you job. And then they move the sequence of the job posting process and it is not clear why or when it happened. I guess it is truly a SaaS and DevOps world nowadays! :-)